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Bloodcurdlingly Fresh...

Lothlar | Aug. 28, 2012 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

In a world dominated sequels and big studio players constructed behind a world of expensive PR marketing here is a sleeper hit for the year. Sleeping dogs in a nutshell? GTA meets Hong Kong from the folks who brought you True Crime quite a few years ago. You are Wei, an undercover cop charged with bringing down the triads from the inside, bringing down the head of the organisation and this will mean getting your hands very dirty if you are going to move up in the very entrenched structure. Its Hong Kong so guns are restricted, so you will have to rely on your martial abilities and improvised weapons (and on the dark day you finally get your hands on firearms you will feel the power as death spews forth from your hands). Sleeping Dogs weaves a dark, gritty, mature narrative that will challenge even the most cynical of gamers, bathed in years of polish in a fresh setting (asia! woo!). Controls are sharp, combat satisfying and the world is very well detailed with excellent graphics and audio made from the bones of kings. One of the 'must play' games of the year, it will happily fill the itch of yet another delayed GTA.