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The best "typing-based, zombie-armageddon, comedy-joy" EVER !

Miskatonic99 | Dec. 9, 2013 | Review of SEGA Halloween Title - PC

This is just great. If you like typing on a regular basis but just get plain FED UP of normal text appearing onscreen as a result, why not switch things up from the white page to a smorgasbord of physical destruction. I originally played House of the dead: Overkill on the wii and liked the game but the gimpy loading times and sub-par, jaggy visuals somewhat detracted from what should have been a far more appealing package. I'm also of sub-standard intelligence, so the games heavy reliance on swearing to move the plot forward was much appreciated. It's not unlike it was written by some great grindhouse screenwriters who were lobotomized especially for the occasion. Great. The only thing it is missing is Charles Bronson and that IS a glaring omission. Anyway, this version is so much finer, visually (I believe it was also on ps3 etc so these users will probably notice less difference). It also adds the ability to murder zombies whilst typing out phrases like "Rent is due", "Meat envelope" and "Victorian toilet". This, in itself, is far better than just firing some crappy handgun. One thing I'm sad about, however, is that in the old TOTD games the ingame characters would actually be wearing some ridiculous harness setup that held a keyboard in front of them. In this version, the main characters still have the guns from the original game. Opportunity for more stupidity = missed (although, based on the cutscenes, I can understand how such things might get in the way) Very good fun, very satisfying, very inappropriate. Another important point is that, personally, I'm quicker at typing and can maintain a more consistent output of "shots" than I am with a conventional handgun. I appreciate reloading in the game is much faster than it should be but still, I'm faster at typing so this has enabled me to enjoy the game much more. NOTE: For those of you who hate typing and prefer to scrawl information on the walls of your home in your own feculence, there is also a "traditional" mode where you can play the original game with either a joypad or mouse - no typing required - so it's effectively HOTD: Overkill AND TOTD: Overkill in one package. Haven't tried online multiplayer yet but it's now been added into the game. I picked this up at sale price and it's an insane bargain. Just great fun. I appreciate the marketplace for such games isn't exactly crowded. It's basically "Mavis beacon" or "Zombie genocide" and I, for one, far prefer the latter. Mavis Beacon is somewhat patronizing. There's nothing patronizing about typing "Bedroom Olympics" whilst a zombies useless head gets ripped apart onscreen. In terms of it's genre, this game is the best. BAR NONE ! It only gets 1 point off out of 100 because you don't have to put spaces or punctuation into words. It doesn't penalize you if you do/don't, which is weird and for those used to typing is a touch confusing. Oh, yeah, and it doesn't have Charles Bronson in it. PS: RE: Charlie Bronson... If you've not seen "death wish 3" then you must. It's basically the best film ever (it's on youtube, too)