Reviews by MikeyMiG


Going back to what made Battlefield great

MikeyMiG | April 20, 2015 | Review of Battlefield 3 NA Origin (1) - PC

Prior to Battlefield 3, the only Battlefield games on the Frostbite engine were the Bad Company series and Battlefield 1943. While fun titles, they lacked a lot of the features that made the Battlefield franchise stand out from the back. Battlefield 3 brings back many of these features, such as 64 player battles, larger maps with Conquest-oriented design, jets, the prone stance, and more. Throughout the game’s lifespan, it brought a wealth of extra content in the form of DLC: 20 new maps, 20 new weapons, new game modes, and an assortment of new vehicles. All of this provides a lot of dynamic gameplay, and the game is still fairly popular to this day, especially on PC. Everything from the gunplay and the movement system were improved for this iteration of the series, and it is very much worth buying, even today.


Evolutionary more than Revolutionary

MikeyMiG | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

At first glance, Battlefield 4 might seem to some as just Battlefield 3.5. On the surface it seems to deliver pretty much the same amount of content that its predecessor did, but under the hood it has plenty of differences. I'll start off with the singleplayer campaign. BF is of course renown for its multiplayer, so many don't even bother with the campaign. The campaign in BF3 was quite lackluster because it didn't have the same kind of freedom and spontaneous action that the multiplayer did. BF4's campaign is definitely better, but not by much. I noticed that a lot of levels offer more routes to take in order to flank the enemy. Also, there are more missions that let you control vehicles, and unlike in BF3, you have full control over them instead of just being on-rails. The characters are generally more memorable, the writing and acting is a little better, and the set-pieces are pretty damn cool. Overall, if you absolutely hated BF3's singleplayer, you won't like BF4's much. But if you thought the campaign in BF3 was alright, then you may enjoy the new one. Now onto the multiplayer. As it always has been, BF's multiplayer is unmatched in the field of online FPS's in terms of its balance of scale and action. Whether you like having epic multi-tank battles in open fields, or you enjoy fast-paced infantry action, BF really does both well. Lots of small balance changes have been made to make combat more satisfying. There are plenty new guns, vehicles, and attachments to try out, along with a whole new faction. One of the new features of BF4 is what the marketers call "Levolution". This can include large or small scale events that change how the map is laid out and how you play on it. I think it helps make the maps more dynamic, but others might argue that it's just a gimmick. Pros: -Multiplayer is as good as it's always been -Better graphics, sounds, and animations -Broader range of equipment to use -Levolution is pretty impressive Cons: -Campaign is still on the dull side.