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Perfect for newcomers.

Montanker | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition NA - PC

I have a strange relationship with fighting games. I absolutely love them, but they never seem to love me back. I want to combo together awesome attacks, but I don't have the right kind of mutant 10 fingered hand required to do so. I love the character designs and settings, but half the time it feels like the story was written by the lead publisher's kid. Injustice does away with all that. The combos are flashy and easy to pull off, the story is well written and well told, and the difficulty settings range from impossible to almost insultingly easy. If you're like me and want a fighting game that doesn't expect you to dedicate years of your life mastering the controls, or just want to see a bunch of DC characters throw each other into stuff, this is the game for you!