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It's a worth buy by far

LordAGUNI | March 28, 2013 | Review of Clive Barkers Jericho - PC

This game is a FPS based on the ideas of Clive Barker, It have a very good storyline, you are part of a squad trying (like always) to defeat the bad guys but at any moment you can change of character just selecting the guy of your squad with which you want to change, each character have different (superhuman) skills and the game always try to force you to utilize at leas 2 times each character to feel the dynamic of the game, The game is full of gore, the graphics are well made, for some reason it looks like if everything is covered of dark blood, the enemies AI its acceptable and the fight against the different bosses isn't just jump and shoot, each one have a puzzle (there are a loot in all the game) that you need to do to found the weak point of the boss and kill him. I really fall in love with this game, maybe the storyline it's a bit short (like 6 hours) but for the price it will be a bad idea if you don't go for it.