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One of the best

Lippe1989 | Jan. 2, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Steam - PC

Man, what is this game? We are all glad to receive some awesome Batman movies recently and now we are also blessed to receive a great Batman, but at this time, a Batman game. Forgot the shooters. It is some of the games that you take you from the shooters as Darksiders or Devil May Cry do and gives you an opportunity to play something different, something more. Well, this Batman is very very awesome. The villains as Joker, Killer Croc, Scarecrow and others are there doing the worst and crazy things. They are very interesting as the Batman is. The environment is not that fool and funny but something more dark, as the new Batman movies. Of course that is funny but in a different way, more mature. The gameplay is fabulous with a lot of combos and the things that only Batman has. The graphics are wonderful. You will only need to see a picture to notice that. It is a very well done game by Rocksteady. I really think that is impossible to someone to do not like this game. I strongly recommend this game to anyone. Strongly.


Surprise is the word for this game

Lippe1989 | Jan. 2, 2013 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

Well, there are some games that we do not expect something. Really do not expect. A agame that we buy for a cheap price or buy without think a lot. Darksiders can be one of these games. Graphically it is very simple, missing some polishment. The art is beautiful but misss some things. But the story is interesting. The main character too. You will also like some of the enemies. The gameplay is cool. It is not something different, new or something like that. It is a basic gameplay with sword, chain and other things. But, we have to agree that this kind of thing is missing nowadays. We have a lot of shooters releasing everyday. A lot of people compares with God of War but I disagree. They are different and this game is not so linear. The gameplay is also different. Of course that you will see a 3rd person camera and will punch some bad monsters but it is different. The way you use the weapons for exemple is very different. But it is good to be compared with a great game as God of War. So, this game is very recommended for people who wants a cheap game that can give you more than you expect.


When the FPS meets the RPG

Lippe1989 | Jan. 2, 2013 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition - PC

Yes, like the title says, it is when the first person shooter meets the RPG. It is a very interesting mix. We have some elements of RPG as characters developments and other things, mixed with the insane shooter. You will have a lot of action but a lot of main and side questions two. Maybe it is the game that I spend more time last year when I played. The cellshade is wonderful. Take a look at the pictures and videos in web. It was a well done work and the mechanics is supported nothing more nothing less by Unreal Engine 3. So, you have very good graphics and very good gameplay. The gameplay is perfect for a first person shooter. As you can imagine, you will have great accuracy that will not makes you mad. The characters are interesting. They do not speak in the game, but they are very different, mainly regarding the possibilites to make them grow. I recommend this game a lot. A lot. But your experience will be maximized if you play with your friends. It is very very very funny,


Great strategy game

Lippe1989 | Jan. 2, 2013 | Review of Company of Heroes (1) - PC

I am a big fan of strategy games, but I confess that most of them starts making me bored because they become repetitive, the graphics also start to bother me because of the time. But the strategy game that I most like is Company of Heroes. It is an amazing game that gives you the oportunity to play both sides. So, you will have a lot of options of men and machines to use and have fun. The artificial intelligence is also very good and will not disappoint you. The machine does not do stupid things but go to the right places to detonate you. It is also a very good game to play with partner in cooperative mode or to play against them. It is very cool with a lot of maps. You will have different game modes with different goals. The game is very good and I play it until now. Look at the year that the game was released: 2006. A lot of time passed, but the game stills interesting. Very recommended.


Same as before but with some improvements

Lippe1989 | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

Well, this game is like the previous. But the characters are in China and continue to be crazy as we know. The focus chages a little bit from Kane to Lynch (at least is what I noticed). The gameplay changed a little. It is very important because it was the worst part of the previous one. It was not very accurated but this game it is better. If you need a more precision shoot it will give you. The graphics is a little bit better, not too much and the style of the game with some interesting dialogs during the game and sometimes acting like a movie are also present as before. If you played the other game I am sure that will like Dog Days. It is almost the same experience. If you did not like, I think that is better to think about the price. If it has a good discount I think that will be a good bought.


Good game

Lippe1989 | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Kane Lynch Dead Men - PC

I think that the people have the same opinion about this game. The game is not bad, but it is not very good. Only good. The graphics are okay regarding this generation and the gameplay. The gameplay sometimes is the main problem. The aim bothered me a lot. It is not, realy not accurated. Unfortunately it will bother you sometimes, mainly when you need to have more precision. But it is not something very very bad that makes the game unplayable. The game sometimes seems like a movie and it is interesting. Very well done. The characters are the best part of the game. I think that is the most important of the game and the thing that people in general like. They are different, they are crazy. And Lynch is very very very crazy. It is a good bought. The price droped a lot and the price is fair for what it gives you. I recommend.


Top of fps

Lippe1989 | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - PC

What to say about Call of Duty? It is a classic from first person shooters. The gameplay is perfect for a shooter, the story is always interesting and the characters are always strong. The graphics are also very good. We know that every year will be launched a new Call of Duty game but we also know that they do it with a lot of care. It is always a well done game. The only problem is that all of them are similar to each other. The gameplay and time of story does not change too much. But it is not a bad thing. It sells a lot and does a lot success. It is strongly recommend to each one who played the previous games, not only Modern Warfare and liked. The experience will be good for sure. I think that anyone will like the game. If the person has minumum ability to play first person shooters I think that will play the game without problems and will be satisfied. Very recommended.


Interesting game

Lippe1989 | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Conflict Denied Ops - PC

This is an average game. The graphics are okay, not ugly, not wonderful. The gameplay is also okay. It is not very polished but the mechanics and the aim are good. It is not disappoint. The characters are interesting and different from each other. It is a good game to play with a partner and depending on the character that you choose the type of game will change too. Each one has a speciality. But it is interesting. The story is also interesting, nothing spetacular that changes our emotions or something like that but it is good for this kind of game. It is not a game that someone will be happy to pay a expensive price but for the price that it is I think that is fair. I strongly recommend that is more interesting to play it with a partner. The experience will be much better and will give some funny momments. With the right price it will be a good bought.


A little bit different from previous but also good

Lippe1989 | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

FEAR 3 was a very good game to be played for me. I liked a lot. It is a little bit different from the previous game. The other two are more scary but FEAR 3 gives you a better gameplay with better graphics. The story is also interesting but the characters are the most interesting thing of the game. They are completely different. The gameplay you be totally different depending on who you choose to play. One uses commom weapons and the other interesting powers. I recommend to play with a partner because the experience seems to be better. You can combine the way you two will attack the enemies using the different qualities of the characters. It is very nice mainly to the people that like co-op games. The game has always good price, it is not difficult to be played on high quality and will gives you good momments. Very recommended.


Very good co-op game

Lippe1989 | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

This game is a little bit different from some of the previous Resident Evil. It seems to be like Resident Evil 4, with more action and the kind of camera and movements that it uses. But as a lot of fans of the franchise complain, it is different from the other games that has another proposal. Well, but it still Resident Evil. It also has something interesting with we compare to Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 5 gives the opportunity to play with a partner, in cooperation mode. It is very nice, really nice. It is not a easy game and sometimes you will need to be sincronized with your partner. And it is different from Operation Racoon City that is focused on squad. In Resident Evil 5 you will have the atmosphere from Resident Evil and it is very good to people who like the franchise. I recommend the game for Resident Evil franchise fans and for people who like action game with a good story and also who like to play with a partner.


Different from this generation

Lippe1989 | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

This is a amazing game. When I played I had a lot of great moments. It was a big surprise for me mainly because it is a Lara Croft game, but made in a different way with a different proposal. The puzzles are interesting and not so difficult and not so easy. It is a game perfect to play with a friend, one as Lara the other with Toten. Each of them will give you a different way to do things and help the other. Lara can use a rope to go to some places and help to Toten to go to other far places. Toten can help lara to go to high places. So, totally cooperation. The gameplay is very fluid and easy to catch. You will learn how to play quickly. There are a lot of levels and you will have a lot of weapons and artefacts to help you. Will will also have access (if you buy) to some characters from Kane & Lynch and Soul Reaver. It is very cool. There are also some challenge levels. I recommend a lot. You will have some funny momments for sure.


Great zombie game

Lippe1989 | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Dead Island Game of the Year - PC

This is a great game. All of fans of zombie games will like for sure. It is not a horror survival game that will scare you. You will fight to survive and have fun at the same time. It is something like a Borderlands and Left 4 Dead. It is interesting. The principal characters and the support characters are also interesting. You will be able to follow the story that is good and algo will be able to accept the secondary missions. It has a lot of blood and will be able to hurt the zombies a lot. It is very very funny. You will have access to a lot of weapons and the better thing is to have access to a lot of them that will be on the ground. So, you never will be without a weapon. This kind of game needs it. It is possible to play with friends and it is very funny, I recommend. The characters are also different with different abilities and will grow up in differents ways.


Sonic came back to life

Lippe1989 | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

I think that all of us have been waiting for a great game from Sonic franchise. We had a lot of not so good Sonic that disappointed us. This made a lot lot people start thinking that all of 3D Sonic are bad games but it is not the reality. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 were two great Sonic games and the problem was that after it they start changing the things and burned the hedgehod doing things as weresonic. It was a shame, I agree. But the key to change it is come back to the root looking for what was the good points of Sonic of the past, specially the 3D Sonic. They did it. They made a Sonic similar to the Adventure, with a better gameplay and, of course, better graphics. The 2D parts is also great, much better if we compare with Sonic 4. Much better. I recommend this game a lot. It is the best Sonic since so much time. It is a great game.


Good game

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Just Cause - PC

Just Cause is not a brilliant game. Even Just Cause 2 is not a brilliant game 2. But I think that in the second case they worked more to give us a better experience with better gameplay and graphics. The open world is also bigger. But it does not make the first one a bad game. It is a game from the beginnig of this generation. So, it is not very well polished and fails in some parts. But it gives you a experience interesting to be a man, a kind of crazy hero that solves a lot of things. Sometime will solve things that the story asks for, sometimes will solve things based on your own interests. That is the big point. Like Grand Theft Auto and other games you will have an open world to go and will be able to do a lot of things even shoot someone or stole a car. As I said the game is not very polished and the gameplay is different if we compare with what we play. But it is a good experience. I recommend.


Perfect game

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - PC

I must say that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was the game from my old partner, Playstation 2, that I most played. It has a big scenario with a lot of places to go, a lot of guns to use and a lot of cars to drive. We have a lot of possibilities even become crazy and stars shooting everyone in the middle of the street. But the story is interesting and solid. Only a few games can mix the linearity with the open game. San Andreas is one of them. Different from some bad games, movies or musics, Grand Theft Auto is a series that sells a lot but it is because it is really good and justify it when they launch a new game. Not only Grand Theft Auto but any Rockstar game. The graphics of San Andreas are something good nowadays. Remember that we are talking about a Playstation 2 game. It has its limits. But Rockstar do not save money to make their games, so it is a very well done game. The gameplay is also good. Even drive is very interesting. This is a game that no one needs to recommends. Just play it.


Different from the previous but also good

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Lost Planet 2 - PC

My ears became heat because the number of people who complained about this game. But not because it is bad or something like that. But because is very different if the compare with the previous Lost Planet game. Sometimes seems that we are playing another game because the proposal is simple different. Well, the first one has a more solid story and will play alone. It something that can become boring depends on the person who plays it. Lost Planet 2 focuses on squad. It is a game with more action that gives you a good oportunity to play with your friends. For this proposal it is very good, because the gameplay is good and you will have a lot of challenges. A lot of, for real. Like the previous you will need to fight with giant creatures, but this time is good to have someone helping you. If you are looking for an action game to play with someone I recommend strongly.



Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Devil May Cry 4 - PC

Devil May Cry is a good franchise that will receive a kind of reboot. No one know if it will be something good or a bomb. But thinking about the past, who played the series consider the games good. Particulary I like the Devil May 4 more. I think that combined better the gameplay, the graphics, the story and other things that gives us a good experience. The gameplay is wonderful. You will do a lot of amazing combos. The camera is well placed and there are not something that will bother you about the gameplay. The graphics are very good thinking about the year that was done. Until now I consider that has good graphics. Propably you machine will run it like a charm. It is a different game from this era that we are and one of few games with this style that is really good and we miss. Buy and play it.


It's not the Resident Evil that we are used to see but it's good

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - PC

Like I said in the title, it is different from Resident Evil game. It is a squad game that we make our squad, equip it, catch things during the stages, and all the things that we know. So, of course that people like us that are fan of the franchise will be bothered to see the game so mischaracterized. We do not feel that horror atmosphere and the story that are some of the main components to give us the experience that all of them gave. Of course that the first ones was something different, something special, mainly because was primitive. Well, some people complain about the 4 and 5 but it was a necessary change to fit in this game era. Operation Racoon City is differet because wants different goals. The gameplay is good for an action game and the graphics is algo good for this generation. So, if you are looking for a action game, give a chance for this game. It is cool to play.


A game that we waited for a long time

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

Alan Wake is a very interesting game. I think that everyone who had a Xbox 360 heard something about it. The game was promised to be lauched hundred of times as Gran Turismo 5 in Playstation 3. The game was never done. But, one day, they finished it. And the result was very good. Really very good. They did a good job making the light (or its absence) something important for the game. It affects the gameplay because you will need something more than a simple gun. Everyone who played Obscure series will remember the way that it was. So, it contributes to give us the sinister atmosphere and the fear to go to a place or enter in some dark place. The graphics are excellent. As it was an exclusive Xbox 360 game during a time they did the things on the best way to give us the best results. I recommend a lot this game because we do not have many of this style nowadays.


An original game from Dreamcast

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Space Channel 5 Part 2 - PC

This is one of most original game of all time. A very crazy and colorful game. Strange songs and strange characters. Even the aliens seems to be strange. But it is also very good. In the beginnig we have some king of shock and ask ourselves: what the hell I am playing? It is a crazy game. After a while you will be entering in the rhythm of Ulala and will be singing and playing like if it was a normal game. Man, it is funny, very funny. Nowadays we have a lot of games that the main theme is music. But it was a little bit diffent in the past. Mainly in Space Channel 5: Part 2. There you will need, not to only dance, but dance and go trhough the story. It is crazy but interesting. The gameplay is based on seek what the game says and press the buttons. Of course that will be combinations of buttons that will be very very difficult. But it is a good challenge for sure. You will not regret to buy this game. It is one of the games from Dreamcast that must be played. I cannot figure out someone that played the videogame and not played this. Very recommended.


A different game

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Jet Set Radio - PC

It is a cool game of an era that people wanted to create something different.The game is interesting with a high level of challenges and good gameplay. The graphics are fantastics even nowadays because of the beautiful art. The gamplay consists of skate in someplaces and use the graffiti to do the objectives. But it is very difficult. You will have to do difficult movements and escape the place because of the the police that always will be after you. It is one of major classic from SEGA Dreamcast and that period of time. I thing that everyone who had the videogame played this game the same way as Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and other games. So, if you want to play something different, something cool and miss games from other era, do this favor to yourself and buy this game. You will not regret.


Good game

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Altered Beast - PC

Think about a classic game from 1980-1990 era. This is Altered Beast. I think that anyone heard something about this game before. Even the famous phrase "Rise from your grave" with that bad and funny sound. Altered Beast is a good game. It is not like a Sonic, a Streets of Rage or Golden Axe, in my opinion but is really a good game to be played without compromise. The graphics are ok if we think about the time that was made. The gameplay is good. Very simple but good. you will punch and kick with a good of variations but it is not the main thing. All that you want to do during the stages is to transform to the next creature. You can be a werewolf, tiger, dragon... It is the most interesting part of the game. The gameplay with them changes a lot and it is a positive thing. The bad is that the game is too short and you will have a few of stages and transformations. But it worths the money. I recommend.


Crazy game as the name suggests

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Crazy Taxi (1) - PC

Crazy Taxi is one of classic games from SEGA Dreamcast as Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Shenmue 1 and 2, Jet Set Radio and a lot of others. The game must be played. The game doesn't have a story of something like that. The proposal is very simple: be a taxist and do the runs in a specific time. The game is basically an attack the time game, but as a taxist. But it is not easy. Sometimes you will need to go to a far place and the time does not help you to much or you will need to go to difficult places to go without waste some time. These are the challenges that Crazy Taxi will offer you. It is really a race game as the others but with a different proposal. It is good to play something like that instead of playing other very good classic race games as Le Mans from Dreamcast, for example. I only can really recommend this game. It is a classic from a classic videogame.


A good challenge

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Kid Chameleon - PC

This game is diffucult, very difficult. But you know, everything that is more difficult will reward you in the end. It is also give you more excitement and makes you pleased when you get your objectives, your goals. Well, this game is simple, with a simple gameplay. Difficult is get the final. The gameplay only gives you a few options that will depends on what mask you will be using. Without mask you jump, as a samurai you use a sword, as rino you break things with head, as skull tank you shoot with skulls and the others masks follow what I am saying. But there are moments that you have to choose what mask is better to continue the level. It is complicated. Other moments you will have to decide what portal is better to enter. It can send you to a previous level for example. That is why something we get tired. But the game is very good and if you are looking for classics from 16bit I think that you must play this game.


One of the best Genesis game

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Streets of Rage - PC

The first thing that I can say is that Streets of Rage is a game that everyone needs to play. It is an obligation. Today we have a lot of indie and more simple game being sold everywhere to different platforms. A lot of them are similar with these 16 bit games. It is a hack'n'slash. You will go there, beat some bad guys, use a special power or something like that and end the game. You will have some bosses until the end when you have to beat the big last boss. All that I am talking about is the formula of this kind of game. But what makes Streets of Rage different that everybody likes that much? Maybe the charisma. The characters are very cool. Also the gameplay is perfect for this kind of game. It is very fluid, with a few options about what to do, but the simplicity is the key to this success. This is a game to play alone or with a fried and have funny moments. Very recommended.


Great classic from SEGA Dreamcast

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Sonic Adventure DX - PC

Sonic Adventure was the first 3D Sonic game, but 3D for real. It gives us a diffrent proposal. You will not only run and run as we always do with Sonic, but will also walk on the stage, talk with other characters and explore more the environment. But of course. We are talking about our favorite blue hedgehog. You will run a lot playing with him. As I said, playing with him, because another interesting thing about this game is that you can also play with others charachters. It is amazing. The gameplay changes completely as the same way as the story. The gameplay of the game is very good remembering that we are talking about an old game from Dreamcast. The graphics are beautiful. Not as Sonic Generations of course but very beautiful like a lot of SEGA Dreamcast games. I only can recommend this game. It is excellent.


The last great Sonic game until Generations

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Sonic Adventure 2 - PC

As the title says, Sonic Adventure 2 is the last great Sonic game until this recent Sonic Generations. We have a lot of criticism about the 3D Sonic games. I completely agree with it, but it is not all that way. The main problem is after the Sonic Adventure 2 we had a lot of bad Sonic 3D games and even the 2D era not the same as before. But Sonic Adventure 2 are different. The gameplay is very interesting. If you compare with the ultimate Sonic Generations will notice that it is not so different. The mechanics is similar (of course that the last one is more polished). You will basically fight with a enemy. Sonic x Shadow; Eggman x Tails (as pilots of a robots); Knuckles x Rouge, for example. The other interesting thing is that you can play in the two sides: as Sonic and its team or Dr. Eggman and his team. It is a amazing game, a classic from SEGA, from Dreamcast and it deserves to be played!


The best football simulator of all time

Lippe1989 | Dec. 26, 2012 | Review of Football Manager 2013 - PC

What to say about this game. This is the best of the best of the best of all sports manager in the world. The game is complex and very complex. You have a lot of things to control, a lot of numbers, a lot of people from staff, players, journalist, fans. It is amazing to go beyond the gameplay like Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA and do all the things that need to be done. You will spend a lot of time playing. A lot of time through the years, seeing a player that is nothing becoming a great player (if you know or discover how to look for these players). You can pick up a team that no one knows and try to put it in a high level. It is amazing. If you wanto to play something beyond the traditional football game, this is the game that you are looking for. Very recommended.