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a beautiful island

LostQuestion | Oct. 17, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 NA - PC

a open island if you can explore it the things in you way happen to be pirates and wildlife both have no love for each other so getting a animal to kill of the pirates works nicely, also fire spreads through grass keep that in mind when you are considering doing anything that uses fire decent story about a dudebro his dudebro friends and his brother who is out from the military hear about some island decide to visit it only to find the island is a pirate paradise so they get captured by a psycho named vas and the dudebro and his brother escape sure the guy with military training gets killed at the end of the tutorial. so the dudebro you play as (one mr jason brody) has to grow up and take back the island from the pirates with the help of the native population tldr good game worth getting.


just get it

LostQuestion | Oct. 17, 2013 | Review of XCom Collection - PC

xcom enemy unknown it a well played game by firaxis (known for the civ stratigy series) now refer to the title as EU. EU is a game featuring perma-death and shot seeding. whats shot seeding? its a preventative measure that saves the results of a shot so even if you reload a earlier save your sniper with the 90% to hit will always miss the shot you reloaded from a earlier save just so there could be another shot. perma-death forces you to train all your troops as evenly as possible cause if you only have a single group of elites even getting one killed will hurt you also spend your resources wisely if you find yourself falling behind its very hard to catch up again all that said its a very good game nice story you spend the time in the base preparing to go out on the field and while your on the feild your thinking about what your bringing back and what the trade offs are between capturing, killing, and blowing up a enemy are yes doing the easy thing and tossing a grenade or launching a rocket can do massive damage but you get less if the blast kill them