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One of a kind

Millor | Nov. 18, 2013 | Review of Chivalry Deadliest Warrior - PC

Nowhere else can you get the kind of action you get in chivalry, there is almost no competition, and the competition that's there just cannot hope to bring the level of action chivalry has to offer. If you are a fan of the base game, then you should probably have no problem getting into this. If you've always wanted more weapons to use, and more classes to play as, this definitely has it. With a samurai, spartan, viking, knight, ninja and pirate, you can play just about any major archetype you can think of in a historical setting. The expansion brings these 6 new classes and weapons for them to use, some special abilities between the classes (ninja's can roll to dodge/duck under strikes, vikings can throw any of their weapons at their enemy at any time, they can even throw their shield! stuff like that). Some minor cosmetic options, like you might have a couple of helmets to choose from as you rank up, or you might unlock a pelt to wear as a viking, or shin guards to wear as a spartan or something like that. You can also customize your colors/emblem like you can in medieval warfare. The colors only take affect when it's free for all, or when you're on a team that is locked to only one class however. There are also 6 new maps representing each class, and some new game modes. The game modes include hold the banner which has two or more teams fighting over a banner which you must hold for a collective amount of time, which can be pretty fun, it leads to some neat team work when your team all surrounds the banner carrier to protect them for attackers. The only problem with that mode currently is that the banner carrier receives no points for holding the banner, this may be a bug or something they didn't think of, I don't know. Another game mode is plant the banner, where a banner spawns in the middle of the map, and two teams fight over it and try and push into the other teams spawn to plant the banner. The other game modes aren't really whole new game modes basically, they're just variations of team deathmatch with stuff like anywhere from 2-6 different teams in one game, and teams either being able to select any warrior, or some teams consisting of only one warrior. So you may have games like Spartans vs everyone else, pirates vs knights, vikings vs team red vs team blue, or 6 teams for each class fighting each other and stuff like that. Some of the current problems with the expansion is balance, some weapons just seem awfully quick for how big their reach is, and stuff like that. It is a problem for sure, I just don't think it's as big as a problem as some people make it out to be, I've got a near 2.0 KDR and I can do great with just about any class, they all have their strengths and weakness you have to learn, you have to play some of them differently than the other ones. Another big problem the game has is that either there is no auto balance, or server owners don't turn it on, because often times in multi team games, there will be a team with only a couple guys, or no one on it. The biggest let down however is that there are currently no objective maps like chivalry had where you had to kill the peasants, take down the castle door, and kill the king, or light the bonfire, destroy the trebuchets, and destroy the ballistae. The plant/hold the banner, the team death match variations, FFA, and duel are the only game modes so far. Despite the problems, they are rather minor, for $15 this was a great buy in my opinion, a lot more chivalry action which is always good and what I think the strongest part of this expansion is is the different warriors. As some one who likes to change things up a lot and use different weapons and play different classes all the time, I enoy the 6 new classes, whenever I get bored of one, I can play another and the play style is different, and I love it. The variations between them are more interesting than the classes in medieval warfare and keep me interested in playing much longer.