Reviews by MikeK47


Fun and Funny

MikeK47 | June 3, 2013 | Review of Hell Yeah - PC

This game is just enjoyment and ridiculousness. When I was thrown into this game I didn't really know what was going on but once acclimated I loved it. The basic premise of the game is you go through levels finding bosses to kill. Once you do that there is a little mini game to finish them off. If you are turned off by mini games then don't worry, these are awesome. They take only a couple seconds and are hilarious. Get this game and just have fun tearing through your enemies as the devil bunny.


A solid game but not for me

MikeK47 | June 3, 2013 | Review of They Bleed Pixels (1) - PC

This game is not bad but has a fixed audience. I was hoping for a more pure form of a platformer but instead I'd say it's more of a beat 'em up mixed with Super Meat Boy. If you could completely avoid the combat I'd like it more but it is unavoidable. Though it's important to note I'm not a huge fan of Super Meat Boy either. So if you are looking for a classic platformer look somewhere else. If you want something faster then go for it.


Surprisingly Awesome

MikeK47 | June 2, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

I was not expecting anything out of this game and waited a long time to play it because of that. When I did play it I was hooked immediately. It's not an extremely long game but it is fun all the way through. I finished it in 13 hours but I still just roam around Hong Kong doing random stuff. If you are thinking about getting this game then do; it is well worth it.


Boring and Repetitive

MikeK47 | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of Dead Island Game of the Year - PC

I wanted to like Dead Island. I had been thinking of getting it for a long time and finally brought myself to get it. I played it with one of my friends since I heard you had to play co op and was very disappointed. At first the combat is fun but soon degrades to the same attacks over and over again. The same could be said for the missions. It seems there are only about 5 mission in the entire game and each group of survivors you meet have those same missions. My friend and I put 15 hours into this game and we have given up on it. The game does look great though. Unfortunately that is not enough to save it from it's other pitfalls.


Challenging, Depressing, and I can't get enough

MikeK47 | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA POST - PC

I will say right away I never played the original X-Com games, but does that matter? NO. I have loved this game ever since I first saw it. I played it the moment it came out and have had trouble stopping, even when the game wants me to. Yes this game can be difficult and is unforgiving. There are difficulty settings and Easy and Normal are a breeze. If you have heard Jake Solomon or any of the other devs talk about this then you have hears, "That;s what makes it rewarding and makes you care for your troops." And they are completely right. This game makes me feel horrible when I do something wrong and I love it for that. The game play is very fun and no two battles play out the same. There may be similarities but there is no one tactic that will always work. Aside from a couple visual bugs this game is flawless. If you want to play a fun strategy game then PLEASE GET THIS GAME.