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Madworld 2.0

Megadwarf | May 6, 2013 | Review of Anarch Reigns Limited Editiod - Xbox 360

Anarchy Reigns is a game that has fun in abundance but has no idea how to change it up enough that it stays that way. Basically being Madworld 2.0 you're put in a stage of some form where enemies will be dotted around the map to be attacked. Beating enemies in different ways earns you points, which unlocks the next missions. The combat system is satisfying, but it doesn't feel like there are a whole lot of different combos you can do. You basically pick one and just spam that over and over again. Multiplayer is a more fun affair. you and 3 other combatants are confined in a small space and made to go at it. Can be fun as a local co-op game but there really isn't too much skill depth to it. The game itself is fun but you wont feel compelled to play it through again after beating it once.


God of War: Again

Megadwarf | May 3, 2013 | Review of God of War Ascension - PC

I enjoyed 'Ascension.' It did things that impressed me. Santa Monica clearly using the PS3 to it's fullest potential. But it didn't feel like anything special or new. Ascension sets you up on the events that lead up to the original God of War game. You are back in the anger filled shoes of Kratos as he looks to get revenge on the Furies for tricking and imprisoning him. The combat is largely unchanged from any other GoW game. Now you can pick up enemies weapons instead of you yourself carrying weapons other than the classic chained blades. They do give you four different styles to use with your blades as the game progresses but all four are pretty much the same as each other with different visual effects. I only used one and just fully maxed it out. You get some cool support items such as the ability to conjure a second Kratos to help out with clearing out mobs or holding levers in puzzles. But largely there's nothing really new to note. The game's engine is impressive in itself. The fights stay in their trademark epic size and you'll be amazed at how they managed so much going on at once. My only nit pick is the camera. Sometimes Santa Monica try to pull it back to show the 'epic scale' the game is on, but the combat doesn't stop. So you have to mash buttons in the hope that you're actually hitting something and not about to get your face smashed in off a Minotaur. The new feature of the game is of course the multi-player that they added in. It is actually a pretty fun system. Played in a similar way to Power Stone back in the Dreamcast era, or Anarchy Reigns of the current. Combatants are put in an arena together with their set load outs and told to kill each other. That's about it. Again the idea itself isn't massively original but it is fun. Again Ascension in itself isn't a bad game. It's just getting tired. No one was really asking for this and it shows with a general lack of interest by the public. Worth a play if you fancy destroying things for a few hours.


Gotta go fast!

Megadwarf | May 3, 2013 | Review of Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Limited Edition - Xbox 360

Where do I start? Have you ever been annoyed that Mario Kart is just a tad too easy? Have you been looking for a kart racer that doesn't carry Mario's name? Have you been looking for something that's 'arcadey', but also tests your abilities? Look no further. Whilst I was rather disappointed with the original Sonic all star racing game, 'Transformed' totally turned me around! The sense of speed you have whilst moving in this game is amazing. The character roster draws from all walks of Sega's varied history and brings back forgotten franchises so you can race through their levels with pure nostalgic joy. Currently playing through the game on B-class, the few times I've gone on A-class I've been destroyed by the AI. Sumo Digital have clearly made a conscious effort to not make a brain dead racer, but one which will constantly test you and teach you to become better at the game, not allowing you to sit within your comfort zone for too long. Flipping between the three vehicle types brings a new dimension to the racing as well. Karts being the typical power-slide boost fare we've grown accustomed to. Flying vehicles are designed around dodging objects to gain a boost, and aiming for boost rings dotted about the track. Boats feel like a much harder to handle kart. Sumo clearly made an effort on the PC version too. Running at 60fps and being able to run on effectively a toaster. It looks clean, crisp, and smooth as butter. The track design is bonkers and has some wonderful remixes of classics theme tunes playing throughout the race. If you're looking for a fun racer to beat your friends at. Look no further than here!


Action out of the Wazoo!

Megadwarf | May 3, 2013 | Review of Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengeance - Xbox 360

At first I was a bit skeptical of a Metal Gear game going all action. Surely this goes against the grain of what makes Metal Gear? Then Kojima gave the project over to Platinum and I have to say, what a game! It's not the longest ever, clocking in at around 4/5 hours for your first normal run but it's not in the length of the game where it shines. It's in learning how to play the game, and nothing feels better than getting a perfect parry on an opponent. Boss battles still hold their Metal Gear shine of being the best bit about the game. But can be unforgivably hard if you don't figure out the patterns. The last two bosses took me a good few hours to beat but feel more like a test that you actually learned how to play the game than the usual 'cinematic experience here's my glowing weak spot.' The games engine is silky smooth with Platinum holding almost true to running constantly at 60fps. Of course this means the graphical fidelity had to take a slight hit to what we're usually accustomed to with a Metal Gear game, but everything is moving so fast you don't have time to criticize the texture work on the wall. If you're a fan of hack 'n' slash style games, or games with a rewarding depth to their difficulty then look no further. Currently playing through on Revengance difficulty and it is truly testing me to my limit!