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Unrivaled excellence

Leofwine | Feb. 2, 2014 | Review of Company of Heroes (2) - PC

Company of Heroes; short and sweet, one of the best real-time strategy games of all time. Developer Relic Entertainment raised the bar and went above and beyond our expectations of a real-time strategy game. An astounding feat, which also has yet to be surpassed. Set during the grim Second World War you'll be taking part in historic scenarios and immersed in realistic combat. As commander of either Allied or Axis forces you'll be leading heroic assaults, achieving triumphant victories and experience crushing defeats. There is no denial regarding the superb quality of this game. Intuitive and revolutionary gameplay merged with flawless graphics and superb sound to deliver the most intense and rewarding strategy game experience available. The single-player department first and foremost consists of a lengthy, robust and cinematic campaign. Complemented by the traditional custom skirmish games you can create. Combine this with the ability to wage war against other human opponents online in nail-biting and sweat-inducing epic clashes and you've got yourself a near perfect product. Obviously the game has it's share of minor flaws keeping it from achieving a perfect score. One omission being a campaign for the Axis. Secondly the balance between the factions isn't perfect, contributing to some frustrating moments online. All in all, Company of Heroes is a remarkable achievement. A game which no strategy and Second World War enthusiast should pass up.


A refined experience

Leofwine | Jan. 28, 2014 | Review of DmC Devil May Cry Overflow (1) - PC

The devil seldom cries. Although, this time tears will be shed. Not because of horrendous gameplay nor terrible story, but because of impeccable artistic design. Coupled with slick combat and an energetic soundtrack, we've got something worthwhile. Developer Ninja Theory's forte has always been design. Whether it's character design or environmental design they excel at what they do. They utilize colour and imaginative concepts with a passion that shows in the final product. Thanks to their trademark artistic design they have revived a stale and pale franchise. DmC feels vibrant, flowing and fresh. The gameplay is smooth and refined. While also keeping the unique aspects from the previous iterations. Everything you've come to expect from a DmC game is present here. To put it simple, get in there and devastate your enemies with ruthless combos in style. As a side note the soundtrack deserves a special mention. It suits the setting and complements the action, contributing to the game's unique style and tone. Sadly, not everything is fine and dandy. The story is simple and it won't leave a lasting impression. Despite the lightweight and predictable plot, it's enough to keep you going. Also, protagonist Dante will definitely keep you smiling throughout the journey with his banter. Clearly there are some faults and there's always room for improvement, but DmC offers an enjoyable ride. Long time fans and newcomers alike, rejoice, because this is an action game for all of you. Take a break from reality and delve into this demonic, twisted yet beautiful universe.