Reviews by Moneyman


Big game!

Moneyman | Nov. 27, 2012 | Review of Total War Shogun 2 - PC

This is an enormous game and will consume your sparetime. You buy one game but it's more like 3 games in one. One where You battle like a normal strategy game, one where You plan Your attacks on a world map and this is more like Civilization, and one where You fight like a normal game except at sea. The game takes a lot of time to play but if You like strategy games then hours will be minutes. The fighting is very well done and You have to plan Your attacks well or else Your troops may die against an underpowerd enemy. The sea battles is for me a bit complicated since it was very many ship to identify and everyone had a special abillity making it more suitable for a certain situation. Overall this game is a must for every strategy gamer out there, and for thoose like me that only play strategy games then and then this is very fun but a bit too complex maybe, but if You give it chance You'll atlest complete it on easy, and maybe normal. I know I did.


Nothing out of the ordinary...

Moneyman | Aug. 10, 2012 | Review of Sanctum Cavern DLC - PC

It plays and acts as the original maps, except for more shooting oppertunities. It has a lot of teleporters, and jump pads. It´s a fantastic sniping map, which gives you a new way to play, but doesn´t give you much creativity in the building section. Therefore I think it´s a bit harder than the usual maps, atleast if you go solo as I did. For the current price I wouldn´t say it´s worth it since it doesn´t add that much of value, since you could simply replay an original map on a harder difficulty, but if you already have done that then, and want to add on your Snactum experience, then this map is for you, if not then I would wait for a sale.


My Hero!

Moneyman | Aug. 9, 2012 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

I bought this game on release and have never looked back. Okay maybe a few times when it went on sale for 5$, but if I compare the game I bought for a few years ago, then it´s hard to see the exact resemblance. Tripwire have released so much new and free content, (and remade the menus so it´s even harder to see the original game) that it´s unbelivable. I would like to have them in the guinness world record, for best developer. In the beging there were not much availabilty of weapons, but after a few years there´s more than I can ever use. Dozens of new maps released yearly, and a mod tool, released to the community, so there´s a lot of community made maps, to make the game never end. They even celebrates the big festivals, where they dress up all the "zombies" to get you in the spirital mood. If you like shooters, especially co-op (since the game isn´t made playing single, it´s possible, but it plays best with other people, random or friends) then this is the game you have to buy, even if you only are gonna buy one game this year.


Better than the first one!

Moneyman | Aug. 9, 2012 | Review of Hacker Evolution Untold - PC

If you liked the first game then you will like this one, the changes aren´t major but still noticable. The "hacking" is more puzzles with hacker names on it. As the first one, it is very difficult, and it will probably drive you insane, but the feeling when you solve the puzzle is very good. I think the game is a bit boring, but since hacking games isn´t my cup of tea, (but I do enjoy a good puzzle game) I feel a bit off. The puzzles are there, but all the "hacking language" isn´t very appealing to me. And after around 10 tries I usually give up, and return a few weeks later, but the returns are happening more less, and I don´t think I will make it through. The game is annoying than fun, but if you like hacking + puzzle (or simply want to try out the glorious life of a hacker) then you should grab this title, it´s atleast better than the first one.


Hello geeks!

Moneyman | July 18, 2012 | Review of Hacker Evolution - PC

The game is ok, and lets you try out to be a hacker, which is good if you never had the courage, nor skill. If you are very interested in computers then you will have more fun and probably understand all the "computer talk" even though you easily can complete the game without knowing anything about computers. So to summaries this it´s an ok game, but if you love computers then you can add 15+ on the rating. As for the rest of us, the game has good puzzle and is an ok timekiller if you have 30 min over, or so.


Cute and astonishing

Moneyman | July 18, 2012 | Review of Quantum Conundrum - PC

The game is a bit like the Portal games, in design, and puzzle variation. And it could be because one of the masterminds behind Portal made this game happen. The story is cute and the characters are adorable. You get the opportunity to shift dimensions and control slow motion and objects weight. This is the part that works best, and with that said lets go to the negative aspects. The major flaw is the plattform moments which only creates frustration. But in overall I think this game is very good, a bit short but you´ll enjoy the ride atleast.


Enemies watch your step!

Moneyman | June 29, 2012 | Review of Sanctum Killing Floor DLC - PC

It is very useful to have in your arsenal since you can place it where no one of your other towers can be placed, on the floor. This creates a lot of new improvments for you to complete all the maps on a even harder diffuculty. It actually helps you (alteast me) improve your defending.