Reviews by Mikklo


Really good game!

Mikklo | Nov. 22, 2013 | Review of Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive - PC

This game is about John Cooper and his team. The game is a stealth based real-time tactics game with a very good gameplay and story. The story takes place in the old Western! John Cooper is the leader in the group of six people. All the people have different things they're good at. You will unlock all the different characters as the game goes on and in the end you can play with all of them. The game is long and you want to play it again because it won’t be like the last time. There is lots of different ways to reach the goal with the map. John Cooper is a bounty-hunter and your goal is to capture the man "El Diablo" but first you have to collect your team. The story is very good and you enjoy it during the whole game and works good as a story-game. The mechanic is very good for being a game from 2001. The AI is totally okay and I can find games today with poorer AI. The controls is good too and it doesn't have long loading time either. The graphics is okay for the time and if you play it, you will get used to it. I find this game very good and worth the price of it. It is good fun and I will play it in the future to.


Creepy Game

Mikklo | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Condemned Criminal Origins STEAM - PC

The game Condemned: Criminal Origins is a horror/adventure game. You play the role as the FBI-agent Ethan Thomas who is accused of murder. The goal with the game is to find the murder and prove that he is innocent by investigate the environment. At the same time you are looking for clues, you have to find weapons, for example a pip from the wall, to fight against the enemies. There will be a lot of fights and many of the fights is just like the one before but they are so complicate that you will never get tired of them. The gameplay is good, you are always afraid and feel unsafe. You will never know when something is going too happened and the atmosphere is amazing. Everybody who likes this sort of horror game should try this. The game is a little bit short with only one game mode but that the game is worth to buy anyway.


Good Things

Mikklo | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Complete GTA Bundle - PC

This is very good things, I strongly this for everyone who like these games. My memoires from the time with GTA III and Vice City are amazing and with this package you can get all those memories back. The package contains every good GTA game that you want to play, and all of the games in the same package. 34.99£ is an amazing price for this collection. I can’t find words to describe the happiness for this. GTA IV is an amazing game with very good graphic and gameplay. The big concrete world is not as fun as the enormous world in GTA: San Andreas but very good though. GTA: San Andreas is a game that everybody should have played if you are a gamer. The game is truly the best game made. The graphic is good for a game that was released 2005 and there is an endless gameplay. GTA: Vice City the game before San Andreas and have a really good world, like all of the other GTA-games. It is like San Andreas but with a smaller world and in a place like Florida. GTA III is like GTA IV but with 10 years older graphic. GTA IV Episode of Liberty City contains two expansion packs for GTA IV. These expansions are worth the money if you like the original GTA IV. They are maybe a little bit short but very good. I would recommend this to everybody who likes pc-gaming.


Good Game for everyone

Mikklo | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of Tropico 4 Steam - PC

The game Tropico 4 is a very good game, why? I will tell you. The gameplay is very good and easy to learn. Many problem with ´economic-strategy-games` is that there is too many problems to solve and they are very complicated for example SimCity but that problem is not a problem in Tropico 4. Tropico is an easier version of SC but with so much more to do and the gameplay will never end because you have so much to do, not just take care of the city but be friendly to the big states, USSR and US. Everything you do in the game will always be brought to you with humor. If you want to do something else, you can play in sandbox mode or buy one or more DLC packs. The graphics isn't the best but that isn't anything someone cares about. If you want to try a ´town-building` game Tropico 4 is the game for you. If you are a professional dictator this can be you chance to do everything you want to do again.