Reviews by MSJ


Surprisingly dark.

MSJ | Nov. 21, 2013 | Review of The Cave - PC

Despite the art direction, the darker elements of the game is a pleasant surprise. Each of the characters you can play have their own backgrounds that gets revealed through both their own unique levels and the great comic panels you can find throughout the game. None of the stories also necessarily end with a poetic comeuppance too. The narrator can be annoying for some, I find his presence tend to liven thins up a bit. The puzzles are mostly pretty simple to figure out, but the execution can be complicated due to the player having to manage three characters (but you can only control one at a time). The characters also have to be brought to a location individually, except at the start or end of certain sequences. Backtracking is thus a must, and it can get tedious. I must also complain that despite each character having a unique ability most of the time they are unused except in the aforementioned character-specific level. It's a fairly short game, and you can replay it at least once to see all the unique character stories. It will satisfy your adventure game puzzle-solving itch, and the characters can be memorable, but in the end it is let down a bit by some of the design decisions.


Carry a vending machine around!

MSJ | Nov. 17, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

The stealth, hacking or combat paths are just the beginning. It's how it interacts with the environment that matters. You can for example, use your strength upgrade to carry a vending machine around. This allows you to use it as mobile cover to for both stealth and combat. Then you can also throw it at enemies. And those hackable mobile turrets? You can also carry them around as a really big infinite ammo weapon. Only the boss fights bring this game down a bit, but you can remedy those with explosives and heavy weapons. One boss that was set to be a major one was easily taken out within 5 seconds by spamming shots from a grenade launcher on him.