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Not what I'd hoped.

Lurion | Feb. 12, 2013 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

Aliens: Colonial Marines could of been the one game that surpassed the marine campaign in Aliens vs Predator, it had the team, the story, the time, everything. None of that made a difference, this a linear CoD clone, just add a few aliens into the mix. PROS: * Aliens franchise game: Has the sounds and look of the movies, as well as Bishops voice-acting by Lance Henriksen * That's about it. CONS: * Treats SP like CoD MP with achievement unlocks and level ups. Also has hit indicators * Linear and boring levels which don't have that atmosphere or spook level you'd expect from a game of this calibre. * The story is somehow randomly added in-between Aliens 2 and 3, and has a myriad of plot holes that are plain annoying. * The AI is terrible, Aliens run all over the place or just stand still. NPCs look at you without shooting, or headshot you from behind cover. Overall, the game doesn't keep you interested, sure there are some fun aspects that make this game playable, however I can't look past the horrible AI, and CoD-esque gameplay. There is no fear, no tense moments where you feel you will die any second. I'm playing on hardened and I massacre everything in my path. It's a sad edition to the franchise and one I hoped would bring it back to its fear dripping roots. Buy it if you want Alien CoD


Misses the shot on a crime world classic.

Lurion | Feb. 1, 2013 | Review of Omerta City of Gangsters - PC

Let me preface this by saying I haven't completed this games campaign mode, rather that I have played sandbox mode instead. Omerta: City of Gangsters isn't a game that is a mix between turn-based combat (X-COM style) and empire building (Gangsters series). It throws in a little bit of RPGness for those that want to see their mob boss grow, as well as their army of gangsters. The concept looks and sounds nice, the write up makes it sound like the game gangsters should of been, the actual product? A dismal and dry game that is neither gangsters or X-COM, it is rather a pitiful attempt at making a mob game without any real thought. ECONOMY / EMPIRE BUILDING: This is why I bought the game, I love games like Mob Rule, and Gangsters, they have combat, but it is really about the Empire Building that I like. Buying buildings and creating businesses, blowing up opponents and having muscle patrol your properties. Omerta doesn't do any of this to any real extent. You have your team of gangsters, and they run off somewhere and buy a building that you've found through spying. In reality this is click the send button, and wait 1-3 minutes. You build your business, click 2 upgrade buttons to get it working and leave it. [There are other factors, however this is the crux of 'Empire Building' There is no territory to speak of, no guarding your properties, and police just investigate you once you have high heat. Sure you can bribe the police, again that is a click of a button. COMBAT: Think X-COM with less graphics, less moves, less fun. In essence combat is not anything close to what I was wanting. Turn-based combat can be an absolute blast if done right, and something you really need to plan out in advance. The problem with Omerta is that your characters seem extremely weak, are the worst shots possible, and don't act like Mobsters at all. I never got that feeling that I was a Don in charge of countless hordes of muscle and mobsters, vying for control of Atlantic City. All I got was the feeling that I was a low-level criminal trying to stop failing. OVERALL: I could say there are some nice things about this game that keep me coming back, however I can't. There is nothing in this game that I found overly enjoyable to keep me entertained. It was as if it was pieced together from nowhere and then just released, hoping to make some quick dollars. There are things here that if developed, could make the game great. I just don't think this will ever happen. Omerta is definitely an offer you can refuse, and something I'd recommend, from one gangsters fan to others.