Reviews by MalcolmR


The worst chapter in the series - not Rockstar's fault

MalcolmR | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

I have waited for Max Payne 3 for so long. I'm a huge fan of his first two adventures and they redefined game storytelling for me. Also, the atmosphere and sadness of MP always touched me - and after replay those games just before jumping to MP3 I still got that creepy feeling in my back. Yeah, when I played Alan Wake, the latest game from former MP-developer Remedy, I had that feeling too. So it's not Max Payne that made this story interesting, It's Sam Lake, writer of the those stories. So it's a shame he was not involved in MP3. Yeah, fair enough. MP3 ist technically advanced and the engine on PC beautiful to watch. The whole game makes a lot of fun. But the story just doesn't feel true to Max' adventures. I'm fine with the location change, BUT Max was a smart man, who just happens to be in a whole lot of mess. In MP3 he acts stupidly and doesn't seem to be as sharp as before. Rockstar tried as good as possible to catch Sam Lake's art of story telling, but fails at some points. The game itself is already and very fun to play - but Max has changed a lot, more than I liked.


Sadly not a improval, but a total different game

MalcolmR | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Invisible War Steam - PC

The first Deus Ex blew my mind on many occasions. It was a huge piece of game-slash-sandbox, set in a distopian scifi-world. For a game this old, this was the PC game that influenced me the most. Sadly, the second game in the series was not so great at all. Instead of a continuation of all the remarkable features the first installment offered, Deus Ex - Invisible War was just something with the same name, but totally different gameplay. I am not saying this is a bad game, but the expectations were to high. In my opinion: If they didn't call it "Deus Ex", the game would have been better received by the audience - and by me.


Finally a working PC-Version! One of my childhood memories

MalcolmR | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy VII - PC

In 1998, i got my first PlayStation and with it I bought FF VII. It was my very first 3D-RPG and sucked me in like nothing before. I was only ten years old, so I basically didn't catch all of the complicated story arcs in the game. Because of that, I chose to re-play the game on PC - which was a little discouraging because until 2012, no proper PC version for Windows XP or higher was available. But now, I can finally relive my childhood memories. The conversion into widescreen format is a little uncomfortable in my opinion, but that's all: The game itself is a legend. And finally I can understand everything (the german PS1 which I have played as a child was a pain in the ass in matters of translating). So, I am very pleased with this re-release. This is THE game of the late 1990's!