Reviews by Matthew_Lumie


Blast Into The Future!

Matthew_Lumie | Nov. 15, 2013 | Review of The Sims 3 Into the Future NA - PC

This expansion is unbelievably amazing.So many new/exciting things to do in this and i haven't even begun. You can make your own robots & you can make the future colorful which is so beautiful! I really enjoy the new musical instruments. Lots of items you can change the light colors for. The jetpack's are amazing xD its so cool flying around to different locations, You can even use a hover-board like back to the future 2 :D If you like sci-fi/futuristic things and just wanna have hours & hours of fun and wanna explore an awesome new world with new/fun/exciting future gadgets and much more i say buy this! You will not regret it & will be happy to have purchased such a pure awesome expansion for the already fun/awesome game The Sims 3.


Fantastic Sequel

Matthew_Lumie | Nov. 15, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect 2 NA Origin - PC

Mass Effect is a series known in part for it's innovation, and while Mass Effect 2 isn't leaps and bounds ahead of Mass Effect 1, it improves so heavily upon the formula that it's almost a new game. Everything is better, the graphics, soundtrack, game play etc. The companions are for the most part, great: each has their own abilities that allow Shepard to complete his mission with relative ease. As the game starts off your ship explodes and are henceforth considered dead, but Cerberus - a rogue human 'splinter group' revives you and does you a solid by giving you a replica of your old ship, with considerable upgrades. Overall the story is somewhat generic, but apart from that this game is largely a unique experience.


Incredible LEGO Adventure

Matthew_Lumie | Nov. 15, 2013 | Review of LEGO Lord of the Rings NA - PC

As a kid I always wondered if Legos & Lord of the Rings would ever collaborate, now they have. This is a cute Lego game that places you in the Lord of the Rings Movies with naturally everything and everyone being made of LEGO pieces. It has a very solid campaign, and it's even more fun if you play it with a friend. This game felt rather like playing Zelda or a good adventure game like that, but with all the cool things you can do in other Traveller's Tales games. Great game, worth it especially if it's on sale!


Superb Game

Matthew_Lumie | Nov. 15, 2013 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Bethesda - PC

I would describe Fallout: New Vegas as a game that keeps on giving. There's so much to do in it. Of course you can be good bad, or somewhere in between, but in NV you can truly be yourself, and there are all sorts of wonderful adventuring to be had... Like the old Fallout games, you can now choose Traits and use different type of ammunition depending on your needs. Also, the main story while not necessarily of the same caliber as Fallout 3, is truly cool and enjoyable. Hardcore mode is great for any gamer who wants a more realistic experience, and considering the apocalyptic/survivalist nature of the game it's a great way to play. Oh if you prefer the silly humor of the old Fallout games, try on for size the Wild Wasteland perk, you'll love it!


Intriguing Game

Matthew_Lumie | Nov. 15, 2013 | Review of Kairo Steam - PC

It's rare to find an game with so much mystique, yet an equal character at the same time. After 6 hours of game time, I am still finding each puzzle to be an invigorating challenge that actually makes me considerably use my mind to complete it. The atmosphere of this game is astonishingly beautiful, every level can seem plain at first glance but the more you explore the game, the more you realize how nuanced it is. The soundtrack can be soothing and peaceful, yet mildly dramatic. Overall this game feels a bit like a breathtaking vision or dream, and I think you will be impressed by it's breadth for the kind of game it is!


Great Indie Game

Matthew_Lumie | Nov. 14, 2013 | Review of The Binding of Isaac - PC

Although this game looks a tad bit similar to web based 2d side-scrollers, I assure you it has much more going for it then that. As others have said it is rogue-style so you have to restart (no checkpoints) each time you die. Isaac is an adorable yet sad protagonist because his mother wishes to hurt and even murder him for God. The story is fun but what struck me as particularly unique about this game is it's maps are always fresh, and so are the enemies. I've poured a lot of time into The Binding of Isaac and I still don't get bored with this tremendously fun Indie experience


A great pack

Matthew_Lumie | Nov. 7, 2013 | Review of Civilization Pack - PC

Civilization is a good game all by itself, but having additional content adds a lot of variety and crucial features that really make the game the experience it was intended to be. Nothing beats having nearly limitless options to pursue over the course of your career as a ruler. Indeed you can now choose from a grand total of 43 rulers. In my humble opinion, this game is much better with both Gods & Kings and Brave New World because they both considerably deepen the game and enhance it in all number of ways you probably never thought were possible, and the rest of the content is icing on the big cake!


Very well done

Matthew_Lumie | Nov. 2, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Brave New World NA - PC

Brave New World is perhaps the very Civilization V expansion pack Civ fans have been waiting for! It introduces a lot of new, cool, balancing mechanics especially later in the game. The World Congress is one of my favorite features, although I've already enjoyed it in Civ IV, I can happily say it's clearly been improved in V. The new civilizations are amazing, all of them are well done so I couldn't pick a favorite. It's even delectable fun to try Venice, because you ca see things from the point of view of a city state. Social Policies are now supplemented by Ideologies, and the whole game really stands out like never before.


Fun yet difficult

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 28, 2013 | Review of Chivalry Medieval Warfare Overflow 1 - PC

Chivalry is no doubt different than most games it could be compared to, unlike traditional shooters where you use modern weapons and lives are lost depending upon who shot when, C:MW adds a level of elegance based on a different time and place where swordplay is king. Of course, you also have crossbows and throwing knives/axes, but the main thing is that when someone enters the world of Chivalry, they are in for a surprising multiplayer experience in an archaic, yet dangerous setting with the familiarity of classes and distinct teams etc.


Awesome Game

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 27, 2013 | Review of LEGO Batman The Videogame Steam - PC

I really enjoy Batman & Lego, so I subsequently found that Lego:Batman was an awesome experience of it's own. The missions are a mixture of creepy & cute with 'dark' backgrounds but also lots of jokes to send the game in a different direction than say, Arkham Asylum. This is one of the better Lego games and the character customization in this game is in my opinion the best for it's time. The villains are fun, especially the Joker and two face!


Solid Bioshock game

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 21, 2013 | Review of BioShock 2 Steam - PC

While not necessarily as enthralling as Bioshock or at all as beautiful as Infinite, I would still say Bioshock 2 is my favorite in the series so far because it's single player gameplay is rock solid for me. I think being the first big daddy brings a lot of new possibilities that you may find yourself discovering and enjoying, it's not for everyone because it's a dark game like the original; but it is incredible.


My favorite Civ yet

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 21, 2013 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

While other Civilization games have generally felt like something was missing, this one coupled with either expansion is a near perfect turn based strategy game! In total I think it currently features 43 civilizations, each with their own unique buildings, abilities, and of course units. You can play in theoretically countless ways and act as, for example as a destructive warlord who brings your enemies to their knees or a saintly ruler who looks after his own people and others in a hospitable manner. I find the game somewhat expands my own awareness, unless I find myself addicted!


The Fallout 3 "expansion"

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 21, 2013 | Review of Fallout 3 Broken Steel - PC

Whereas the other DLCs are more like singular additional missions that do little to change the flow of the game, Broken Steel does actually make the game itself better, whether or not you take advantage of the extended campaign (although why wouldn't you)? In particular, it raises the maximum level to thirty and adds an awesome new perk that allows you to potentially have 10 in all your stats, wow!


A good first DLC for F3

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 6, 2013 | Review of Fallout 3 Operation Anchorage - PC

I bought this I think about the time it came out, and out of all the DLC it's still the one that I enjoy the most! Having played the original Fallout games a bit, this is probably the most old school of the content, and while while Broken Steel is probably the only 'expansion pack' for Fallout 3, I must say this adds a whole lot more to the game and takes about 4-6 hours to complete. I would like to give even a top rating, but truth be told it is a bit narrow in scope, but very fun regardless :)


A pleasant finish to the best sci-fi game series

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 4, 2013 | Review of Mass Effect 3 N7 Digital Deluxe NA Origin - PC

I've played Mass Effect games for a while, so I had high expectations for the final game. Luckily, although the game is almost as much third person shooter as RPG, the game still retains much of what makes Bioware (Baldurs Gate, Knights of The Old Republic) stuff great. I found the interface a much needed improvement to the 2nd one, and the engine was given a refit as well. The only issue I see is the game can feel too much like a movie sometimes, but the story is very good as far as it goes, and I would say this is a near perfect game!


An invigorating shooting-driving game

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 4, 2013 | Review of Rage Bethesda - PC

I was very excited to play this game, and when I finally did I was not disappointed... Largely. I found the graphics a bit lacking compared to my initial expectation, however there's a reason for this. When I originally saw Rage, as far as I knew this was just a demo for iD tech 5, but it looked great and I was expecting an engine that toppled UE 3 or CE3. While it didn't do the latter, I am proud to say it is very good lucking game if you can run it on max, and moreover the gameplay is a fun mix of shooting and driving. Also, while the game isn't completely free roam, there is a lot of exploration to be had. It can be a pretty difficult game too, but also rewarding.


The ultimate Doom experience

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 4, 2013 | Review of Doom 3 BFG Edition Nexway - PC

If you've played the doom games in the past, but haven't given Doom 3 or at least it's expansion a try, get this! It is a lot more enjoyable too, now that the flashlight is integrated into your weapon. The gameplay is pretty good, albeit not the best, however it gets more interesting in RoE. You now posses the Artifact: a heart like device that has the power to stop time, go beserk, or become invulnerable, largely depending upon the situation. The Grabber gun is like the Gravity gun in Half-Life2, but a bit more palpable of a tool, both of those sound boring to you? Well lucky for you there is the Super Shotgun returning from Doom 2, with all it's might. The graphics are also given a nice revamp, truly beautiful now!


Hard to beat

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 4, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind Game of The Year Edition - PC

I think this is the game that originally got me into RPGs, and even today it sends me shiver down my spine when I hear it's theme. The primary thing I enjoyed about this game was the grinding, it takes a while to become strong but is well worth it. Also has a superb campaign, and I recommend this to anyone who likes a good tale. If you like old games and Skyrim, you'll probably love this!


Apocalyptic Greatness!

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 4, 2013 | Review of Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition - PC

This is perhaps the most interesting game I've ever played, and one of the funniest/coolest to boot! There are tons of things to do, and while there's a main quest, you have complete freedom to explore the "Capital Wasteland" and do as you please! I've put over 200 hours into it and I can say I've never got bored. Really, if you like the Elder Scrolls Games or the original Fallout series, this will be paradise for you. N.B. I would not recommend looking for spoilers, as the game is rewarding enough already, with decent equipment available from the start ;)


A masterpiece

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 4, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Game of the Year Edition Deluxe - PC

Until I played Oblivion, I wasn't quite sure what a great RPG game was supposed to be like. After playing it for hundreds of hours, I would recommend this game to anyone, even people who don't love RPG games. It's a very deep, incredible game with a decent story and seemingly limitless opportunities for the player. The DLCs are up to par with modern games coming out, so I highly recommend the Deluxe edition. This a real solid title, up there with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in terms of lasting value.


Not for everyone but..

Matthew_Lumie | Oct. 1, 2013 | Review of TAKEDOWN Red Sabre - PC

I think this has potential to be the best FPS this year... If they fix the various bugs that currently dilute the game for many players. It has realistically modeled weapons (generally speaking, which apparently have appropriate recoil, firing rate, range and accuracy. I also enjoy the gameplay & visuals BUT do not expect a strategic shooter out of this, at best it's tactical, and the background of 'Red Sabre' (i.e. your team) is not thoroughly expanded upon. Having said that I enjoy playing Takedown a lot & can't wait to get deeper into the online experience! I should mention here though that I have died from friendly fire. Anyways, enjoy! :-)