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Great DS game, bad PC port

MemoTheNInja | Aug. 12, 2014 | Review of Dementium II HD - PC

I bought and played the original Dementium games years ago when they came out on the Nintendo DS. I loved these games because unlike many indie survival horror games that use cheap jump-scares, these games heavily utilized the environment to unsettle the player, similar to Silent HIll (the player is even taken to another world while he searches for his wife). So I was excited when I heard they were going to make and HD port, unfortunately, this port was not made by the original dev team, and it shows. This port has "cleaned up" all the visuals, the environments are not as dirty and rusty as they were. At points it even has a cartoony look to it, taking away any unsettling feeling the original gave off. The indoor areas are suppose to be the scariest part due to them being dark and the player would rely on the flashlight, yet here they're bright enough to not even need the flashlight, worse still, most of them give off sunlight through the windows or cracks. The weapons feel weaker, they don't have the same kick. During some cutscenes, only one side of the speakers gave off any audio. If you wanna know how much the visuals were "cleaned up", simply look at the box arts between the original and this HD port. The original is a great indie survival horror game, this port undoes most of the visuals the original did so beautifully. I recommend buying the original on the Nintendo DS or getting an emulator.