Reviews by Mikagee


Good Game

Mikagee | Nov. 20, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag NCSA - PC

Black Flag is truly a worth game for the assassin creed series. Ubisoft surely fixed all the bugs and enhanced the engine greatly from AC III. There is plenty of things to do and the naval combat combined with boarding will surely fascinate everyone. The sounds in this game are superb as you can hear all the agony and confusion around you. The sounds of muskets and swords slashing each other will not be forgotten. The details of ships, people and landmarks are well done. This game also has great detail in ruins, treasures and the under ocean detail such as fish and ship ruins. This game is a must buy for all Assassin Creed fans as this is a huge improvement from Assassins Creed 3


Not that good

Mikagee | Nov. 20, 2013 | Review of XRebirth - PC

The game initially released with a lot of bugs and performance issues which drastically affected the overall game at release. Though the game has great detail in ships, stations and interiors. The animations of people talking or doing actions are poorly done and the speech's are repetitive. Another bad thing is the mini games within the game, they get annoying quickly and its the only way to continue sometimes. Overall Egosoft will release patches for the bugs, but they surely released a unfinished product. To sum it up, the graphics and detail are good but the game play and plot are disappointing.


A new type of fps

Mikagee | Nov. 19, 2013 | Review of Deadfall Adventures - PC

This game is like a combination of a arcade shooter and indiana jones. The visuals of the environment and the sounds are superb but the game is too linear. It has a nice balance of fighting and treasure and map finding. Some bad things though are some bugs and glitches as well as some of the voice acting. The game also tries to make you think with the puzzles within the game but this game cannot be compared with other adventure type of games like uncharted.


Great Game

Mikagee | June 1, 2013 | Review of Rising Storm - PC

A nice addition to the red orchestra franchise, this standalone has some great new features such as new weapons, tactics and game play styles. The graphics are the same as it is still using the same un-real engine. The sounds and details though are tripwire's strengths. The game actually sounds like you are one of the soldiers in the first waves of Iwo Jima, guns are superbly realistic. The ping of the garand's clip and the details of soldiers, bullets and even the fire from the flamethrower. This is a must buy to those who love tactical 1st person shooters.



Mikagee | Jan. 25, 2013 | Review of The Cave - PC

The game lacks in constant frame rates as moving onto different scenarios and parts of the level can cause frame rate drop, while i was playing it is noticable and sometimes annoying. There are many puzzles to do and Some are a lot tougher than others. There are many funny things aid by the characters which fits right into this style of game. The graphics are good though And characters look very detailed to fit into the game. This game is a good buy if you like solving hard puzzles and have a very thoughtful and patient mind. You should definitely try this game out



Mikagee | Jan. 23, 2013 | Review of Strike Suit Zero - PC

The ships and suits in the games look very real as well as the planets or landscapes you are fighting over. Despite creating engaging battles, Strike Suit Zero could have benefited from more mission and enemy variety. There is not a lot of variety of missions as you are only either defending a ship, or attacking one. Within a few missions of Strike Suit Zero’s campaign you’ve basically seen all there is to see. There is really no story to the game or it is poorly told. I wouldnt recommend buying this game unless it was 10 dollars or something.


Great Game

Mikagee | Jan. 23, 2013 | Review of The Cave - PC

This game has great graphics and a good story line, for the price on gmg this game is def worth it. There are many puzzles and things to do in this adventure game. The side-scrolling platform gameplay mechanics fit the setting. The bad things though is the constant frame rates throughout the game. This distracted me while playing as when moving on to a new area will cause so gameplay and choppiness . There are many funny things characters say and there are 3 different characters to choose from. I would definetly recommend this game who is interested in side scrolling platform games


Great Story

Mikagee | Jan. 21, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

Surprisingly this game had a fantastic story, this game was probably the most underrated game of the year! The story has great graphics, audio and visuals. You can hear the sand crunch under your feet and the wind gushing by as militia gets ready to ambush you. There are many great physics to the game as sand can bury the enemies alive and explosions can knock soldiers off roofs. This game also has a great multi player, there are no connection issues and the game overall isnt that graphics demanding. I would recommend this game to everyone as you have to play the campaign and its twisted story.



Mikagee | Jan. 20, 2013 | Review of Remington Super Slam Hunting Alaska - PC

This game is really boring and no different than the other game made from Mastiff. The game lacks any realism as everything looks very unreal, the trees, targets and animals look very bad when trying to hit them. The audio in this game are the same as all the others. very poor and unreal. The multiplayer doesnt work at all and if it does it is really poor Do not buy this game unless you want to waste your money for nothing, do not buy any of the remington games as they are just the same thing. They are not worth the price.


Very Bad

Mikagee | Jan. 20, 2013 | Review of Remington Super Slam Hunting Africa - PC

There is a limited game style to this game. The graphics are really poor and the animals and weapons look very unrealistic. The audio of the game is very repetitive and very boring. I got bored of this game very quickly. There is absolutley no difference from the other Remington game. The coop is really bad too as it is out of sync from every person. I would defenitly not buy this game as it is really bad and there is much better hunting games out there. There are limited animals and targets which makes the game even more boring.


Good dlc

Mikagee | Jan. 20, 2013 | Review of SpellForce 2 Faith in Destiny Scenario 2 The Golden Fool - PC

This dlc doesn't let you play as a hero for lets you play a NPC which is kind of interesting. The scenario is in a desert which is ok. You can actually hear the sand moving when you run around on it. The DLC is set before the events of Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny, and will delve deeper into the Spellforce world, looking primarily at the story of the game of stones, Drakkar. I would recommend this dlc if you are playing spellforce, but only when it is on sale.


Amazing DLC

Mikagee | Jan. 20, 2013 | Review of Europa Universalis III Absolutism DLC - PC

This dlc adds more realism to my taste and this amazes me. The new animations for western units are great as you can see them do stuff i have never seen before. For the price i would buy this as it adds a lot more realism through weapons and clothing of that time era. There is a lot more new units as well that can boost your army and look very interesting as serving under your empire. There is also new tech in the game that can boost certain things in the game. I would certainly buy this dlc if you are planning to buy this game, as it adds more realism in unit depth and gamestyle


Decent dlc

Mikagee | Jan. 20, 2013 | Review of SpellForce 2 Faith in Destiny Scenario 2 The Golden Fool - PC

for the price for the dlc it is really not worth it. There are little modifications from the dlc and all you really get is a new character and a new scenario to play in. the dlc has a great landscape though, a desert canyon you play around in. The sounds are pretty good too, once in a while you will hear sand rustling about and tumbleweeds shuffling around the map. The map has a few graphic errors when you are looking at things from certain angles but overall there are few minor bugs and glitches that happen in the game. I would only get this dlc if it was on sale for like a dollar, than it would be worth it.


Great Buy

Mikagee | Jan. 20, 2013 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 Blood Pack DLC - PC

A total recommendation to buy this dlc. Creative assembly should have made this for free, but for the price it is a definet buy. The game adds decaps and dismemberment and blood litters the battlefield. The blood doesn't affect any of the frame rates which is great. When zoomed into the max the blood is very realistic and it is amusing to see soldiers bleeding to death. This dlc is a definet buy which creative assembly should have put into every one of their games I would recommend this dlc to everyone to maximize the games experience, and to see how gory the game is


Circus Please...

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Circus World - PC

The game is ok but lacks gameplay. The game is mainly on customizing stands and acts in a circus to gain money around the world. The game is fun at first and you can see all the cool acts they do, but after a while it gets really boring. The sounds are ok, with only the sounds of people watching and laughing and people doing acts. The graphics are ok for this type of game. Overall it is a ok game, but there is really no game play to it, you just manage a circus and thats about it. Graphics are ok and sound is ok and there are some minor issues with the game.


Fun with Friends

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Majestic12 - PC

This game is great to play with friends, with up to 4 people we can have endless hours of fun and mayhem in this 3d scrolling shooter. The graphics are surprisingly good from the picures. There are either 2 types of games in this game, spaceship combat and side scroller fights. The game has no errors that i have confronted when playing and I am happy with this game. The sounds in this game are little arcadish to me and the game has limited weapons and arsenal. I would recommend people who want to play coop side scroller games with friends this game.


A great DLC

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Dogfight 1942 Russia Under Siege - PC

This DLC has added one of the best Planes in world war 2. The IL 2. This DLC adds russian planes and some maps over russia. This is a fun add on as you can see towns and villages being burned down. The bad things of this dlc is that for price this dlc it is worth it. you get some really good planes and a few maps and mission for a fair price. For those who love Russian planes, this dlc is a total get if you are planning to buy dogfight 1942 I would recommend this dlc when it goes on sale to everyone.


Fun Game

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Dogfight 1942 - PC

This game is very real in fighting and authenticity. It reminds me of World of warplanes, but a little scaled down. The graphics are amazing and i can play with a constant fps. The sound is one of the things i have ever heard in any plane game. You can hear the bullets ripping through wings of other planes and the sound of ships burning and getting pounded by planes. There are a lot of missions to play and you will not get bored of this game for sure. I would recommend this game to those who want to try out a fun dog fighting game


One of the best batman games ever

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year (1) - PC

This game is better than arkham asylum. It is a free roam game with a great story and fighting moves and techniques. The game is error and bug free which is great. The game play style is a bit quicker and smoother than arkham asylum and that's what we all want. The voices of all the characters are outstanding, the graphics are great too and i do not experience and frame rate drops at all during the game. I would definetlly recommend this game to a friend. The story is long and exciting until the very end. People who love batman would love this game



Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

This game is really fun to play with friends. A fun 2d game that ive spent hours playing and enjoying it a lot. The songs really fit in with the retro style game. I've had no experiences of errors or problems. The game is totally worth the money and i would recommend my friends to buy it and play. After a while it while get a little bland through lack of units, but that doesn't mean i wont touch it again. Overall i think this game was worth it. The hours i spent playing this game with friends is unforgettable.


A Great RTS game

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II Chaos Rising - PC

This game is a beauty, the graphics and sound of the weapons and soldiers are truly superb. Playing this game with friends is a blast as there is no online issues. The difference between this and the first Dow is that there is no base building for one dislike how they have done that, but im sure some are fine with that. THQ has again made a great product with games workshop and im truly amazed at how they have made this game. The details are outstanding and the game looks truly amazing. I would recommend this game to everyone to try it out


A very instructional game

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Hearts of Iron 2 - PC

This game may look very hard and manageable to play, but when you get a hand on it and start playing this game is a blast. This is a straight up strategy game with many people online still playing it. The music of the game fits right into the game and makes the atmosphere more dense as though the next move can cost your armies lives. The game is very realistic as you can manage fleets of ships, hundreds of warplanes and endless amount of men to fight for your country. Later on in the game the AI can be plain annoying as the game progressively gets harder and harder.


gets boring quickly

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of East India Company Collection - PC

this game is mostly managing ships to trade all over Europe and Asia, this game can get very boring quickly. The big difference of the game though is that you can have real time battles when enemy ships meet which are always fun to play. The graphics are decent but I can find many others that are better. The sound of this game is good as I can hear my men getting ready to fight and seagulls flying about. I would not really recommend this game to anyone, as I earlier said that I can find a better game like empire total war to have Naval battles in.


Ok game

Mikagee | Jan. 19, 2013 | Review of Men of War Vietnam - PC

this game is not really different from any other 1c games, the environments and voices are the same, graphics are the same and they have only made more automatic weapon. The multiplayer isn't the best. I have to say though the campaign was really good and gives a good view of trying to keep your men alive from the other armies. Helicopters are ok but can look really fake when they are hovering. New tanks make fights very interesting too. This game is fun to play with friends and at the end its a buy if its in a bundle or on sale.


a nice addition to creatice assembly

Mikagee | Jan. 18, 2013 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

This game is a nice strategy game for those who love sword combat and really realistic graphics. The graphics of this game are really outstanding and still amaze me today, some of the best computers will still be unable to run this game on ultra like mine. This game is fun to play alone or with friends. The sound of this game is truly unreal as you can hear the screams of people dying or the sound of arrows hitting their target. This game has a decent AI but sometimes they will do something stupid. I would totally recommend a friend to buy this game


A really great game

Mikagee | Jan. 18, 2013 | Review of Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad Steam Digital Deluxe Edition - PC

this is probably one of the best fps games in realism and sound. though there is not really a single player campaign, the multiplayer really makes up for it. Combat is really realistic and a single player can fatally wound you or kill you. The sounds of this game are outstanding, you can actually hear them speak russian or german. the game is not that demanding in graphics and with the latest update, it is now compatible with steam workshop. there is no bugs i have experienced playing this game. This game is a total buy when it is on sale, so hurry up and buy it when its on sale


not that good

Mikagee | Jan. 18, 2013 | Review of Chernobyl Terrorist Attack - PC

the game looked decently ok until i bought it, now it is meh There is alot of bugs in the game and it lags quite a bit, since the game came out quite a while ago the graphics arent the best i wouldnt recommend anyone to buy this. The game has a really bad AI, they do stupid things which makes the game feel really unrealistic. The sounds of the game though are really good , explosions and voices are decent to make the characters feel real. overall i would not recommend anyone to buy this and save money for a better fps game.


A fun game with friends

Mikagee | Dec. 23, 2012 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

A basic 6 person coop survival game. This game is best played with friends as you can endless hours of fun and mayhem. The sounds of shots from and your gun hitting the zed are truly amazing. The game is constantly updated with endless choice of maps from the steam workshop so you can choose maps you want to download. The game also has special community events which can unlock special bonuses for you. The graphics aren't the best as the game has came out 3 years ago but still very fun to play, Tripwire again has made another fun fps game for us


A battlefield gem

Mikagee | Dec. 23, 2012 | Review of Battlefield 2 Complete Collection RoW - PC

this game was one of he best battlefield games i have ever played. Though there is only multiplayer and the graphics aren't the best because it came out a long time ago. Plenty of people still play it today. The voice acting in this game is fantastic and the sound of gunshots and artillery falling makes you jump when you first start the game. There are a whole bunch of different vehicles to choose from which makes the game fun as you can drive a jet to running people down with a jeep. The bad things about this game is that this game is not very control friendly and beginners will have a hard time playing against vets on bf2.


A very good game

Mikagee | Dec. 23, 2012 | Review of Men of War - PC

This game was one of my favorite 1C games. The sound of gun shots and tanks moving around is absolutely great, but the voice acting of units in english is just overall very poor. The engine the game runs on is great as explosions can kill your entire army in a blink of an eye and can alter the landscape. You command every individual soldier to do different orders which is totally different from any strategy game I have ever played. This game also has a very good single player campaign. Multiplayer on this game is very fun and addictive and many different modes to choose from


A OK game

Mikagee | Dec. 23, 2012 | Review of Theatre of War 2 Africa 1943 - PC

I was hoping more when i bought this game. The graphics on this game is the same as the original one. the path finding of units is horrible plus the horrible controls of commanding your army. The sound of the game is somewhat decent, the gun shots and tank sounds are good, but then the voice acting 1C has given to their game are not something I am proud of. Basically the downfalls of this game is the lack of controls, the bad voice acting, and the same graphics as the original theater of war. I would not recommend this game to any of my friends.


Good Game

Mikagee | Dec. 23, 2012 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

The atmosphere of this game is amazing, though this game was poorly optimized, if your pc can run it then this is a good deal. The sound in the game is amazing too, at some points of the game it actually feels like you are part of the metro, the laughter of people and the breathing of mutants creeping around. The graphics on this game are truly breathtaking also and you will be stunned at every detail you will see. As many other people have said , once you have finished the game there is no replay value . This game is a definite buy if you are getting last light