Reviews by MattyLB


A Brilliant Edition to the Franchise

MattyLB | May 17, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Steam Overflow - PC

This game is a Brilliant title, being a prequel if you haven't played any other Tomb raider titles then, don't worry! you wont be left confused in the story line in this game. the gameplay is brilliant and expect it to be very similar to uncharted as you climb to places to progress through the story and sneak around and kill the enemies trying to keep out of sight all through the story, even if you play this game once, if you go back again you will always find something you missed, be it the hidden tombs in the story line, or the collectables thrown around the map. you will fight your way further through the story while upgrading Lara's guns, bows and perks to help her in combat and help her while killing the savage island people who don't want her to leave the island. this games visuals are very well done, they have the Grizzly, scary look to give you more of a understanding of what Lara is coping with and going through in this game. this game also has multiplayer, it is similar to the single player in gameplay and has the weapons you use throughout the game in, like the bow which gives a great twist to the multiplayer and adds a unique gameplay mechanic to this multiplayer. you will level up and use salvage points which are the currency in this game, to unlock new weapon upgrades and new people to play as, this game is definetly worth every penny and is a great title to add to your game collection and has plenty of gameplay to keep you gripped in the story


Great Racing, Rally, Car Experience

MattyLB | May 17, 2013 | Review of DiRT 3 - PC

since there arn't many racing games out for the PC, i thought i would give DiRT 3 a try, when i got the game i found out you could use your PC's potential still by the amazing graphics this game has, the cars look realistic too. when i got the game i thought it would just be a rally game, as that is its selling point, but no, it has all sorts of modes to play around with, these include the normal racing modes you expect from a car game and quite a few others like gymkhana (which i thought was brilliant when i played it and had never heard of it before), this game even though it has the annoying LIVE setup to go through, which you have to have to play online, has some amazing multiplayer, these include fun and brilliant game modes like cat and mouse that are exclusive in team games, and a whole map to thrash around your car! Although this game has very little customization to the cars and only limits to the team you are supporting, it has a great range of cars to choose from in all the game modes, like rally cars, trucks and even buggies, but mostly you will find this game has rally cars, and holds most of the important ones. this game is a gem if you enjoy motorsport and you should definitely get it if you enjoyed DiRT 2


What every Indie game should live up to

MattyLB | May 16, 2013 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

This game combines Strategy and Action and brings a brilliant MOBA game, the game has plenty of characters, be it giant missile shooting robots, or a cowboy with jet boots and space blasters, this game definitely shows its creativeness in character design! this game also has a lot of Gameplay to go through, as you play games to Unlock new Perks and Characters and rank up to the world with your scores as there are 9 "leagues" to go through. the player will progressively improve the character throughout the game, carefully choosing upgrades to upgrade weapons or perks, the player will also fight to protect the turrets and there base, teams will have to work well to destroy the turrets and the base, they also have to fend off the robots that all teams have. this game is definetly a game you should get and is well worth the money, a great title to add to your games collection!


a great unique experience

MattyLB | May 16, 2013 | Review of Guns of Icarus Online - PC

Guns of icarus online is a Title well worth every penny, it combines strategy with teamwork and also has the enjoyment of personalizing your ships that you fight with, your games will revolve around how well your team works with the ship you make, it has quite a few guns to put on the ships and also allows you to customize your character you play as on your ship, it is also a unique consept that works well, this title is a great addition to your PC game collection. the visuals are brilliant for the game, the gameplay is amazing, i would strongly recommend any PC gamer to purchase this game


Brilliant Action Title worth every penny

MattyLB | April 28, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed 3 - PC

Assassin's creed 3 is a brilliant new addition to the game franchise and every minute of this game was Enjoyable, with a in depth story and a Exiting new Multiplayer you will never be completely done with it, 9/10