Reviews by Malderiere


Good game, not for everyone

Malderiere | May 26, 2012 | Review of Men of War - PC

Men of War is pretty nice, but I would not consider it as one of my favorite games. First off, let's start with the bad. Number one is the A.I. I could be doing something wrong, but in my case the A.I. has a mind of its own. For example, if I tell a squad to hold position, at least one of the squad members will run right up to a tank and attempt to throw an anti-tank grenade at it, often getting killed in the process. Number two is the steep learning curve and difficulty of the game. As another review said, you basically always need to monitor your troops ammo and your vehicles ammo/health. No pop-up messages or sounds about this stuff will be heard, although tank damage is usually visible. Now on to the good. The visuals/graphics are pretty nice. They do the job well, and create a pretty nice atmosphere. Tanks/grenades and other explosions can have an effect on the environment like blowing up a bridge or braking ice. Another good thing is that you do actually need to use tactics to win. You cannot just run into battle and expect to kill everything. Finally, direct-control of the troops is pretty awesome. You can take control of basically any troop under your command and control him yourself. All-in-all this game is a fun, challenging and rewarding game that most RTS lovers will enjoy. I will say this game is not for everyone though.


Pretty entertaining game

Malderiere | March 31, 2012 | Review of Tower Bloxx - PC

Tower Bloxx is a nice puzzle game. The visuals are simple but suit the game well. It has an entertaining story mode, quick mode is nice for a, well, quick game, time challenge is a nice challenge, and party mode is great fun, playing with friends. I would mainly recommend this game to casual and puzzle game lovers.