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Lizziebelina | June 5, 2013 | Review of High School Dreams - PC

The game, I would say, doesn’t stand up well in the category it seems to fit in. It’s a preteen, dating sim with multiple mini games with a repetitive return. The girl goes around, talks to boys, makes money in minigame missions, and then spends the money on clothes to impress the boy. The game in that concept is fine, but I’ve seen a lot of other games with that concept that do much better. And I don’t know where the plot was going from getting clothes and picking a guy. I found a guy, bought nearly all the clothes, bought him dozens of gifts, and then it just sort of stalled and that might be because you can win a guy over far faster than the events occur. The graphics were alright, a little dated but alright. And overall it’s a good game for a casual gamer who just wants to do something mindless between tv shows or some sort. Nothing much more to it than that.