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Gripping narrative

MacTomas | Oct. 12, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

Tired of saving the world for the hundredth time? Not convinced by constant happy endings? That's exactly my approach to the storytelling – I'm rather into narratives where everything goes wrong, one has to choose between equally horrible options and doubts about them come later, when you already feel to have left the situation behind. That's what you can expect from The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. The power of the game lays in complete immersion. Although there is little of actual control over the protagonist, Lee Everett, the countdown of the few seconds given for every choice makes the player feel the danger and toughness of a situation. There are no complicated riddles nor nearly-impossible reflex challenges to be found, yet the simple actions implemented to the narrative are enough to enter this virtual world. On the other hand, the graphics didn't astonish me. Their style will be perfect for fans of comic books and should grant decent look even after a few years, but they are not anything to take pride of. Anyway, on no account can the artwork be treated as a drawback. Next, no tune made it to stay in my memory, but I would say they got merged with the whole experience. The soundtrack adds a ton to the emotions the player lives through. I would hand no special reward to the composer, yet without his work the story would not be anywhere close to its strength. I have to note that the game is rather a one-time experience. It leaves one with many questions about the rightness of their choices, but it is not worth to say 'check'. Another way of surviving zombie-apocalypse, does not leave expected mark on the plot. An alternative provides most of the grimness of chapters, but only as long as we still can be surprised. Everyone loves a good story, don't we? Therefore – I highly recommend to pick this... unforgettable experience. Looking at the title as a game leaves it with quite a few drawbacks. The story set the bar really high, and although rest of ingredients are decent, they simply cannot compare. However, I guarantee, you won't be playing a game. You shall be taking decisions, worrying... and feeling relief as if you were there.