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It's not a 10, but it's close

MAD623 | March 19, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution Professional Edition - PC

Having played all the previous titles, I thought I knew what to expect. Fortunately, that went out the window with the first "woah" moment. And you'll find in Absolution plenty of them. The story is very well made and it feels like you're watching a good action movie. One of the most impressive features of Hitman Absolution is the voice acting. You don't see the same quality in most other games; really well done. Graphically, it ranks high when compared with games launched around its release time. Every frame of any cutscene can be transformed into a beautiful art piece to hang on your walls. The cutscenes connect the gameplay seamlessly. Gameplay-wise, it's a good improvement from its predecessors as 47 feels more natural than ever. The cover system is really well made even though sometimes your head is way above the counter you're hiding behind. Intuition, as a gameplay mechanic, is great. It will convince even the most brutal player not to kill every NPC and it also serves as a "tutorial" for new players or for those who want to get their hands on the highest difficulties. If you finished any other Hitman game, be sure to try the tougher challenges too. The multiplayer part of it consists in creating and completing contracts made by your friends. Not only will it challenge your friends but creating a good contract will also challenge you to complete it first, to prove that it can be done. If playing on PC, I highly recommend using a controller when playing Absolution. Not that keyboard & mouse aren't great, but you'll get the most out of its cinematic experience. In conclusion, a great game, polished and not a full 10 because of a couple bugs.