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Worth the few bucks

Mechafury | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Hearthfire - PC

I bought this thinking on steam wondering if this was worth it. it really is worth the 5 dollars you pay, you get a Home were you can adopt children, make a very nice trophy room to display all your conquests and treasure. :) I always love walking into my bedroom to my shelves of all my rare collected gems jewels and cools stuff from my journeys across skyrim must have for any skyrim player !


When you Rush a product you get This

Mechafury | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Dragon Age 2 RoW - PC

Before I start this review, YOU who ever is considering buying dragon age II. please go buy the ultimate edition play dragon age origins and awakening with all the amazing expansion packs. You done, great now you can understand my point of view when i played dragon age II. I was really excited for this game, I have the special collectors edition on my shelve collecting dust. This game takes people and characters you don't know and frankly after the first 6 hours you stop caring at all. Now yes the game looks great the spell effects are good they streamlined the combat system to make things easier and more fast paced but what i couldn't bear to see was a tarnishing of an amazing brand. Constant refreshing of dungeons and levels you will see the same cave at level 5 all the way to the end of the game they refresh maps, enemy's, even items. Quest don't seem as open ended the game felt like one straight path from beginning to end with the occasional you want to be good or bad. Now again comparing dragon age 1 and 2 first 3 hours Wow i mean its no contest play dragon age one. DA 1 - you start off on your own custom prequel depending on your class/story/background/ you then witness and epic battle between man and evil and the game only goes up! DA 2 - your a refugee that escapes the ransacking of there home village, to escape to another village. that don't like refugees, but you used to be rich. so you work your way up to get your family's name back and then you join an expedition to........ Seriously You have plenty of games to play and I highly doubt your going to need to play dragon age 2 to understand 3 that's coming out, Play origins and awakening and enjoy a bigger more fun and better experience that will last with you as memories till the day you die.


A Game That may take you awhile

Mechafury | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

Before I start I wanted to say i have played and beaten all previous TES (the elder scrolls) games, that being said i have not beaten this game and still a little over a year after its come out. This Game Is HUGE and honestly there's a lot to do, and you will get sidetracked, I am a huge completionist so putting +300 hours into this game without having barely touched the main quest line makes me feel pretty great. it takes everything that you want in a game, Amazing narrative unparalleled story telling. amazing sound and music design that really pull you in into the land of skyrim, dynamic and fresh combat system. This game is beautiful and must not be missed out! PC PLAYERS - You have got it good with a vast choice a mods to choose from, ranging from epic quest lines, in depth companions, to complete and total Graphical overhauls. There are a lot of mods that help fix game problems and Make the games certain quest more simple. Now that reminds me i really need to play more syrim :)


Dont Believe What Some people Say

Mechafury | Dec. 7, 2012 | Review of RAGE International - PC

This Game Is Raises the bar on first person shooters PERIOD. (I KNOW there was problems with the release of the game, now the patch has fixed 99 percent of peoples problems for me I run this games perfectly at max fps and settings) this game DOES raise the bars on shooters and innovates by adding rpg, card collecting, gambling, shooting, racing and a massive open world for you to explore and do as you see fit. this game is beautiful and enemy's Really feel like they take damage and each bullet does what its suppose to do. mix that with online co op missions and extreme online racing and car battles. ill say you've got your self a great and amazing game that you should NOT miss out on Make sure your comp can run this game and then some if you want perfect settings


An Rpg You Cant Miss

Mechafury | Dec. 7, 2012 | Review of Bastion - PC

Bastion has to be By far my favorite Game of 2011. a great story driven rpg with a even better narrative telling aspect and great game mechanics that shouldn't be missed and amazing art style and music to boot. if you haven't picked this one up you should. Great game