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Loved it

Mathop | Aug. 18, 2013 | Review of Evil Genius - PC

Who wanna be good when you can be an Evil 70's movie Genius? Spiritual successor for Dungeon Keepers 2, what else can i say? Your goal is to create the perfect Liar, with all the traps and minions that you will see on a James Bond movie, cuz if you don't the secret agents that invade your base, are gonna steal all you're Evil Plans, we can't have that happening. Still not convinced? Try the game, and you sure will love it, trust me. But on a side note, save often... One never knows what evil things can happen if the game crashes



Mathop | Aug. 18, 2013 | Review of Two Worlds II - PC

At first is really unforgiving, throwing hard enemies at you, with a high learning curve, but once you find the proper way yo play it, you're gonna enjoy it, at least the combat part. The history is kinda weak, but the most fun is to play it online with some friends, with an enormous level cap, and tons of loot, you have fun for hours. Besides that you also have a town to maintain, better the town, more money you get form it, better weapons in the town shop, and so on. And for last, is one of the most fun and best made Wizard Spells, it nails it perfectly, so your gonna have the most fun combining all of the classes. I made my character a Sword & Shield, with a Bow for distance enemies, and Magic Spells, for the lulz. If you like Hardcore Rpg's i definitely recommend this game, give it a try, and soon enough you will love it