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A good oldie

MisterRay97 | Dec. 2, 2013 | Review of Team Fortress Classic - PC

Team Fortress Classic is the base game of the currently successful Valve's free-to-play, Team Fortress 2. This game played a good role in the early promotion of the online first person multiplayer games that we have today. Though being old, this game is a fine game even in terms on today. The game might not be so popular, but, you could get it for cheap. If you're looking for a cheap retro game, this is it. I'm not a fan of online multiplayer games, but this game is really good. Many people choose to ignore this game because they can play the new Team Fortress 2 all for free. But still, if you have spare cash, you could try this out. It's not good, but not bad either. It will seem bad because of our beautiful modern-day video games, but, it's good to give a shot seeing it's price. It's upto you. If you need something for an old PC, you could try this game. Note: Internet access required.


A good game.

MisterRay97 | Nov. 27, 2013 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

Just Cause 2 is an amazing game but fails in some ways. The game has a really huge map. The gameplay is simply amazing and enjoyable. The story isn't interesting, though, and the voice acting is very bad. Though the game is open-world, the freeroam isn't interesting at all, unlike GTA, Saints Row or Square Enix' own Sleeping Dogs. There are loads of missions to do, and the gameplay is fun. I love the grappling hook. The car handling is bad, though. The graphics are beautiful. The game is good, but it fails in many aspects, like driving physics, story, characters, etc. Nevertheless, the game remains very enjoyable due to the solid gameplay. Just Cause 2 is a decent open world game with amazing gameplay but falls short a bit. A great game, though. I recommend to get it while it's on a good sale, though.



MisterRay97 | Nov. 26, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs (1) - PC

Sleeping Dogs was one of the open world games that got me intrigued. You play as Wei Shen, the person who is on the both sides, the law and the gangs. The game is actually the latest game of the "True Crime" series, which offer similar dual-sided gameplay. The dual-sided gameplay is amazing and innovative. I really loved the story of the game, it felt a bit short to me, but it was impressive. The open world is lively and wonderful. The graphics are wonderful. The collectibles are good for free health upgrades. The entire game's ecosystem was well made. The cutscenes and the surprising sudden game elements make it wonderful and not boring. I always enjoyed playing this wonderful game. There are various side-quests, like racing, collectible collection and some people on the street asking you for help. The only downside of the game is the terrible driving handling, provided that you'll have to use vehicles in this game a lot and they've also featured many racing side-quests and have made wonderful variety of cars and bikes and beautiful car models. In spite of that, the game is pretty much enjoyable. Sleeping Dogs is a really wonderful game with a well made single-player that you must play. If you don't, you're missing out something. This game has the magic that will be in your memory for a long time to come.


A wonderful FPS game with an amazing storyline

MisterRay97 | Nov. 24, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

Far Cry 3 was one of the only FPS games that got me hooked. The graphics of the games are beautiful and the single-player campaign is long enough and has a good storyline. You play as Jason Brody, who has come along with his friends on a mysterious island for a holiday. The game starts perfectly and ends perfectly. All storyline elements are well made. The gameplay is good and has a good difficulty. The open world is awesome and lively. You can hunt animals, craft equipment, buy guns, activate radio towers, do side missions, drive around or just explore the map. I like the game's physics and car handling. The XP and upgrade system is well made. The game's storyline is simply amazing, it'll never feel boring. You'll enjoy the antagonist, Vaas. The multiplayer might be largely ignored but it isn't bad either. The multiplayer is great if you have some friends to play along. Ubisoft and Far Cry put Battlefield and Call of Duty to shame. One of the best first-person shooter games ever made.


An amazing shooter game with gravity playing

MisterRay97 | Nov. 22, 2013 | Review of Inversion NA - PC

Inversion is an amazing third-person shooter video game on the PC with a decent storyline. The game has a well written story, in my opinion. I felt the story a bit short, though. The game has really good graphics. The gameplay is fantastic. From destructive environment to the amazing gravity immersive elements, the gameplay elements, in my opinion, make it a really well made game that you can get. The multiplayer is interesting, not that interesting, but I like it. The game has a good storyline which immerses you as the character of David Russel and his partner, Leo. The varied enemies and the well made AI make it a really good game to kill time. There are various types of enemies you deal with, which does not make the game feel repetitive at all. The good gravity powers that you have are very interesting; you can blow up heavy blockage or throw your enemy onto another enemy using them. Amazingly, you can also engage shooting in air due to the unique usage of gravitational force in the game at many points in the single-player campaign. You'll really enjoy killing brutes, throwing bad guys into the air and getting together with your partner to defeat the boss. The game can be quite challenging at a few points, but it's wonderful. I really liked this game, one of the best games I've played since a long time. With it's destructive environments, amazing storyline and ground-breaking gameplay with good usage of gravity powers, Inversion is a well made and underrated game that will keep you remembering the beautiful experience for a long time to come.


Lara Croft is back with a masterpiece

MisterRay97 | Nov. 21, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

The latest instalment of Tomb Raider is an amazing single-player game that, I believe, all single-player fanatics should play. I'd admit that I didn't play all the previous Tomb Raider games, but I've played a few, like Legend, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. This Tomb Raider is not about the usual 'tomb raiding' like the other games, but it's more about survival. It is a different reboot, but still, I enjoyed the storyline, the game is well written and the storyline elements are fantastic. The gameplay is solidly amazing; it reminds me of playing games like Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed, both series are my favourite. The environment is well made and the game looks like it has been put beautiful amount of work to be made. The trees, the rocks, the climbing parts and location, everything was wonderfully made. The shooting is good, but still, not so challenging as you'd expect in a shooter. There are 'tomb raiding' side-missions where you'll have to solve Limbo-esque puzzles. They do not form any integral part of the story and they aren't interesting too. The graphics of the game are amazing. The game also looks well-optimized; it ran well on low-medium on my a bit weak PC and the graphics looked sweet. The characters are well made, so much that you'll immerse into the beautiful story. The physics are decent: the explosives, the arrows, the fire arrows; you can upgrade your weapons by finding collectibles called 'salvage'. I love the system. Adding to that, the game has good replay value. You'll find yourself wanting to get all the collectibles and complete the tomb raiding puzzles (even if they're not so interesting). Also, the multiplayer part isn't interesting, but isn't bad either. It's better than nothing, though. Overall, this game is an amazing reboot of an amazing game series. I loved the game for it's storyline and the amazing environment. A great game to play. Worth buying.


Ubisoft's take on Rayman doesn't fail to impress

MisterRay97 | Nov. 17, 2013 | Review of Rayman Legends - PC

Another Rayman game. Well, they've improved a lot over Origins. Rayman Legends is another masterpiece 2D side-scrolling platformer from Ubisoft. And, it's amazing. The graphics have improved a LOT over the previous ones. The game is actually in 3D, but still retains the 2D style gameplay (more like what Team17 did with Worms Revolution and Paradox did with The Showdown Effect). The graphics are sweet and the gameplay remains rock solid entertaining. The new gameplay elements are amazing. Like, press "Y" on your controller and call your buddy to help you. The game feels even improved and is actually very optimized on the PC. You also have weekly challenges and "Back to Origins" levels which give you the nostalgia of the good (not so) old Rayman Origins. And, the entire game can be played in co-op with upto four players. Also, the "Kung-Foot" football co-op mode is amazingly entertaining. This game manages to put it installed on your machine; replay value is awesome. The levels are varied like every Rayman game. The soundtrack is amazing and the SFX are fun. And yes, the game is of course challenging and tests your skills on each and every level. And, the game is not frustrating. No matter how many times you lose to get the perfect amount of Lums in a level, you'll never get tired replaying it. And, collection of Lums and the monsters which give you Lums, the system is impressive. Uplay makes it even rocking. The game is amazing and a must-buy for platformer and Rayman lovers. You might like to use a gamepad, though. Keyboard isn't bad, but the game is better with a gamepad. I always play Rayman with a gamepad. Overall, I'd say, this game is a masterpiece that runs well on the PC. Ubisoft didn't fail to put the classic 2D gameplay with amazing graphics adding online features and including co-op gameplay while managing to retain replay value and making a video game that stands out as an example of how video games are meant to be made. I have only praises for this masterpiece. 100/100. Perfect game. Rayman Legends is the best platformer ever made and probably will ever be made.


Worms return back in full 2D!

MisterRay97 | Oct. 29, 2013 | Review of Worms Reloaded - PC

The classic Worms are back! After they experimented Worms in 3D (which weren't very pleasing), they came back with a full 2D, but amazingly made Worms game! This game is amazing. The single-player campaign is fun and challenging at the same time. The co-op is decent. I really enjoy playing 'pass the pad' local multiplayer with my brother. Though it feels a bit short, it's an amazing game. The graphics are ground-breaking and make the game stand out of any regular arcade-ish game. The level editor is awesome and allows you to make as many as infinite combinations of landscapes as you'd like, you have full freedom. They are really varied and you'll never feel bored. The strange game modes are amazing and make the game a fun play. The missing LAN play is disappointing as this game was an amazing LAN series (I used to love playing Worms 2 on different PCs with my brother), but, nevertheless, the local multiplayer covers it up, and you have online connectivity always. And, the classic but modern gameplay is fantastic. This game is a great game to buy even today. If you like the Worms series, you'll like this game. Not so perfect game, but a great game to play.


A good "RPG" game

MisterRay97 | Oct. 27, 2013 | Review of Magicka - PC

First of all, I'd like to inform that this isn't a serious RPG game, it's something different (I'd call it a 'casual RPG'). The game is crazy and fun at the same time! You can cast a variety of so called "Magicks" with your wand. There are about 8 Magicks and you can create infinitely as many combination of Magicks as you'd like. It also has co-op mode, where you can invite your friends having Magicka to play with you (pretty helpful, in some levels). The graphics are not bad, they're pretty decent. The gameplay mechanics are fantastic. You can catch the game quickly, even if you haven't played any RPG game earlier. The story is good and the characters are humorous. The game is pretty unique and has loads of potential. So, go get this game and also grab a few copies for your friends! Also check out the DLCs, they're pretty amazing.


A perfect 100.

MisterRay97 | Oct. 27, 2013 | Review of Rayman Origins - PC

I couldn't help myself not giving an hundred out of hundred to this masterpiece. This game is easily the best 2D platformer I've ever played. I haven't actually played the original Rayman games; this was actually my first Rayman game and I got hooked to it. You play as Rayman (or you can choose another hero, if you like) and your mission is to save The Glade of Dreams. The levels are challenging enough and the "Skull Coins" are placed in tricky places. The game is really cute. You'll spend your time enjoying every bit and detail of this game. The game engine is superior. The enemies and all are well made. This game also has amazing soundtrack. You'll enjoy your levels with the sound, I guarantee it. The gameplay feels smooth and not-annoying (even if you die 100 times). I couldn't find a single negative thing about this game (except full-online multiplayer, which kind-of not suits this game). The levels are well made, well detailed and well organized. The gameplay is really varied, making sure you're never bored. You'll find how amazing the developers have worked on the level design. The detail, the life and the colour Ubisoft has given to this game simply is very difficult to find in any modern-day game. It also has amazing 4-player co-op feature, grab more controllers and have fun! The boss fights remind you of the good old days and require you to use your brain to figure out their weak points. I'd like to conclude this review by calling this game an innovation in platforming video game genre and as a masterpiece and also as a huge example of how enjoyable video games are made. This game is probably the best Ubisoft game ever made and will ever be made.


Get this if you haven't played aero-plane games recently

MisterRay97 | Oct. 15, 2013 | Review of SkyDrift - PC

So, this is SkyDrift. An amazing airplane racer. Basically, this game is like Blur, but it has planes instead of cars. I haven't been into the game that much, but still, the game is really well made. You have many powerups to collect and shoot at your opponents. The gameplay is really good and easy to pick up. They have understood that airplane controls are difficult and hence put 'instant respawn' when you crash into something. And, I'd suggest to play this game with a controller. (I played this with the Xbox 360 controller for Windows.) The graphics are good and not so GPU hungry. The gameplay mechanics might seem a bit dull and unrealistic, but the game is enjoyable. We do not see any airplane games these days, except for a few flight simulators. The concept of the game is really new and a bit different from your regular video game. The tracks are challenging and varied. You also have boost (like the nitro in your daily racing game), and you can convert a powerup into boost if you won't use it. The idea of the game is fantastic. If you're looking for a casual airplane racer, then this is your best bet. And as mentioned earlier, you might require a controller.


An eternal masterpiece

MisterRay97 | Oct. 15, 2013 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

This game is, in truth, a masterpiece. The storyline is amazing. The graphics are breath-taking and the game physics and gameplay is enjoyable. You play the character of Vito Scarletta. Each and every mission in the game is interesting and you'd only want to play more after completing each mission. The storyline is very beautifully written and you'll engage with what Vito and Joe are upto. The beauty of the city of Empire Bay and it's time is very amazing. This game immerses you into the character. You'll feel like you are the character; this game makes you feel his emotions. The gameplay mechanics are fantastic. The shooting is decent, the driving is amazing and the game feels really good to play. The physics are realistic and the missions are perfectly balanced; not too easy, not too hard. There's also some Playboy magazine collectibles well placed around the city to collect. The game will put you a load of hours spending on the missions. This game provides the perfect lively feel of the good ol' times and the Mafia. The soundtrack is good and the game feels that it has been worked on well. I'm giving it 8 points less than the perfect 100 due to it's lack of actual proper free-roam after the completion of the story. Overall, this game is a well made game and is a must-play for all the single-player fanatics (like me) out there.