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More fun in dying then ever before.

Miro3no | Nov. 13, 2012 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

As the name of the game says, be ready to die. A lot. However its not just a pointless dying to overpowered creeps or bosses. Its a progress. Zombie that backstabbed you behind some dark corner will not do it again, because you already know its there. Whole game is based on trial and error. Even tough it sound punishing or even sadist, the good feeling you get from getting to another bonefire (something like checkpoint or a safe zone) is indescribable. Even after killing a boss you feel like you ve actually achieved something. This is very rare in most of todays games (I only felt that in Ys games, and those are remakes of old ones so they dont really count) and so I was pleasantly surprised by this.You are just thrown into this hardcore world with a small clue where to go or what to do. No one is holding you by hand and telling you "Here, this is your path". I also love the stylish, dark enviroment, possibility to kill anyone in the game and PvP aspect is also made very well. Only downside of this games is horrible mouse & keyboard control, its almost unplayable so you need to get a gamepad to get the most of this game. After all, bad PC control is only negative thing I can see on this game and i highly recommend it to anyone who likes the challenge :) Definately worth the money. Have fun dying :D