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A very pleasant surprise!

Lord_Jaxar | July 6, 2013 | Review of Mars War Logs - PC

Mars: Wars Logs was a real surprise for me. Being only $20 on release and being from an unknown developer, I went in not expecting much, but I'm happy to say this game was worth it beyond expectation. Fans of good RPG's shouldn't be disappointing. You'll get an interesting story, great graphics, talent/skill upgrade paths and a really decent equipment upgrade/crafting system. Also the combat in this game is really well done IMO. At first it looks like a bit of a button masher, but once you get the hang of evading attacked, using skills/weapons during the fight and even throwing sand in your opponents eyes, it gets really fun. IMO its similar to the combat in the Batman: Arkham games, but maybe not quite as fluid or seamless. Oh and Technomancy is too much fun. Throwing chain lightning into a mob of guards never gets old! Only downside is there wasn't much to spend Serum (money) on in the end, and I wish there were more outfit options discovered along the way, but those are only minor faults. Fingers crossed we get a sequel before too long.