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Excellent game, excellent policy

MitchK1989 | May 28, 2013 | Review of Crusader Kings II - PC

Unlike most paradox games (I'm looking at you, HOI3) - this one remains a great buy. Previous paradox games have a nasty habit of basically punishing later adopters by having mandatory expansions just to keep the game up to date (like EU3 - try playing the base game today. Just try it. Or Vic 2. You need at LEAST AHD for vic 2 to be a decent game). Paradox's new system (for CK2, and later EU4) includes the 'must have' content of each DLC in patches, leaving you to only buy the DLC you are interested in. For example: Sword of Islam - The patch that came with sword of islam did a complete overhaul of how the unplayable muslim half of the map functioned - AS A PATCH (so even if you have no interest in playing muslims, you get the much needed updates to gameplay when you inevitably clash with them)... The only part that was DLC was the ability to play the reworked muslims (aka unlocking entirely new options that weren't there before). The DLC has all been reasonably priced too (I say this as I eagerly await my pre-ordered old gods expansion - which includes overhauled mechanics for pagans and a new tech system REGARDLESS of whether you buy it or not - but includes the ability to play pagans and a new earlier start date if you purchase)