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Take it as a sorf of Dark Zelda with a superior combat system

Moraisu | Oct. 21, 2013 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

The title kinda sums it all up, it's a great hack'n'slash game, the puzzles are a little on the boring side, not hard, just boring. The combat is great and fluid, good environments and it's a good lengthy game, it's a steal for the asking price. However, I found some of the dungeons using the puzzles as a mean to artificially extend the game duration and when the game came out it had performance issues, but it's 2013 and if you are going to have performance issues with this game you might want to save up your money for a system upgrade. As the game itself, you have a good combat system, not as robust as a Devil May Cry, but still very good and it works like a Zelda game, you have several dungeons, multiple weapons, powers and useful items and upgrades... it's more of a Devil May Cry meets Zelda. Why "only" a 70? I don't believe in a 100 mark game, even Deus Ex (the first one) is only worthy of a 90 mark (the game had horrible performance issues and has a weak art design).