Reviews by Ludiousss


Rage Inducing, and Yet so Good.

Ludiousss | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

This game is a solid arcade-y platforming experience. Tight controls and a kicking soundtrack will compel you to play through right to the end. This game is well put together, with most levels being well telegraphed, in its challenges and new obstacles are introduced effectively, to ensure any and all deaths are your fault alone. Although it does have a "Story Mode", I would strongly suggest this game for all the speed-run "completionists" out there who don't already have this game. The game stars several characters sporting different abilities (including the Bit-Trip Runner) to allow you to replay already completed levels in a different way. I will recommend this game to players who are looking for a throw-back to the older generation of platformers that are hard and unforgiving. (I suggest a controller for playing this game, the analogue stick allows for greater control)


An Honest Sequel

Ludiousss | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of Company of Heroes 2 Post - PC

Relic comes to the floor with a sequel for the "Compay of Heroes" Title. After Tales of Valor, it was a question on many minds "What is Compay of Heroes 2 going to be like?" Well, it is certain that the answer is a solid asymmetric RTS experience that is relatively unique. The campaign, is long enough (Around 10-15 hours), and features a Russian campaign following Lieutenant Isakovich through a series of flashbacks leading up to his interrogation. The missions are strong, and allow one to get a good feeling of how the units work, and the might of the Russian war machine. The multi-player experience is the title's strong point. Allowing up to eight commanders to face off for control over a sector. Although it is missing the multi-player lobby of its previous title, the matchmaking is relatively well implemented, with players of relative skill matched against each other. As afore mentioned, the game is asymmetric, giving each side it's distinct advantages and disadvantages. The Russian armour tends to be weaker, and somewhat less effective, whereas the German armour is far heavier, and more powerful, although at a greater cost. However, a word of warning; The title does not have a "perfect unit balance" and Relic is still in the process of modifying unit statistics and abilities in an attempt to level the playing field for both sides. Overall, the game is a solid title, with interesting mechanics, from shocking tank crews, to commander doctrines that can chance the face of a battle. I will recommend this game for those who are willing to try a WWII era Real-Time Strategy game.


Solid experience

Ludiousss | Aug. 25, 2013 | Review of Dont Starve - PC

Don't starve is an experience that is fairly unique, where you begin stranded on an island. At first, expect to be befuddled and confused as you begin to eke out an existence. This game is a solid survival experience, albeit a little strange. You will enter a world where frogs will steam your items, walruses will hunt you and starvation is a real risk. Expect to die, and die a lot. Death is a learning curve, and I would go as far to say that taking potentially lethal risks can pay off hugely. This is not a game for those who lack time to play, as hours of gameplay can be wiped after a single silly error. Honestly this game is entertaining and engaging, and isn't just fun. It is exciting and potentially thrilling as you flee from monsters in the dark. If you aren't willing to drop the $10 to $15 on this title, you can try a demo using Google Chrome, as this game started out as a Chrome app'. I willingly and strongly recommend this to my friends and family, and you honestly should too.