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Fantastic Game

MC_Thomas_ | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of Portal 2 - PC DVD

Portal 2, my favourite game of all time. Its just brilliant it the only game I have played which has done puzzles good. GlaDOS is as funny as ever but Wheatly was just a charm, i can't say much more without spoiling this briliant game. The storyline that goes on in the background has made many people thirsty for more, it fills the internet with conspiracy and just makes on of the best community in the world Another thing i would recommend is that you read the labrat comic it tells you what happens between portal 1 and portal 2 involving that famous man Doug Ratman The co-op it's the cherry on top, So much fun however the DLC is really hard and would only recommend for avid portal player OVERALL Brilliant Game i would recommend any person who like a challenge to buy this game at any price for any system but PC is better. This game gets a 99 out of 100 cause no game is perfect, every game has bugs.


Multiplay Fun

MC_Thomas_ | Oct. 18, 2013 | Review of Worms Revolution Overflow - PC

I love this game, however if you were to buy this game i would suggest a friend or two. The dynamic water was a very fun touch and every move can cause more chaos than the other. However things that are wrong is that the single player is either for "newbies" or people who want to unlock the new characters. Another thing some thing are Op but that just make it fun So i give this game an...