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Hail Hydra!

Liverpool1971 | May 9, 2014 | Review of The Last Federation - PC

This game is really great! One of the best 4x strategy games i've played recently. To win you have be good both in management and tactics. Your mission is to make peace between all the races (there is 8 of them) in the solar system. Each game plays out differently, so the game has huge replayability rate. The graphics are not bad (it's a 2d game but really well made). But the main pros is the awesome soundtrack. So if you like 4x games, you should totally buy this game. You won't be disappointed.


Not worth it...

Liverpool1971 | May 9, 2014 | Review of Steel Steam - PC

I don't know where to begin with... the art, story, music and gameplay scream that this game is another one made in RPG maker. It's at very best mediocre. It's an old school RPG, but it doesn't have the feel of it. If you are expecting another "To the moon" you will be disappointed. The title says Steel and Steam, but it doesn't have anything to do with steampunk as i first thought. Both the story and the visuals are boring.


Quite fun :)

Liverpool1971 | May 9, 2014 | Review of Mechanic Escape (4) - PC

Mechanic Escape is a nice platformer with a sharp difficulty curve. You play as TV set (seriously!) that go through the levels to save his buddies. There are about 80 levels, and it is getting harder the closer to the end of the game you are. There aren’t any checkpoints, so every level needs to be finished in one go. If you die you will simply have to start over the level (but they aren’t so long, so no worries). If you enjoyed such games as Super Meat Boy or Giana Sisters, give this one a try too. It’s certainly worth it.


Solid tower defense game

Liverpool1971 | June 19, 2013 | Review of ShadO (1) - PC

Shad'O is a great, creative tower defense game with beautiful graphics and interesting story. The story is smoothly blended with the mechanics of tower defense gameplay. The gamplay itself may not be the greatest, but it’s pretty solid, and one of the most creative. The biggest minus is the translation (French game). It may not be awful, but you will notice the flaws. The game is about saving a little kids mind from darkness. If the art from screenshots appeals to you, then it’s a game for you. I highly recommend it for any tower defense fan!


Chicken version of Rambo

Liverpool1971 | June 19, 2013 | Review of Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken - PC

I have bought this game on gmg sale some time ago. knowing absolutely nothing about it before the purchase. And guess what? It was totally worth the risk. Rocketbirds took me back to the old platform days. Here you have challenging gameplay, astonishing art style and the best of the best… soundtrack that you will listen to repeatedly (IT’S AMAZING!). There are so many great reasons to own this game (multiplayer mode included). You definitely won’t regret buying it. I highly recommend it!


Give it a chance to amaze you!

Liverpool1971 | June 19, 2013 | Review of They Bleed Pixels (1) - PC

Another incredible platformer that everybody should try. The story may be a little to short, but it is quite interesting. After the two first levels game becomes extremely difficult, and can take a lot of time to finish. Art style and music - both deserves praise. Unlockables and good checkpoint system are things that I loved (you will understand when you try it). Definitely one of the best games platformers. This is worth picking up for every price.


One of the best platformers ever!!

Liverpool1971 | June 19, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Cautious! This is very addictive and really hard platformer. Only a few of the brave people will finish it! I loved the old school in graphics and presentation. The game was charming with plenty of meat in the campaign (seriously). There is a high chance that you will be repeating levels hundreds of times - to get good enough to beat them, get better time, or simply because there is a really tricky bandage you need to get. I highly recommend it to those with the patience for these hard as nails games.


Decent flying simulator

Liverpool1971 | June 18, 2013 | Review of Wings of Prey Collectors Edition - PC

The visuals are stunning. Developers recreated aircraft models and scenery taking into account every detail. In addition there is also a multiplayer, consisting of four game modes, enriched with voice chat, a list of friends and leaderboards. There are 3 different settings of difficulty. The hardest simulation difficulty is very realistic. In my opinion as far as gameplay goes this game is second to none in the flying category. This edition contains dlc Wing of Luftwaffe. The biggest minus is the lack of story and the fact that the game is pretty short. DLC is not that important, so this version is for collectors and fans only. But I highly recommend the game for flying simulator fans.


One of the best!

Liverpool1971 | June 18, 2013 | Review of Transport Giant Gold - PC

This is one of the best transport games out there. And I think it’s even more enjoyable than TTD. Basically what you have to do is to move raw materials to factories that are producing goods. The goods are then being moved to another place in the chain and so it goes on. It may not be nothing new, but it surely is enjoyable. You can set a start date from 1850 to present day. In the game there are 3 geographical areas – USA, Australia and Europe. Different area needs different strategy. There is a big varaity of cars, ships, planes and trains. If you are tired by wargame strategies, I recommend this one for a change. It’s not only for modern simulator fan. Try it!


Old style RTS

Liverpool1971 | June 16, 2013 | Review of Desert Stormfront - PC

The game is pretty good if you don’t mind the graphics. If you want to take a break from intense RTS war games and play a war game witch playing let you relax a bit this is the title for you. You don’t have to gather any resources. The only thing you have to do is to capture oil fields in order to get money to buy more units. Despite the simplicity of the game, it’s still fun to play. Only the first campaign battles are really easy, so you can get the idea that the game will be boring, but the level of difficulty increases quickly enough, so do not worry.


Not like any other.

Liverpool1971 | June 16, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

I’m a zombie games fan, so i’ve had to try this one out. And… WHAT?! I was simply in awe. The game surprised me. It’s not like any other zombie game I ever played. It seamlessly integrates the story into the big picture of TWD comics. I thought that the point and click adventure may ruin the experience and I was wrong about that. The action scenes are great, voice acting is perfect, comics alike graphics are the best. I recommend it if you want to play a story driven game, in which all the choices you make have consequences. You choose who lives and who dies.


Good Indie Title

Liverpool1971 | June 15, 2013 | Review of Mars War Logs - PC

This is an excellent title for an indie game. It’s a lot like the Witcher 2 - It's an action rpg where your decisions will affect the game. Also the combat is alike - fun and challenging, but with different weapons (here you have clubs and guns). Graphic are quite good. Only the characters lips are kind of stiff, but overall the animation is great. And best of all it's only 2.5 GB. That's a big surprise. In my opinion It's definitely worth the money and the time. I highly recommend it for action rpg fans!


Finally a good story.

Liverpool1971 | June 15, 2013 | Review of SpellForce 2 Faith in Destiny Scenario 3 The Last Stand - PC

What the base game lacked was a good storyline. This dlc is adding one of a few new scenarios and in my opinion this is the best scenario of all. It is set in the world of Dun Mora. The Nameless has launched attack against the elves and you have to prevent them from succeed. It will add about 4 hours of gameplay. I’ve enjoyed it, and if you liked the base game this dlc is definitely for you.


I want more!

Liverpool1971 | June 15, 2013 | Review of Might and Magic Clash of Heroes I am the Boss - PC

I really love the game. Not only the looks, but the storyline and balance between fractions are well made. It's a shame that this is the only dlc. It has not so much content. It will unlock only 4 additional characters - evil bosses from singleplayer. And you can only use them in multiplayer matches and fast game - 1vs1 with cpu. They are well balanced too, so playing with them on multiplayer doesn't give you any special advantage. But It's worth it if you liked the game and you want to vary it a little.


Caution! Highly addictive!

Liverpool1971 | June 15, 2013 | Review of Anno 2070 DLC Complete Pack - PC

The game alone is great, it’s a mix of city building, resource management, and mission completion. With this dlc pack I've enjoyed it even more. In my opinion the additional content is totally worth the price. You will get a few new missions, new buildings, new technology, and even a submarine. I really loved the game and I’m highly recommending it to everyone!


Great point-and-click adventure!

Liverpool1971 | June 12, 2013 | Review of Astroloco Worst Contact - PC

The backgrounds in the game are hand drawn and the characters are 8-bit and pixilated - that creates a charming blend. Voice acting and music are also excellent (especially the end credits theme). The narrator sound like from an old radio /tv program. The controls like in almost every point and click are simple – click left mouse button to move or look, and right to interact. There is a “save/load” option, but the game autosaves after important events. Game is full of british humour with references to older adventure games. The only minus is it’s length – takes about 4 hours maximum to finish the game. I highly recommend it!


Style over substance.

Liverpool1971 | June 12, 2013 | Review of Creavures - PC

The graphics and sound are simply beautiful and the character design makes those nocturnal creatures look like living things. But don’t be fooled by it looks. The game gets boring fairly quickly, it’s repetitive and controls are a bit lacking. It’s just a mediocre platformer, incomparable to Trine series. In the game you’re in control of the CreaVure known as Bitey, and you have to find four other CreaVures. Game is divided into 5 chapters. You can control two creatures at a time so you can swap to utilize their unique abilities. Try it if you like books with nice cover.


Mediocre game, but worth a try.

Liverpool1971 | June 12, 2013 | Review of Ghost Whisperer (1) - PC

For starters the graphics are average, there are no voiceovers and the gameplay is a little outdated. There are 2 gameplay modes: Casual and Expert. The items and objects are very hard to find, and hint system doesn't help much. But on the other side the puzzles are fun and can be skipped. When you finish the first episode of "Forgotten Toys", the episode called "A Brush With Death" will be unlocked. It’s as long as the first part. Some thing are rather illogical – for example you have to find plug for the computer from the antique shop, and [spoiler] you can find it on the floor in the hospital. Why?! But the story itself is quite good. I enjoy “who done that” kind of plot.


Based on an actual Japanese fable!

Liverpool1971 | June 12, 2013 | Review of 99 Spirits Deluxe Edition - PC

If you’re looking for a good grid-based JRPG, here you have one! You’re a young girl fighting spirits residing in everyday objects with a sword passed to you from your mother. All you have to do is keep using attack or defense strikes in a turn based motion with the Z and X keys. It’s based on rhythm and timing. It just that simple, but it’s addictive ass hell. The story is good, the battle system is fun, and I’ve spend around 14 hours enjoying it. If you are a jrpg fan I highly recommend it!


Wish there were more!

Liverpool1971 | June 11, 2013 | Review of Glowfish - PC

You’re a Fish whose girlfriend was kidnapped by some evildoer called Dr. Urchin. It’s pretty simple - when swimming, you have to collect coins, defeat enemies and rescue baby fish. To control you can use either mouse or keyboard (I prefer mouse). The fish will follow the cursor around the screen. When the enemy is smaller you can just bash them head on, but when it’s bigger that’s a different story, you have to use some tactics. The graphics and animations are quite good, the level of difficulty is increasing through the game. It’s fun and challenging, so I think Glowfish has everything that any good casual game should have. I highly recommend it!



Liverpool1971 | June 11, 2013 | Review of A Valley Without Wind 1 and 2 Dual Pack - PC

The visual style of those games has turned me off from the start. There is no real story, so you don’t know where are you, and where are you going. I thought that I will enjoy it, because I like games with a ton of monsters and spells, and randomly generated worlds. But the truth is it gets boring. If you don’t mind the repetition and the looks then those game titles are designed for you.


Good sequel

Liverpool1971 | June 11, 2013 | Review of Youda Survivor 2 - PC

The goal of the game is to save the tribe by doing various tasks as quickly as you can. In story mode you can choose between different paths, and replay levels as much as you want so you can earn more tokens for upgrades or to simply improve your time. The mechanics stayed similar to that in the first game. It gets boring after a half of the game because you’re simply doing the same. But the game itself is a nice time killer. So if you enjoyed the first game, this should be to your liking too.



Liverpool1971 | June 11, 2013 | Review of Versailles Mysteries 2 The Royal Spy - PC

First Versailles Mysteries was a pretty big surprise for me. Even though the game seemed pretty mediocre i enjoyed every single minute I spent playing it. Second part of this game could be simply described as more of the same gameplay, however there are few changes. Now we are in control of few different people, and our task is to unveil the plans of dethronizing the Sun King. The game is just like its precedessor - a point and click adventure with some minigames. If you are a fan of french history, then you will certainly enjoy the built-in encylopedia with facts about France, Versaille and stuff, and it has been approved by Palace of Versaille


For history fans

Liverpool1971 | June 11, 2013 | Review of Versailles Mysteries Oscar and the Athanor - PC

I am a fan of history of France, so this title instantly got my attention. Even though Versailles Mysteries isn't a top notch title it is still pretty fun to play. It is a typical point and click game, but with some interesting mini-games, that require not only logical thinking, but also pretty nimble fingers at times. You will have to dance, duel and do other things. While at almost 25 $ it is a bit overpriced, it is pretty worth the cash if you can get it during some pretty good promo.


Liked it!

Liverpool1971 | June 11, 2013 | Review of Youda Mystery The Stanwick Legacy - PC

Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy is a perfect game for all puzzle lovers on greenmangaming. It may seem like a typical point and click adventure, however it is a hidden object/puzzle game. You spend your time roaming around mysterious manor, which once belonged to your family, and you have to uncover some secrets, as usual. To do this you will have to solve different riddles and do some hidden object finding. The gameplay is quite similar to Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of Baskervilles - if you enjoyed that game, then you will also like Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy



Liverpool1971 | June 9, 2013 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

This is one of the greatest, most addicting games I’ve ever played! Keep crafting to survive the dangers of the night. The game doesn’t have any tutorial, so you’re left totally alone. Some tips from me: at first collect everything, and craft pickaxe and axe as soon as you can. Make your camp near worm-holes, so it will be easier to escape when something attacks you. Don’t make your camp near pig houses – at the full moon they are changing to werepigs. You have to collect parts of the teleportation device to go to the next world. Every character has its unique features – try using those in your advantage. And simply don’t starve! The first world is a sandbox (so you can create it as a peacefull world without monsters). When you will build your first teleport you can take something with you to the next world – after going trough the first teleport the adventure mode will be available for you. To finish the game you have to build the teleport a couple of times without dying, and everytime the difficulty level increases. I highly recommend this title!


Oldie but goodie

Liverpool1971 | June 9, 2013 | Review of Nancy Drew Message in a Haunted Mansion - PC

This is in my opinion the best game of the whole ND series. There are two levels of gameplay – you can play as junior or as a Senior detective. Each mode is offering a different difficulty level of puzzles and hints, but doesn’t affect the plot. The game is mouse (and brain!) controlled. The music and voice actors are well selected. That helps with creating the right mood. The graphics may be a little old, but not eyesore-ing. I recommend it for every puzzle game fan!


Quite short, but one of the best.

Liverpool1971 | June 9, 2013 | Review of Nancy Drew The haunted Carousel - PC

It was not my first game from the series, and I could tell that this one is definitely for younger players, but I really enjoyed it. The puzzles were not that hard, but with engaging storyline and mystery, and nice graphics this one was really a good one. It may be really short, but I highly recommend it for younger gamers.


Nancy in Japan

Liverpool1971 | June 9, 2013 | Review of Nancy Drew Shadow at the Waters Edge - PC

Another title from the series. This time with interesting Japanese theme. Here Nancy actually gets to snoop around at night. You can feel the danger, and you can die (but the second chance feature is available, so don’t panic). All of the suspects have something to hide here. The game have two satisfying endings, that are based on how you react. The only annoying feature is that you can't manually skip ahead the dialogue. It’s definitely worth a try!



Liverpool1971 | June 8, 2013 | Review of Nancy Drew The Captive Curse - PC

I really enjoyed this game. The back story of the castle was really fascinating. I just wish the game was longer (only 8 hours of gameplay)! In terms of challenging-ness, this is one of the easier games of the series, it focuses more on plot and characters more than it does on puzzles. The voice-acting was amazing, and the graphics were clear, and natural looking. It’s definitely worth a try!


Good idea, mediocore implementation.

Liverpool1971 | June 8, 2013 | Review of Helicopter Simulator Search and Rescue - PC

The idea was quite good - you're supposed to be a rescue helicopter pilot. But you're just repeating the same actions - starting, flying to the destination point and landing. The voice acting is annoying and the graphics are outdated. That game isn't all that bad, but there are a lot of points that could be improved. If you're a simulator fan you should try it.


Great series!

Liverpool1971 | June 8, 2013 | Review of LEGO Harry Potter Years 14 Overflow - PC

It's another good piece of the Lego video game series. Magic is just as fun as the force in lego star wars, and you get a lot of different spells to use. Splitscreen is also a very welcome addition to the series if you like to play in co-op. What's awesome about Hogwarts is that it's a living, breathing place. It is your playground, and it feels like it. There are a lot of different puzzles, but you won’t need to check up the solutions, they’re not that hard. It takes about 30-35 hours to finish the game. I highly recommend it to every HP or Lego fan.


Classic adventure game!

Liverpool1971 | June 7, 2013 | Review of Ceville Steam - PC

An old but fun adventure game with nice cartoon-like graphics, plenty of humor and great voice acting. Also, the main character is evil! I have no idea why isn’t it rated higher. There are lots of jokes relating to some classic adventure games. I highly recommend for anyone who miss classic/ humorous adventure games.


Loved it!

Liverpool1971 | June 7, 2013 | Review of Criminal Minds - PC

Another good hidden-object game from Legacy Interactive based on a tv series. It is definitely worth playing (i'm not a tv series fan but I loved the puzzles and the plot). After the main story you will have to solve one more case. For me it's one of the best hidden-object games i've ever played. The graphics may not be up to date, it may not add anything new for the genre, but it's a game that i ate up on one breath.


For hardcore fans.

Liverpool1971 | June 7, 2013 | Review of Talisman Prologue - PC

At present, the game in fact has very little to offer. As the name suggests this is a "prologue" and you can only play single player, which after some time becomes terribly boring. Other disadvantages are that the game has not a lot of hero cards, the impossibility of saving the game (in turn-based game!). Some cards are not suitable for playing in singleplayer mode (eg. spell of mesmerism). If you’re a fan of the board game you should definitely buy it, but only then. Maybe that will change when the multiplayer expansion will be available.


For hardcore platformers!

Liverpool1971 | June 7, 2013 | Review of Stealth Bastard Deluxe - PC

It’s a game that drives you crazy. It can be compared to Super Meatboy (yes, it’s a hard but addictive platformer with instant restarts, and plenty of messy deaths ) The stealth game that isn’t about being slow. Stealth Bastard was actually a freeware game (on sale is the deluxe version), so you can try it out first.


It might look old, but it's a good game.

Liverpool1971 | June 7, 2013 | Review of Murder She Wrote - PC

It's a good hidden-object game based on TV series that my parents watched. The story is quite well written.We have 5 cases to solve with a lot of challenging puzzles. Each case can be played with a timer or in a relaxed mode and can take 60-90 minutes to complete. The only con is that the gameplay doesn't add anything new to the game genre. I recommend this game for anyone who likes hidden-object games, sherlock holmes series, and solving puzzles.


Another great game.

Liverpool1971 | June 5, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

It drifted away from the first and the second bioshock. But still this is a great game. Astonishing lighting effects help create the unique mood. In my opinion, the most polished thing is the gameplay. It's very realistic - from charging your flashlight, to putting on you gas mask, and even wiping the dirt away from your screen. The second thing is the good written story. I'm highly recommending this to everyone who enjoy playing action,adventure and choice making games.


Changed my opinion about Batman.

Liverpool1971 | June 4, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

This is an excellent game. I'm not a fan of batman, and the game was given to me as a birthday gift, but the game was simply astonishing. It gets you into the story and keeps you there until the game ends. I'm higly recommending it to everyone who looks for a good single player action game.


Try it!

Liverpool1971 | June 4, 2013 | Review of LEGO Batman The Videogame Steam - PC

This game brings you hell of a fun! It contains a big load of humour. You don't have to be a big fan of batman to enjoy it. It's good to try it out with a friend ( it has a local co-op ). It may not be hard, but you can relax playing it. For those who didn't try any of the lego games I recommand to start with this one first!


A must have for every guitarist or guitarist wannabe!

Liverpool1971 | May 29, 2013 | Review of Rocksmith - PC

This title takes gaming to a whole different level. Here you can really learn something. Nobody can say that you are wasting your time playing it. Practising on guitar can be repetitive and boring, but not here! Every technique is well explained. And finally there is that nice colletion of songs and mini-games that you can't stop playing to get better and better. It is simply a must have!