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Like an old-aged wine.

Matt43 | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of The Walking Dead Season 2 - PC

At some point, developers of Telltale Games, obviously tired of doing the traditional spirit of adventure in the "golden age" of quests , only in 3D. And there was The Walking Dead, which lasted the whole season has been , tearing at the end ovation players , wiping her eyes with a handkerchief with emotion . Because, like it or not , this game was quite comparable , for example, Heavy Rain to inflame the passions - and in some ways , perhaps, superior creation Quantic Dream. Make the continuation of the project is always triumphant doubly difficult . Because the expectations of the public already inflated , and to please the players in the first episode of the new season of the same epic drama , as in the last part of the previous one - to put it mildly , a challenge . Stupid and ridiculous Apparently , just to squeeze a run of severe eye gamers a tear , the authors changed the main character to the main character , making it a small , helpless , fragile and , in general, Clementine , care about which was largely devoted to the life of our past protagonist - Lee. Literally, in this very place , we must warn you that you expect on a decent amount of spoilers. Because without them write about interactive stories like The Walking Dead is simply impossible. At the end of last season was put Clementine "from hand to hand" Christa and Omid - almost couples . At the beginning of All That Remains two cooing dove actively choose their future name of the firstborn - and it already leads to bad thoughts . Because we , you and I know that this kind of talk - a bad sign that shows the hard life for themselves or their parents , or for a potential child. Usually fails. Just a few minutes of playing time Clementine already is in the company of not two but one attendant . To us, so to speak, not to relax and not postpone their handkerchiefs away. This scene povorotets certainly looks a bit farfetched . The tragic death of one of the main characters - not the result of heavy moral choice , and even as a result of not attacking zombies. It is just about the only chance of a stupid accident , which usually say " stupid , ridiculous death." However, perhaps the creators of the game is such an effect , and wanted to achieve ? Little girls and taking over the world Telltale What can not be denied , it's the ability to keep the rhythm of the narrative perfectly , alternating stages discharge voltage with brief periods of "rest" and action-packed scenes , interactivity, which was and still is quite questionable. In any case, even when we just walk quietly through the woods , anyone especially not bumping, not getting bored . All the matter in the oppressive atmosphere of helplessness and Clementines - at some point the girl is left alone with the cruel world even without the usual weapons in his bosom . The need to make choices in this episode is the case quite controversial. From those options that we offer , in reality there is little independent . Try to help his partner or to escape - but it does not matter , the result is the same. Feed the dog , ownerless , or greedy - also no difference , it is still all end badly . Perhaps only the final fork really can somehow influence the plot . As part slezovyzhimaniya Telltale again worked best. No, one hundred fifty eight even , because it is impossible not to notice some nightmarish busting in all that happens . When the little girl is forced to sew up the wound on his own hand, not even with coarse thread and fishing line - of course, without any anesthesia - it 's not so bad . Worse is that we have to manage the process . We have to do about five stitches before Clementine cope with its task . Naturally, every stitch is accompanied by cries after each need to pause . In short, total immersion , which is not so much sympathy as disgust, confusion and question why such a naturalistic scene generally needed writers ? On the other hand , in the first season was also tough enough - to recall the severed leg of the poor guy , landed in a trap. The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 1 - All That Remains How to make a baby is happy? Do not feed for three days, and then allow to find in the trash can of baked beans . From grimaces gloomy day Dim On the adventure series like less and less . So , never in all the time of the All That Remains we do not have to strain gyrus to get out of any difficult situation. Here no one puzzle - just search for active points, which is enough to click in order to achieve the desired result immediately and without the slightest effort . The game still is not about thought processes , but rather , about the reaction - in all senses of the word. The speed of psychomotor reactions in interactive scenes. To a depth of emotional response - in all others. This very emotional response , of course, contributes lovely mimic animation . Committed by adults, very collected , sometimes recklessly stubborn little expression Clementines affects our feelings, really, more than all the " plot " inquisitorial contrivances designed to show how unhappy child suffers. Beginning of the second season is fully consistent with the expectations of players realists . In All That Remains really suffered a decline in intensity of events compared to last year's finals history - and the inevitable decline quite predictable . But the rhythm of the writers Telltale hold as great as before , the story touches as much as before, bore all these wanderings living among the dead obviously did not have time - in general, everything is good in The Walking Dead. In the end, if the brevity of the episode is still perceived as its main drawback , so very hard series afloat . Pros: dynamic history ; charismatic main character , natural facial expressions of characters . Cons: deliberate and somewhat pointless brutality of some scenes , far-fetched plot device in the beginning of the episode , the illusory nature of choice.


Injustice: Could've been better.

Matt43 | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition - PC

Among the many video game funny pictures on the internet is a series under the title " I put too many mods to Skyrim». The footage - seems to be clear what role-playing game , but with wild nuances: at the hands of character for some reason boxing gloves, flies past Spider-Man on the gig , and fastened to the horse guns . Injustice: Gods Among Us can be illustrated by some of the same series of images , but with the title " I put too many mods to Mortal Kombat». Three years before the birth of his second Mortal Kombat already facing DC- comics , but now better prepared NetherRealm : MK- mechanic with restarting tightened to the desired level , and work under the roof of Warner Bros. authors not only provided access to the necessary characters , but all the necessary materials , consultants and illustrators . Eventually, the whole DC- aesthetics recreated here so lush and detailed that MK- this masquerade characters generally not needed , although , in fact, is exactly the same game that the team did Ed Boon in 2011 . Sub-Zero, Scorpion , and their friends have given way to two dozen superheroes from the obvious Batman, Joker , Superman and Flash to slightly more exotic and Doomsday Sinestro . Division by two rounds replaced by strips of life, lost a separate button for the block , but there is a separate button for special abilities : someone pulls a weapon , someone restores the health of someone activates special protection. The tower has become a test mode STAR Labs, where for practicing the exercises you are awarded stars. The signature is the four- story mode instead of the struggle between good and evil in an ancient tournament - geek representation superhumans parallel universes , Dictatorship Superman bombs and killing a pregnant Lois Lane . Cosmetic nuances , in general, a lot , but inside it's really Mortal Kombat, friendly and entertaining fighting game. Similar pace, similar techniques and movements , similar tactics and combos . Even an analog X-Ray scale there is, but instead of anatomically detailed torture - freaks superhero Batman , for example, jamming enemy shocker , and then presses Batmobile appeared from nowhere . You can , however, activate only part of the strip - then you begin to beat faster and stronger . But it is, in principle , trivia , all the major transformation touched arenas, which are now the most interactive . This is also not that incredibly fresh discovery : the floors and walls were broken in Mortal Kombat hundred years ago ( and still, for example, in Dead or Alive), but Injustice to any action is tied every millimeter locations. You can sprinkle acid from plants , beat current snap improvised litter , bring down large structures and push enemies traps . Win with their hands and feet boring , I want to turn the environment into a large torture chamber . Unfortunately, under the weight of all this heap seemingly small additions and add- mechanics Mortal Kombat, and without that not the most balanced and elegant , broke into pieces. For thick optional decorations actually lost fighting : fighting too chaotic , unpredictable action heroes , and all around while collapsing and sparkles . In the old Mortal Kombat, until PS2- issues , I often used a set of incredibly primitive tactics that consistently works. One of them - constantly jump over enemies and kicking in the air, occasionally interrupted by steps . And although restarted Mortal Kombat too much simple , there are cheap methods were failing , attacks and counterattacks blended in well with each other. But in all Injustice primitive tactics earned again . If we ignore the bright superhero quirks , you can win a series of simple strokes . Play abruptly becomes boring. Injustice desperately lacks depth . This may seem rather ridiculous claim to a game that is struggling to be frivolous , especially because she is good at it. You 're fighting not so much how much you consume colorful content : go crazy trying to campaign without a single defeat , unlock all the cards artami , pass all tests at the maximum three stars, all otsmotret superpriemy try and pull all the fatalities for each thread in each arena. It's fun, especially since Batman beating Superman in the face - just more or less what we all love video games. But when stunts and tricks run , you will be alone with rather shallow fighting game .



Matt43 | Nov. 15, 2013 | Review of Demonicon The Dark Eye - PC

Developers ( and four years ago it has been experienced people from Silver Style Entertainment, who made it to The Fall: Last Days of Gaia) promised such incredible things that they wanted to canonize in life. Complete freedom and non-linearity, chatty party members with their personal problems and aspirations , work on fractions , the reputation system , different reactions and different quests for all classes and races , battles with tactical pause. And even the opportunity to build a house and raise a son . In general, the ideal heir loomed previous " darkayovskih » RPG - Drakensang: The Dark Eye and Realms of Arcania. This is despite the fact that the developers of the first had already experienced great financial difficulties. The miracle did not happen : Drakensang turned into another brauzerki , and The Dark Eye: Demonicon, which replaced the publisher and developer , and along with a few survived clinical death - a shooter with elements of role-playing , but without the tactical pause , party members , classes and reputation systems , ambition, home and son. However, the Germans were able to make excellent role-playing and without all these weighting . Noumena Studios clearly remembers about Gothic, and at first it seems that they will succeed if you do not repeat the success of Piranha Bytes, then at least come close to it. At the very beginning of the game the main character, scowling warrior named Chiron , put the choice on which of the two major factions of the city to work . As a result, the war unfolds between them , and we have to decide to support the rebellion , storming warehouses with hungry and exhausted plague citizens, or to protect the order , joining the ranks of the city guard . In addition to that, the player takes the difficult moral decisions ( to execute the rebels or not, kill cannibal , thus killing them and captured the peasants , and dismiss the criminal ) , takes the side (and not always ethical ) quests from the bulletin board , collect herbs, hacking chests and suffers choice how does it develop character. Despite the fact that there are no classes and party members , rich role-playing system found in the original nastolki Demonicon quite a grand stage . The possibility of better weapons , potions , open locks , find hidden areas and traps , to convince interlocutors ( so you can avoid some of the fights and vytsyganit extra reward for quests ) - it all depends on the level of development of relevant skills . But still need to spend precious experience for pumping main characteristics of combat and magical skills - and because at first it seems that everyone is important . However, the libertines and work on different factions quickly run out, leaving a feeling of bewilderment ( why would an unfamiliar person without even the status of citizen , decides which of the powers that be krysheval the local brothel ? ) And pity. Variability is still several times lower than in any " Gothic ", and no tangible benefits from joining a particular group , we have not received. And then begins a banal action role-playing with a few stops and moral torments that in actual fact little to influence . And this is where the big problems are detected . This is old technology , and to disgust trivial task ( " Bring me a spider's guts - I 'll tell you the password ! "). And the combat system is very simple - it takes into account a proprietary system for nastolki to injury , but most battles can be passed, just zaklikivaya enemies or using a known technique of " running up , applied the same for the whole game reception , ran back , drank a potion ! ". It is impossible to imagine that anyone would do such a RPG based on , say , Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. In the end , Demonicon - an amazing set of stamps from the typical dark fantasy and Mexican soap operas. Kyron fighting necromantic cults morning breaks blasphemous rituals , and in the evening - a wedding favorite ( not platonic , and physically) sister , his father asks questions in a spirit of "Who actually my mom and dad ? " And his chief ( for the time being ) enemy dies by the sword with the words " Listen to me , my brother ." Until a few years ago, such at the same time is not too bad and not too good RPG had the right to life, but today all the dreams of the old fans of the genre embody on Kickstarter. The Dark Eye: Demonicon immediately attract nastolki only fans of the original , but they are unlikely to be pleased.



Matt43 | Nov. 15, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 1 - PC

It does not change the course of the narrative, which develops according to the canons of the series, but it gives a very clear understand who will wonder what is going on at this time. " What's wrong with these kids ? " - Elizabeth exclaims , seeing a group of young Adam gatherers . And Booker immediately wondered where it was all along. To him it seemed that Elizabeth was more than up to date : it is she came to his office and hired to search for the missing girl , Sally, who finds himself DeWitt dead . This is not the first child, disappeared without a trace in the city, and it is unlikely private detective , often having a drink at the local bar , is able to single-handedly solve this crime . The ending is no less striking than the final BioShock Infinite But Elizabeth believes in the importance of their mission and pulls Booker to the informant , who , of course, is an old acquaintance . Do not be afraid to see in this text spoilers - you can spend hours walking around the story of Burial at Sea, but did not tell the most important thing. And the ending is no less striking than the final BioShock Infinite, and also makes a look at everything that has happened quite a different angle. The first episode of the Novels ( in the second part we will play for Elizabeth ) was created around the same principles as the additions to the story Dishonored, and offers not only a separate story , which is closely associated with the events of the previous BioShock, but also shows that in listening Irrational Games to feedback from players and the media. Original criticized mainly boring shooting - and now she's almost boring. Of course, to completely change the game mechanics did not. Moreover , the rails and the hook of the heavenly city , and suddenly found themselves underwater , but you remember the constants and variables ? But the battle ceased to be unnecessarily prolonged , and cracking down on opponents each team can in a matter of seconds . Dynamics does not spoil even need to sit in shelters waiting for regeneration board: usually enough enemies Vigorov volley and a pair of traps , and the remaining splicers can shoot a shotgun or a revolver. Although not all the vigor of Infinite migrated to the Burial at Sea, added the now familiar to the first BioShock freezing, which in conjunction with a machine gives devastating results. Burial at Sea - in many ways exemplary addition Longer necessary , and run through polurovnya for patrons : although the stock of ammunition is now even more limited ( two stores for each weapon ) , with each other, like in the first game , you can carry at once the whole arsenal - now do not have to choose between a shotgun and a rifle . Grenade launchers and rocket launchers there, but there's a new instance of that emits waves that turn enemies into Giblets. However, a powerful weapon here and do not need: even the final battle , in contrast to the Infinite, completely distracts from the story and does not make a ten minute ride on a huge map . Burial at Sea - all largely exemplary addition : more beautiful places , more dialogue , more than Elizabeth , less aimless running around , repetitive battles and digging in garbage cans . Even a pity that so fast ends: let you set a goal to find all 17 audio diaries , watch all the movies and see posters were everywhere , the passage is still unlikely to take more than three or four hours. However, if the second part of the Burial at Sea will be no shorter than or worse than the first questions to Ken Levine and his team almost left. The more sessions to exit Episode Two abound: the final shots offer such a rich space for interpretations that they have a long debate over the internet .


Great-Great-Great XCOM.

Matt43 | Nov. 15, 2013 | Review of XCOMEnemy Within - PC

In Enemy Within nothing has been curtailed or reduced , on the contrary , only become greater. And it all starts again: alien attack on Earth , we take command of the base XCOM, recruit fighters and pump , we clean the crash site of a UFO, build laboratories, workshops and foundries, study their technology being captured Dohlyaka or rogue launch satellites on different countries , will send interceptors . Buries the body of a soldier implants or amputated limbs ? But now all this added new concerns . First, all of our soldiers can now be turned into a cyborg or polukiborgov . You decide if there is enough will just utykat body ordinary Gantry implants (one , for example , increases accuracy during the occupation of the high ground , and the other allows you to jump on the roof) , or should it be amputated limbs to turn into a walking , wrecking everything in its path mechanical soldier . All this is reflected in the tactics and strategy. In the battle , a new aggravating factor - you need to grab the containers with a particular resource ( the "composition " in Russian translation) , which is spent on all these kiberprevrascheniya . And this must be done quickly : after a certain number of moves containers self-destruct . In addition, the battle is now more scope , dynamics , blood, sweat and tactics. Mekhi demolished walls, behind which hid the enemies , and the whole area is covered with a flamethrower ( after surgery fighters get kiberklass new and unique set of skills ) , snipers are jumping on the roof, "foreign" often attacking in waves, you have landed in the rear and also allowed in the case of their mechanized monsters with metal prostheses. EXALT mysterious organization brings together people who believe the invasion of the aliens good And increased costs: Implants for the construction of new buildings ( Laboratory of Genetics and kibergenetiki ) , the study and production of new technologies and equipment items (eg collars from choking to face a new type of enemy , " seekers ") spent more resources . So you can easily run out of money to buy new satellites and interceptors . Or operatives : one in the hospital , others are under the knife kiberhirurgov . And finally in the Enemy Within you more often and more quickly find yourself on the verge of defeat when the country one after another out of the project XCOM. However, this is minor compared to that begins in the second half . Developers , in the manner of Syndicate Wars 2 , introduced in the confrontation between the two factions of the third. EXALT mysterious organization brings together people who believe the invasion of aliens almost a blessing , want to put their technology to industrial production and thus to break through to the authorities . From words they start to get down to business , arranging sabotage your operations . And we have opened a second front : you have to calculate the headquarters of traitors and destroy them. But first have to defend your own base and to send spies into the enemy rear . And here opens a new layer of tactical game. Almost the first time in the series we have to fight against the people. And it is a special experience: they use the same tactics and kiberimplanty , you throw smoke bombs , grenades , rocket-propelled grenades are thrown out and run in mechanical suits. All this, however, is hardly even a " development of old ideas ." All new content as well lay down the ground rules for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which seems to have been there originally . This is correct in every detail improved version of the great game that somehow missed the year. Now I wonder where all move on .


Here comes the Bat.

Matt43 | Nov. 7, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

Many will remember how the press before leaving Batman: Arkham Asylum often " popped up " theme that this game is not a direct transcription of comics on the rails game , and served as a source of inspiration for most of the movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. But the game came out , and suddenly it turned out that instead of the principle of «more dark, more realistic» it only implemented the first part of this " slogan ", and realism gave way to the right , I would even say the canonical universe of Batman. The second part of the game , Batman: Arkham City, also became a hit , especially since the real competition it just was not there - the big world , superheroes DC Universe, high-quality combat system , a fascinating story ... This project was all that the audience loved him . However, the software company still decided to move away for a while from the games of the Dark Knight and after the hit British Novels from Rocksteady Studios passed into the hands of the development of the prequel Warner Bros. Montreal, and are released Batman: Arkham Origins. Canadians earlier this part is not famous for anything remarkable . If you look at the portfolio of the Montreal studio , it can be said that they generally only deal with the creation of Batman AC for the Wii U, which will agree , somewhat alarming . Therefore, a new game was a very cautious attitude , because it was suspected that new developers will not be able to repeat the successful formula of the previous Novels . So let's let's not jump ahead and see what exactly they did it and whether you want to give Batman: Arkham Origins time. Every new game is a prequel , then it has no problem to continue the storyline worthy of the history of the previous parts. Instead, developers had to focus on how Batman has come to such a life , and why he became a storm of Gotham's crime . We get acquainted with Bruce Wayne , who dresses in his uniform and takes off to jail Blekgeyt , which broke into the unknown with very vague objectives , captured the Commissioner Loeb and threatened to kill him. Since then, and the game begins. Start out very dynamic and impressive. We understand that the Batman in Gotham really no one else knows anything. About a man dressed as a bat while walking only scary legends, shy away from it all , and the police would not mind trying to arrest him or even shoot a couple of times . Feelings of joy in the people we meet are not in sight - even ordinary citizens are trying by all means to escape from Batman, often fearing it much more than the simple and understandable masked bandits . Bruce himself is also not a role model, he is far more cruel and cynical , even angry, than in other games in the series . For him it is a matter of course to beat the opponent teeth , break legs and knock out the information under torture . Of course , he still does not kill his opponents , crippled but leaves most of them. Apparently, that then they could not physically hurt anyone . The other characters we meet in the course of the narrative, are more common , although the same Captain Gordon is still not our ally , and the delight of Batman , he also clearly does not feel. But after the entry of adrenaline we offer Gotham . At this point the game as if transfixed , and catches the eye of her shortcomings associated with the open world . If Arkham City , we wandered through the half-empty locations because it's still a prison and pedestrians on the streets would be out of place here , then we Arkham Origins in the city on Christmas Eve , and in the streets, except for the bandits, not a soul . One would assume that this is a curfew in connection with the escape from prison, but neither the police barriers , or the National Guard , too, we do not see. Just a half-dead city, which are placed at key points of the gang of criminals. Some of them face each other, and we get a mini- quest, which boils down to is that you need to come in and kill all at some point . Police on such trips for some reason not in a hurry , and for the sake of experience we will do it. Map of the city is divided into sections , each of which can be in a hurry to arrive in a special plane . The problem is that the successful flight is not the most obvious reason is needed signal from radio tower , and all of them on the orders of the chief villain Black Mask blocked Edward Nigma , so you need to first get to the tower , neutralize enemies near it , deactivate the jamming , and then you can moved to this location faster method . The solution is very strange , spanning the passage and not too justified from the point of view of the game logic . But it is still necessary to engage in such . In addition , the city is banal nothing to do. Even for fans who could find in the earlier parts of many references to the Batman universe , there is almost nothing - Hidden Object least interesting place not marked , the search for them is quite boring , and the " fun " of it is not left at all , so it feels what to do anything except through the story and " pharma" side quests for experience , there is no point . Sorry . Fights were great fun . They have become faster, more enemies , too, was more quantitatively , but qualitatively change, alas, is not added . In total, we met a couple of new enemy types , but not much of a threat they represent . By the way , the battles with the bosses , too few have put in terms of study , so that the battle with them , though colorful and turned stiff, but basically boil down to clog up the enemy pink snot . In Batman's entire arsenal available immediately , except for those things that we get as far as passing and bleeding . In this moment, by the way, the main disadvantage of the game lies . The fact that a relatively early stage of the game can be shock weapon that will incapacitate Combat virtually any opponent. And if the level is gargoyles , you can just overhang with them, and hanged in the air all opponents. For now , for some inexplicable reason, Batman does not even need to aim was standing right under it - enough so that he could reach it ... Because of these decisions is severely affected gameplay project. We have to consciously or not to apply certain tricks and stuff from the arsenal to fight to stay interesting , or play in the simulator hidden Superman , because using all available tools at levels almost no one player will be any serious competition . And the boss fights , too, would like to see a more diverse, rather than fight with a reinforced version of the ordinary opponents. It would seem that the situation could be remedied detective moments , since we can recover per second incident , slow down time and track the path of the objects after the explosions , but it turned out that all of these scenes are made in not requiring a special key proceedings and work on the same pattern. Mode is turned on , find everything you need , squandered time and found the object passed on. That's all. But quite easy and straightforward gameplay does not stop to enjoy a really good story . She , however, also lacks the depth and complexity of the previous parts , it is weaker in terms of character development and is unlikely to seriously surprised (about the course of AA , when people turn off the console , and say nothing ), but the direction at a level to monitor developments interesting , also greatly increased compared with the AU pace of narration does not give away from the game for a minute. For the first time in the series in Arkham Origins was introduced by the network mode . For him meet the guys from Splash Damage, makes the same Brink. Mode turned out quite good , but too chamber . 2 teams of 3 people fighting each other , superheroes can fight with them all. Actually, to describe and praise there is nothing - it's fun for the first dozen times, until arms openly , and not all have time to find out the maps. And then he said, I think the pall . At some level eSports multiplayer is simply not intended , and for the constant skirmishes here little space and too small teams to talk about a serious tactical game . In general, as the appendage to the company, it looks good , but no more. If you wish to play multiplayer not, after beating the game you can try to go through it again in the updated special modes , like a new game plus - there you can use all the costumes for Batman , which will open in supplements or get the players for the game achievements . As usual , do not forget , and test mode , where you may sweat even fans of the series . The visual part worked out for glory. The general concept has remained the same , so that the eye to distinguish the style of the previous games will not work. Is that the total range of games has become much darker and there was a deeper black . Was replaced by a visual display of some familiar characters , and part of the city , which are events Arkham City, in Origins visually different, while remaining recognizable . Feels like Batman's costume design itself has become more angular, but it works on its new image as well as possible . But the project is supported by new technology , the engine is well optimized , and on our Intel Core i5- 3470, 8GB of memory with a GeForce GTX 670 game gives out an impressive 180 frames per second in quiet scenes and more than 100 battles and crossing large areas with enabled on maximum settings . This, of course , a very good result (if the vertical sync in all situations counter shows the maximum 60 fps). Fans of graphics cards from NVIDIA will be a place to roam , because Arkham Origins works a lot of proprietary technologies is the company. It sold 2 modes NVIDIA PhysX - Normal work when the effects of Cloth PhysX, tissue processing , flying out from under the paper , giving realistic physical properties of the tissue , but in the High mode, connects and APEX Turbulence, providing realistic smoke, snow , fog, and other effects. Tasselyatsiya DirectX 11 allows you to cloak and other tissues Bole alive and real , display tracks in the snow in a realistic manner. In addition, activated and NVIDIA Depth-of-Field, adjusting the depth of field image , which is especially noticeable when entering a fight or Denying the enemy. For the scope and depth of the image corresponds to NVIDIA HBAO +, for realistic shadows Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows. Well and high quality antialiasing delivers NVIDIA TXAA. All this can be turned on manually , or you can simply activate a GeForce Experience, the benefit of setting there appeared immediately with the release of the game . The sound is very detailed and voluminous. The sound picture is complete , and if you have good acoustics , you can easily hear that which is around us , and to be guided by ear. Voice matched perfectly , and thanks to them in the characters that you see on the screen, you believe. It is a pity that the management let us down , but rather the behavior of the camera. Unfortunately, playing with the joystick was not as convenient as using the keyboard and mouse (because of the behavior of the camera when flying or first-person view is sometimes possible to miss something important , as the position of the camera all the time is aligned automatically.) In general, the camera - the main evil game , as it always tries to choose the most uncomfortable angle possible , which previously simply did not happen. In general, after reading all you could have the impression that Batman: Arkham Origins is not a good game . But it is - not. Unfortunately, it is in many ways inferior to their predecessors , but at the same time, it is in many ways more diverse , more interesting , more dynamic action- other games that are on the market . Especially if you are PC gamer . Therefore, all who care about the adventures of Batman and wants to play some more Dark Knight game is highly recommended for the inspection . And if you have not played in AA and AC , then you can become a joint-stock company at the opening , and certainly encourage the study of the entire trilogy of modern games of Batman .


The Wolf Among Us

Matt43 | Oct. 19, 2013 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

It was easy to assume that the developers , inspired by the highly successful The Walking Dead: The Game, and his next project will use a similar gameplay formula. But what The Wolf Among Us. Episode 1 - Faith becomes virtually a carbon copy of " The Walking Dead" , it was , frankly, a surprise. And at first it wants to be called exceptionally unpleasant. Here 's all the same : reduced until the allegedly primitive quest, allowing the player to inspect only the active points and collect items ( all of them in the first episode and remain lying dead weight in the inventory) , the alleged shooter , brought up on nabivshih already on edge QTE, and, of course , numerous dialogues, forcing the player for a limited time and choose a replica of a course of conduct in the conversation. After that, the game just as pointedly said that the speaker appreciated being said, remember , thank you , or vice versa , is not very pleased. And five minutes later he can go to the hereafter - so it is not clear what this is all important. If in front of us was the second season of The Walking Dead, no one would be most likely, and never said a word . There are still important - not mechanics and emotions , tears and a severe moral choices . Last though not affect the development of the plot , but the skin makes you feel how hard the man forced to decide himself to shoot the little boy infected or give the gun to his father. A good script and interactive dialogues were enough to squeeze out of the players real experiences. But how to achieve the same effect in-game comic book Fables, which looks like a paraphrase frankly delusional trash comedy ? For those who do not know: the primary source through the streets of modern New York swagger Snow White , Sleeping Beauty , Pinocchio , gray wolf , Bluebeard , and other characters of fairy tales , myths and legends. The author of these comics , Bill Uillinghem , came up with the legend that the people's heroes ( and not only) fled from his native folklore fairy world (where it is too dangerous) and settled his own commune in the " Big Apple ." Those who can afford a special spell that changes the shape of the human , live in the city , the rest live on less freely Farm , in fact - in the ghetto. Uillinghem added to the heap here cannibalism , bestiality , noir and a little " Men in Black " - Grey Wolf became a detective and a sheriff who not only keeps order in this fabulous nut house , but also free to send on the farm all those shows its true face and thus poses a threat to the security of all literary creatures. The gray wolf (or rather , the sheriff Bigby Wolf ), and became the hero of The Wolf Among Us. But what he may have severe emotional choice? Charged with the crime Bluebeard or Woodman ? Pour a glass of whiskey to one of the three little pigs or make Neath - NIFA on the farm ? In fact, such a choice is it really going to be ( drinking pig is sleeping on his couch ), but , surprisingly , less often during the passage you will laugh . Telltale pulled from the comic flavor of the film noir detective story with all the associated parts ( except, perhaps , jazz ) : there are constantly Smolyan and adoring whiskey protagonist , depression , fatal beauty and intricate crimes. More precisely, one crime , but what all very dashing twirled around looking serial killer who cuts off the head almost all the pretty girls with whom (accidentally or not ) communicates sheriff . Clearly, this is a cheap trick , like the shooting of a dying child, but it works again : this story is constantly interesting to watch . By the same choice in The Wolf Among Us really is furnished more complex and interesting than The Walking Dead. Twice during the first episode , we decide what to do next : at what location to go in the first place and which of the two suspects arrested ( the second will be able to escape ) . This does not just depends if we have time , for example, to save one of the characters - even our choice and affects the substantive content of the next few scenes. In the second episode of these solutions if they do not turn the whole story, then certainly affect the progress and quality of the investigation. In what style to look the offender - is also up to you, you can win back the good or bad cop . Large ( and by default evil ) Gray wolf can beat and torture suspects , intimidating witnesses of atrocities , and can come with counter , as if it did not sound crazy , like human beings. While the game is slightly inferior to inflame the " walking dead ", but there is really confusing plot the offense to which you want to step up the investigation very seriously - despite the pig - alcoholic, bipedal toad and the magic mirror that shows the location of the desired character in response to the firm's " mirror, mirror , tell me ... ". We just need to ignore the rudimentary mechanics and enjoy the adventure. Especially this time the traditional warning developers "This story is developing , depending on your choice" really seems to be true .