Reviews by Manueel


Challenges everywhere

Manueel | July 10, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

What about a game with so many challenges/bonus and with a great story? Too much for a indie game, that is why this game is worth it, it has a good gameplay, a good story, challenges that are frustrating but no less entertaining, it has characters from other places, very addictive in my opinion. Give it a try, you wont regret it


Finally here!

Manueel | July 9, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy VII - PC

What I can say about this awesome game? Everyone must know that this is a classic, and only for like 12 dollars you can have it! Traveling around the world of Final Fantasy VII is the one of the best adventures that a have ever played, so, I can say that this game is worth it! Give it a try people!