Reviews by MarkieeAi


Not worth your time

MarkieeAi | March 18, 2014 | Review of Aliens Colonial Marines - PC

I was hyped about this game, thought it would be a good Aliens game. Sadly it is not, it has the most generic and standard FPS shooter mechanics, the Aliens A.I is so laughable, they don't even act like aliens. And they are not much of a challenge either. The game is super linear that you might actually mistake the game for a Rail-Shooter. You are also never on your own, but have to follow either one or two other A.I controlled characters. There's no other paths than straight forward to take. And for some reason you also face other human enemies. Why? It's never really clear why. The story makes really no sense, the whole Aliens Atmosphere isn't there. And remember how the graphics looked actually good? At least decent in the videos and screenshots? Well somehow they turned into the graphics of a 7 year old game. Not sure how they managed that. It feels like a quick cash-in. They added a feature to customise your weapons, add red dot sights and such. Which feels a lot like something they added just cause other games do. Stay away from this game, it is not worth your money or your time. If you really want a Aliens Game, Aliens vs Predator 2010 is way better.


Amazing Co-Op Game

MarkieeAi | March 18, 2014 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

Payday 2 is a four player co-op game, but works perfectly fine to play it alone or with just another friend. You have a variety of different missions (Heists) to do. You also have different options when approaching your mission, do you go in loud and guns blazing? Or the quiet way? It's up to you to decide. I've spent hours upon hours in this game and never had a boring moment. Even if you decide to do the same heist again, it feels new and fresh, even though it is in the same location. Every time is almost like a new experience. The Stealth aspect in this game is amazing, it manages to somehow make the stealth feel more realistic than other games based solely on stealth aspects. It's unforgiving if you should mess up, but when you succeed it feels amazing. The guards seem to react in realistic ways. Of course there are some things that are not so very realistic, obviously. But in my own opinion the stealth aspect in this game, is among the best I've seen in a game and the most realistic as well. The action aspect is also very good. You don't have any regenerative health so you gotta be careful, however you can bring either a MedKit or a Ammo Bag to resupply your ammo and replenish your health These are just two of the many gadgets you can use, such as a Sentry Gun, Trip Mines and ECM Jammers. You also have 4 sets of Skill/Talents Trees, Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician and Ghost each with their own unique abilities and each to suite a special game style. You can of course take some from say, Enforcer and some from Ghost etc to suit your own unique game-style. There is a variety of different weapons both Primary and Secondary ones, and they all feel different, handle different sound and look different. Pick your favorite weapon and customize it! Each weapon have tons of customization options. Longer or Shorter barrel, Suppressors, different stock or sights. It's all there The way you acquire new Masks and Weapon Mods is simple. At the end of each heist, assuming you were successful. You see 3 turned down Payday Cards. You pick one and you'll either get a Mask item or a Weapon Mod. Random each time. You can also get bonus EXP or Cash as well. I like this new system more than the old "Get 500 kills to get this unlock" brings something new and fresh to the table. There are also countless ways you can customize your mask to look unique, of course you need to get a mask through the Payday Cards. And also get a pattern and color. Once you have one of each thing. You can select your mask, add a different pattern to it like stripes and such. Then you add a color and a highlight tone. And you end up with a completely new mask. Looking the way you wanted it to look. However some masks look so awesome untouched that you might not want to customize those, but this is just my personal preference. This is a game you will never get bored at, and the best co-op shooter/stealth game there is on the market currently. Challenging, rewarding and 100% Amazing. I strongly recommend this game to anyone who wants a great co-op game to play with friends. This game shines when played with a friend or 3 other friends. But it shines just as much when playing alone.