Reviews by Marioysikax


Old game without player base

Marioysikax | Jan. 2, 2014 | Review of Ricochet - PC

Half Life 1 multiplayer mod by valve themselves with intense disc throwing and minimal neon style released in year 2000. That's pretty much everything you can know about this game. Good thing about it is that it runs even with a potato but because game's really old there's no players and only couple servers to join. That said it's could be really fantastic to boot up and play on LAN with friends who only have laptop which is running barely Windows XP. For random fun and LAN play price may be little bit too high for that old game. When it's on sale however you may want to buy couple extra copies and send them to friends as gift.


Think twice

Marioysikax | Dec. 28, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass - PC

Season pass is usually way to get DLC bit cheaper than buying it separately. With this you may want to think twice if you want it. It includes 4 skin packs, challenge map pack and story DLC. Skins on mainly single player game is usually useless extra. Challenge maps for some people may be that something they want out of the game but usually they are also some extra things if you want to play more. What's left is story DLC which isn't out yet when I was writing this. If you absolutely want them all then yes get this! Challenge + Story you may want to wait and see story DLC price and if they are cheaper bought separately. Otherwise I would only get the story DLC when it's out.


You won't see games like this very often.

Marioysikax | Dec. 28, 2013 | Review of SEGA Halloween Title - PC

Everyone remembers or at least heard of typing teaching programs and famous Mario Teaches Typing -game. TOTD just throws that "teach" thing out of the window and instead puts in Z-class movie plot with zombies. Even playing it with yourself you often laugh for fast movement, to the plot and for most awesome words english language has to offer from tricks to references and swears. Game has minor problems on most noticeable is lack of variety but it's still pretty fun game especially with friend and it's definitely something you won't see very often. All I can think of is really old original TOTD and Mario Teaches Typing so you should definitely get this game.


Almost must buy

Marioysikax | May 4, 2013 | Review of Sonic and SEGA Allstars Racing Transformed Metal Sonic - PC

Metal Sonic feels like actual new charecter and is often bot in single player modes. He's also available to play online while also using new stickers. There is slight problem with Outrun Bay. It's pretty dull circle map and can't be used in matchmaking games. So it's basically just small extra map. On the other side game let's you play it with friends online via custom game and only host needs to have DLC! Owners of main game should definitly buy this one: really cheap and actual content.


Main game is awesome, DLC not so much

Marioysikax | May 4, 2013 | Review of Hell Yeah Complete Pack - PC

Game itself is really fun platform'ish kill 'em all game with pretty decent humor. There's almost no way to descripe how fun game is unless actually trying it out and luckily there's demo available on steam. Game can be played under 8h but it's all packed with action and with small sale it's also decently priced. PC version suffers from minor problems (videos not showing with some codecs, slight freezing from time to time) but nothing game breaking and fully playable with mouse - actually best with mouse. Problem comes with DLC: there is next to none value with them. Pimp my Rabbit Pack containts skins - for short single player game. Virtual Rabbit Missions contains strict missions for otherwise brainless game. Missions are good but seems pretty pointless. So overall it's good game but only get the main game and if you liked missions through the main game then get mission DLC.