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Dead Space 3

LegatusIgnatius | Feb. 15, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 3 Limited Edition NA Origin - PC

Dead Space 3 takes some big steps away from it's predecessors, both good and bad. I can count the amount of times it scared me on one hand, and with over 20 hours spent in the game, that's nothing. The atmosphere of previous games is for the most part gone, with the high adrenaline intro, it's more reminiscent of the “dude-bro” action I was afraid of. I played through the game solo, on hard, and for the most part had a pretty easy. A little min-maxing with the weapons and you are taking out enemies like fly's.... in slow motion. The story is also the weakest of the series, with the main bad-guy being your typical “tell you his master plan, then kill you”, he felt very plastic. Carver, also known as player 2, is pretty much a cameo for the first half of the solo game, with him suddenly being a story focus half way through. Any character development present in co-op is missing from the single player experience, making this feel very unnatural. The game-play is the only real enjoyment I got from the game, shooting limbs off enemies is still very satisfying. However the lack of new enemies, and few boss encounters made the game very repetitive. The side quests, which I had hoped would be a nice distraction from the main story, were nothing more then a series of combat rooms, with a box of loot at the end. After about 10 hours, I had seen most of what the game had to offer, and wanted to put it down, with the only good distraction being gun modification. Which, I will say is amazing! Making guns that just make no sense like a magnum with a under barrel magnum that shoots acid was a lot of fun! This is an addition I would love to see other game developers play with, like gearbox with borderlands, where they can take the silliness to a whole new level. Another gripe some people have is the micro transaction system, where you can buy the most powerful equipment with real cash. This is not the first Dead Space to do this since, well the first dead space did this. But it still might tick people off. I played without any pre-order weapons or bought weapons and didn't have any problems with it. Infact on of the micro transaction packs can be bought with in-game currency... so you can buy in-game currency... with in-game currency. [Would I recommend it?] If you are looking for a co-op, third person action shooter, with one of the coolest weapon customization systems in a game, then yes. But that's not everyone, and it's certainly not what I would call a fan of the series.