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Finally a worthy successor to Disciples series!

Mixxer5 | Feb. 21, 2014 | Review of Disciples 3 Reincarnation - PC

When I first played Disciples 3, I've been- to say at least- unimpressed. Missions were long and boring, story (which was never in series a piece of art) at best mediocre and plenty of important features from previous games were missing. Thus I've barely finished first campaign, unable to force myself to keep playing. Luckily someone clever decided to release this- Disciples Reincarnation. It's basically Disciples 3 Gold Edition, with ton of bugfixes, additional features and reworked story. And finally it's worth playing. I've about 60 hours played and I hadn't finished last campaign yet. It's worth noting, that it was 60 hours pretty well spent. Downsides? Few- - as always, after a while player gets used to every unit and there's nothing new to discover or interesting in fight - artifacts lack depth and power, rarely giving power to justify their name - final boss (appearing in 3rd campaign) is sadly a bit of Deus Ex machina... plus fight with him is hardly most exciting thing in the world (reload, reload, reload x1000, until he lies dead). All in all- worth buying!


Nope. Just nope

Mixxer5 | Feb. 14, 2014 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

It's hard to put in words what I feel playing R2. I've been waiting for this game long time, hoping to bring civilization to Europe... Again. What could've gone wrong? Rome 1 was perfect (at least at its release)- it needed polishing, new graphic, bigger armies, better diplomacy and politics. It'd be ultimate strategy game. Instead developers removed everything that added depth to previous games (or rather- pre Empire ones): family tree, interesting trait system, huge pool of units and buildings to choose from and fairly advanced system of dependencies among cities. Instead they added bugs, politic system that doesn't make sense (as it can have only one solution- and always bad one), lack of optimization and above all- completely broken AI acting even worse than it did in previous games... Above may not sound too bad. After all removed pieces didn't look very important in R1, bugs can be ironed out, game can be optimized, politics removed, AI fixed... But that's not true. It's impossible to overlook all these things, because Rome 2 consists almost only of battles. City expanding is dumbed down to ridiculous point (biggest cities can have 8 buildings), generals die so fast that it's not worth to even care about their progress and unit rooster looks empty. there might be plenty of units available, but they're mostly not worth recruiting (while AI recruits only cheapest units- just to fill it's armies). In R1 unit diversity was key to victory, here it's just obstacle between player and battle. But battles aren't worth playing too... Because all the time same armies fight against same armies, commanded by same player (what a surprise) and AI unable to properly react to situation on battlefield. All in all- it's worth to buy it once it's really, really cheap- if only to see how bad this game is.