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Short but fun!

Mixalot | April 22, 2013 | Review of Bang Bang Racing - PC

Reminded me a lot of the old micromachines game on the ps1. Though some of the descriptions of how to get the skins for the cars not really work with what you are supposed to do, it is still a fun way to waste your time. I wish my steelseries wheel wasnt dead, i think it wouldve been a lot more fun, because i played it on a laptop first, that sucked bad, and later on my computer, which has a 7970 (although that is intergalactically overkill for this game) and ran the game a lot better. The graphics are really cute and the effects are nice. I guess if you want something to like play while you are waiting on soloQ or just want to have some fun, its really worth it. Maybe not 10 dollars, it's quite a short game, but maybe like 4-5 dollars. Great game though, 9/10 would bang if it was a girl.