Reviews by Masterrar


Well enhanced Far Cry 3

Masterrar | Nov. 18, 2014 | Review of Far Cry 4 Gold Edition - PC

Prior to the release people were raging about the similarities to Far Cry 3. Well the overall feeling comes very near to what Far Cry 3 was. But Ubisoft did also a good job in creating a breathing world in an uncommon setting (with i like the most). The graphics are doing their part on that (a bit better than Far Cry 3). The exploration is way more interesting than in the 3rd Far Cry. You can do something at every corner (helping the Rebells in "Karma-Missions", securing Outpost (which will be now taking back by the enemy), collecting stuff and so much more (typing every activity in here would burst the re review :D). The story, as far as I´ve been right now, is equally to Far Cry 3´s in terms of emotions and the crazy NPCs. Well done. All together Far Cry 4 is a far more better Far Cry 3 which is totally worth the money.


A Worthy DLC

Masterrar | July 19, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Faction Pack - PC

When I was playing metro last light I ever thought about how it would be to fight on the opposite side. This downloadable content even contains 3 different protagonists. The graphics are at the same stage as they are in the main game (->excellent if you´ve got a decent pc). The interesting thing in this DLC is that all main types of gameplay of the main game are divided into three sections; the silent stealth gameplay with the Red´s sniper, the action part for the Reich´s soldier and the scary section with an Polis ranger. So there should be anything for everyone. This DLC is well integrated into the Metro Universe so I´ll wait for the next content :).


Sidecroller with up to date graphics and some bugs

Masterrar | June 4, 2013 | Review of Zack Zero - PC

Zack Zero focuses on a genre which is mostly forgotten in most of the developer’s heads (except the plumber guy). A side-scroller (which is in 2D originally) in a 3D look is a good idea to start with. For that purpose the game´s graphics are acceptable. The overall comic look with its light colors looks fresh combined with the cutscenes looking as a comic which are telling the story (in the German version the narrator speaks as if your grandpa is telling you a fairytale :D). The powers of the protagonist´s (Zack Zero) suit which upgrades as you progress are interesting. The game contains battles which are making fun and some riddles. Those are rather boring because you can solve them easily. The bosses are looking interesting but to fight them is the exact opposite. You always defeat them with the same strategy. The overall difficulty of this game is not too high. For me I mostly died because of bugs. Sometimes I have to quit and restart at a checkpoint because I got stuck. But overall it’s a polished experience of a side-scroll game.


Hitman´s perfection

Masterrar | June 4, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

Hitman Absolution is a worthy successor of the old Hitman games. The graphics are good the gameplay is like it should be if you are a silent assassin. The mission-based sequence are part of a story. The story is the common complot setting but it is rather interesting than boring. While playing a got the feeling that you are forced to take out the enemies by hand and not with e.g. a sniper rifle (because it is to obvious and so on). That limits the gameplay at some spots throughout the story. But this is the only negative argument i´ve got. For those who want to feel like a hitman and those who want to play games with its concentration on sneaking this game is good-invested money (and there are also situations where you have to go loud if you fail to hide ;D).


Metro: Last Light is pure atmosphere

Masterrar | June 4, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

Metro: Last Light is pure atmosphere The expectations in Metro: Last Light were huge within the fan base and the critics. After playing this game I say that it cannot reach them. But this does not mean that this game is bad it is just not the diamond some people expected. The graphics are excellent. They do not need to hide from other games in the shooter-genre which got a larger budget to work with. The animations of the main character (first person view) and the NPCs are well done. The stations inside the Metro feel alive in every corner there is something to see and to listen to. In the unsafe areas there are also enough spots to explore to find gadgets you can use on your adventures. This adds some replay value on the mostly linear post apocalyptic scenery. Two endings (as it was in "Metro 2033") which you can achieve by completing hidden task are also increasing the replay value. In the more silent areas you can meet the atmosphere at its best. Sometimes you see the shadow of a ghost on the wall but when you try to investigate whose shadow this is you see nothing and so on. The negative points on this game are: The facial animations are not done well. This has a huge impact on a game which focuses on atmosphere (which is created by the story of the human NPCs partly). The other argument against a perfect game is the short time for completing a single playthrough. Although the developers suggest completing the game twice (different difficulties, other endings, and lots of spaces to discover) the overall time for one playthrough is about eight to ten hours. But in this time you will get a very immersive experience as it was in "Metro 2033". If you have played the predecessor of this game and thought it was good you will miss something out if you won´t play this. This game is also a good opportunity to get into the Metro Universe.