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LtValerii | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of Mass Effect 2 NA Origin - PC

Mass Effect 2 is by far one of the best games I have played to date. It took everything they did right in the first game and expanded on it. Yes, it has it's faults, like all games, but it is truly enjoyable! ME2 is a mix of RPG and shooter and it has a great balance. The conversations that you have with other characters are informative on the huge universe and many have an impact on the story. It's nice to have some control that what you are choosing makes a difference. The combat has been updated from the first and is a lot more fluid. It's more fun to play and there are more things to do. It has been quite an improvement. There are of course drawbacks, the probing system is a bit boring and tedious, but it can be worked around. You don't get to explore planets much (unless you have some DLC), but it helps to move along faster. Takes out a lot of down time just drifting. The story opens with a bang and continues to get more interesting and fun. The universe opened in the first game is greatly expanded on and there is a lot of new and exciting things to learn. There is still a nice customization system in ME2, though different from the first. You can fully customize your character. Armor and weapons aren't really customizable, but you get to choose between a bunch and you can color your armor and choose the pieces (which have some effect). There is also still an upgrade system for your powers which is slightly different, but more fluid. Last of customizations is for the Normandy (your ship), you can upgrade everything and it even impacts the story. Overall, I recommend this game because of the great story and gameplay. It's great for any gaming level as their are setting to choose from to make the game comfortable or challenging. Enjoy it!



LtValerii | Jan. 20, 2014 | Review of Mass Effect NA Origin - PC

Starting off, this is one of my absolute favorite games to date. Most people who play love their shooters and anything even slightly less is unacceptable, but this game combines everything very well. Admittedly, it can be rather slow at times, but these parts are important. At its heart, Mass Effect is an RPG. You're meant to spend time talking to people and making decisions. This does get tedious at times, but it's usually exciting to learn more about the huge universe they created for this game. On top of this, there is also an extensive customization system. You design your character, upgrade you and your teammates, pick/upgrade weapons, add to weapons, and pick/upgrade your armor. There is a lot to choose from and enough for everyone's style of play. The story in this game is huge and exciting. The choices you make actually effect the game itself. There are a bunch of people to meet and things to do. The game is sci-fi so there are alien races for you to interact with and learn more about. Moreover, you can decide whether or not you like these aliens and that will change the game play and outcome. Aside from running around talking to aliens, there is also some combat. Until you reach the highest difficulty, it's not much of a challenge, but it's fun. The game play is simple and that makes it enjoyable since there it isn't solely action. Your choices in the battlefield will also impact the game. Overall, I highly recommend checking out this game. Though I warn, only do so if you have the patience to handle an RPG style game. It's a lot of fun if you give it the chance!


Fun & Creative!

LtValerii | Jan. 19, 2014 | Review of Scribblenauts Unlimited NA - PC

Scribblenauts is one of the more fun games I've ever played. You can create almost anything you could imagine which continually keeps it interesting! It is basically a puzzle game where you create objects to solve the crazy number of puzzles. You can go for the obvious option or create something completely insane to fix the problem. This option of game play makes Scribblenauts endlessly fun. Even outside of puzzles you can make anything. I tend to ride around on a rainbow, flying megalodon (giant shark). There are tons of puzzles to complete, though, (some difficult and some longer) to keep you going for awhile. Scribblenauts is great for all ages. Anyone can have fun with it, if you let yourself. I recommend playing this, even though it is more casual in the eyes of most. It's great for just relaxing and having a laugh at the craziness you can create!


One of the Greats!

LtValerii | Dec. 3, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

When this game came out I was very hesitant to buy it. I am a fairly picky gamer, but I decided to give it a chance. I had never been so happy! This game easily became one of my favorites. The story is in a way fairly generic, but also really enticing. There is a wonderful customization interface that entirely affects the game play depending on the choices you make. The controls are some of the best I have played to date, everything is very smooth. There is a lot to Deus Ex. Talking, hacking, sneaking, fighting, exploring, and upgrading. All of these keep it interesting when it could easily get boring. The game is built around stealth and I find it most rewarding to play this way while still exploring everything you can. It adds a degree of difficulty and excitement that I find lacking in other games. The augments you have to choose from are all pretty fun and if you take your time, you can unlock most of them! On top of it all, with either play style there are a bunch of different weapons and upgrades which keep it interesting.