Reviews by MarianoAlipi


A very complete strategy game

MarianoAlipi | Feb. 2, 2015 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

Sid Meier's Civilization V is a very complete strategy game. It is turn-based, and every turn is worth it. You start with a bunch of people and need to found a city. You'll have to take decisions and plan your actions carefully. There are many ways to win – if you don't like war, for example, you can win culturally. Also, it's worth mentioning that it offers a lot of hours of gameplay. I have played it for ~50 hours and I have completed only one game. Finally, if you get bored and used to the same old game, there's plenty of DLC to buy. If you're not a very DLC person, the game is really complete itself.


Innovative warfare game

MarianoAlipi | Sept. 26, 2014 | Review of Ace of Spades Battle Builder 4 Pack - PC

This is a different warfare game. Graphics aren't the most important thing, and, in fact, they're unique. The gameplay consists of fighting while you have the ability to build. Put down and destroy blocks at your mercy. If you enjoy shooters and games about building, this is a perfect combination for you. Add endless hours of entertainment and voilà! You just got a new hobby. Extra points for a 4-pack.


More toys to play with

MarianoAlipi | Sept. 23, 2014 | Review of Age of Empires II and The Forgotten Expansion - PC

The base game is very entertaining, fun and captivating. The Forgotten adds several new civilizations and campaigns never seen before. I have had so much fun playing these games with my friends. It allows many situations to happen for you to enjoy. I have spent a lot of time playing this awesome game, and I recommend it 100%. Don't worry if you don't like History, because you don't need almost any previous knowledge. In fact, campaigns make you learn History in a fun way! Be sure to check this game out as soon as possible. And don't miss multiplayer!


Good experience

MarianoAlipi | Sept. 23, 2014 | Review of Euro Truck Collectors Pack - PC

This pack contains several games which I did enjoy. They all bring a very entertaining and immersive experience, worth checking out for every "different" gamer (actually, anyone can play this pack and have a good time). I have spent a lot of time playing this game, and my cousin has done too! Overall graphics and sound are great, gameplay is entertaining, but the price isn't so good. It sometimes gets discounts, so make sure to check it!


One of the best bundles

MarianoAlipi | July 29, 2014 | Review of Portal Bundle - PC

Having these two amazing games in one bundle is amazing. You will enjoy the time you spend playing these couple of games. They each bring a unique experience that you must try out. Gameplay is very intuitive. I managed to pick this bundle during an offer at an amazing price and I don't regret it. These two games are two of the best games you'll find.


Incredible experience

MarianoAlipi | July 29, 2014 | Review of Portal 2 (1) - PC

Now with multiplayer co-op mode, Portal 2 takes the puzzles you're (kind of) used to to a whole new level. With many more puzzles to solve, you'll find yourself enjoying that this game makes you think in a very entertaining way. Videogames don't just ruin your mind. Games like this one help you improve it! They make you think and take decisions. One of the best games I've played. Don't think twice and try it out!


One of the best games I've played

MarianoAlipi | July 29, 2014 | Review of Portal - PC

As the title says, this is one of the best games I've played. A very interesting puzzle game in the one you'll have to spend a lot of time thinking before shooting your portal gun. Interesting physics and story. Nice level design and enjoyable experience. A bit short, though.


Relaxing and immersive

MarianoAlipi | July 29, 2014 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator 2 STEAM - PC

With improved graphics and realism, this game also improves the relaxing experience you get. Travel through Europe and enjoy the amazing landscapes. In this game you'll have to take decisions and they will affect your results: your earnings and your career.A very immersive and interesting experience.


Very immersive

MarianoAlipi | July 29, 2014 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator Gold Steam - PC

Graphics aren't as good as Euro Truck Simulator 2, but we all know graphics aren't the most important thing. With this truck simulator you will be able to travel through Europe and its most important cities, deliver cargos and try to drive as good as possible. Else, you'll get an offence! This is a very good and entertaining game.


Priceless co-op experience

MarianoAlipi | July 2, 2014 | Review of Left 4 Dead 2 - PC

This game is more enjoyable if you have a friend to play it with. The co-op experience found in Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the best I've ever seen. If you like FPS (first-person shooters) and zombies, I highly recommend Left 4 Dead 2. You don't have to love either, though; but it's a very nice game, with good gameplay, dialogues, IA, sound and graphics.


Great game, can be quite stressful

MarianoAlipi | July 2, 2014 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Super Meat Boy is a very well done game, with good "physics" and story. Gameplay is one of the best parts of this game, as there are many, many levels to beat with obstacles. It's a great game, very entertaining, but if you don't have much patience, I wouldn't recommend it for you; sometimes, you just can't complete a level and that can be very annoying. However, I still DO recommend you to try it out!


Skyrim defines a new kind of gaming

MarianoAlipi | June 30, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim bethesda - PC

The story is awesome. Characters and their personalities are amazing and very varied. It changes how we see gaming; I've heard questions on several occasions that mentioned something like: "Will my PC be able to run Skyrim?". The world is vast and full of secrets, landscapes are beautiful and... well... graphics could improve a little, they're not the most important factor, though. It's a very good game, worth spending time. Try it!


Interesting combination

MarianoAlipi | June 30, 2014 | Review of Scribblenauts Unmasked A DC Comics Adventure - PC

It's very entertaining, and every DC Comics' fan will love it. Think of any superhero or villain and *BAM!* it's right in front of you. It'll help you spend some enjoyable time, but it tends to get a bit boring – at least for me; consider I'm not a big fan of DC Comics. If you really enjoy DC Comics' content, you should give this game a try.


Definitely worth it.

MarianoAlipi | June 28, 2014 | Review of Age of Empires II HD Edition (1) - PC

Either if you played the original Age of Empires games, or if you're new to them, Age of Empires II: HD Edition is a game you won't regret playing. Campaigns are interesting, entertaining and challenging. Now, with the better multiplayer support provided by Steam, you can challenge your friends (or unknown people) like never before. This game never gets old. I played the original version, and decided to buy the new one. Worth every penny. Try it out!