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Has Potential, But is Not Quite There

Mayor_McCheese | May 1, 2013 | Review of Towns - PC

Fair warning, Towns is developed by a small team that does not release updates very often. Despite this, the game does fill a niche for those who love their rogue-likes, and this it does well enough, but there are numerous glaring issues that plaque this game. For starters the game is very user unfriendly. I'm not just referring to the lack of tutorials, but the UI, controls, and camera as a whole is something you will need to wrestle with. If you're accustom to Dwarf Fortress, chances are you will be more at ease with the transition; however, for the average player this is going to be clunky and unintuitive. Another major problem is the AI. It's just not very good. Expect to see your residents dash off and die to something off-screen until you learn to better control them. Expect to see your residents run to the deepest dungeon chambers to grab a building resource that you have en massed topside only to die one by one trying to recover their fallen brethren. The AI is the life blood of this kind of game and you will be frustrated with the little nuisances that eventually add up. There's many more issues without delving into bugs, and I'm sure these will eventually be addressed. The key word is eventually. Given the nature of Dwarf Fortress-like games, these need to be updated constantly. If you're really in dire straits for a graphical DF, look to the far superior Gnomoria. Towns has promise, but it's just not there yet.