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An interesting game worth your time if you want something unique

Luff | Nov. 14, 2013 | Review of Space Pirates And Zombies - PC

This is a strange beast of a game; with a combination of arcadey space combat, strategic elements and RPG-like progression it feels very unique - a definite plus - but the real question is 'do the different elements gel well?' Personally I think the game does an excellent job of blending the different aspects of the game, mostly because the UI is intuitive and makes controlling your ships easy and fast. Being able to create and outfit new ships at your will (assuming you have the in game funds) and then pick and choose which ship you wish to control, and decide how the AI pilot the others is very satisfying and makes for some fun customization. Finally, whilst the majority of this review has focused on how this game is a breath of fresh air, it also has to be said that the pacing of the game is very flexible. In a given sector you can undertake story quests, optional missions and ambient objectives (basically passive events that can grant bonus rewards) at your own will, with no limit on the time you can spend in one star-system. I would whole-heartedly recommend this game, since ultimately playing a unique game that mixes up the regular tropes is highly satisfying, that and being a space pirate is the bee's knees.


The title does not lie - this game is awesome.

Luff | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

I love this game - it's an accessible dota style game that focuses less on a painful learning curve and more on a smaller range of abilities and items. Taking the above into consideration, do not buy this game expecting a game expecting the challenging elements of Dota, LOL and the like; the game takes the basis of the MOBA genre but makes it play more like a platformer than a strategy game. In short it makes for an easier experience that relies on skills that take less time to hone, so do not buy this game if you are looking for a game that plays just like Dota (I' would suggest Dota if you want this. Finally, the game's saturday morning cartoon style is frankly wonderful, with player characters including a rapping frog, an underwater mobster and a butterfly magey thing. All in all, I would highly recommend this game for a more casual MOBA experience for those who either can't get to grips with, or want a small change, from the usual suspects; if you are looking for a more challenging game that requires greater effort to learn, then I would suggest you look elsewhere however.