Reviews by LordCommander


Good but not the best

LordCommander | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Hitman Absolution Professional Edition NA - PC

Absolution's story is much better than the previous titles but its still not all that good. The graphics are great the world is very detailed and colorful a lot of the AI characters are very bland looking and a lot of them look the same but 47 and some of the other big characters are very well detailed. The map sizes are really where Absolution fell short they just feel a lot less sandbox and some feel very short and pointless. Though my biggest problem with this game is not being able to customize your load-out before missions sure it fits the story with 47 being hunted by the Police and the Agency but this is 47 were talking about he has to have some secret hideout the Agency does not know about or at least a hidden weapon stash. Contracts mode is really where Absolution shines giving you a lot more freedom and choice and giving you a chance to compare yourself with other players. Overall Hitman Absolution is fun and is well worth the buy.


Very good

LordCommander | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Battlefield 3 Premium NA - PC

If you already own BF3 and enjoy it and want more then Premium is for you. Along with the 5 Expansions Premium buyers also get server que priority, new weapon/soldier camos, new dog tags, new assignments and double XP events I would say its worth the buy, and if you can get it on sale for under $40 its a total steal.


Great RTS

LordCommander | Dec. 7, 2012 | Review of Supreme Commander 2 - PC

I never played the first Supreme Commander so I don't know how SC 2 holds up to its predecessor but it in its self is a very solid RTS. The campaign is decent and fairly long it took me about 15 or so hours to get through. The multiplayer is fun if your good at strategy games or play with some friends. The gameplay is fairly simple so anyone can jump in and have fun. The graphics are good for a 2010 game and still hold up to the standards of 2012. I would recommend this game to all RTS fans.