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If you are Mature and patient...

MosqueraSam | July 2, 2013 | Review of EVE Online Free Trial - PC

... then this is the MMO for you. I entered at quite a young age of 14, and it bored the hell out of me. I returned once I was a little older (20) and have enjoyed every second of it. It isn't an MMO as such, in fact it is a sandbox - so ****BE WARNED**** you will not have your hand held from start to finish. Once the tutorial missions are over (and i recommend doing them all) you will literally be thrown into an open world game. My advice is simple: Join a player corporation that accepts trial/new players and get stuck in. 14 days trial is not enough, and truthfully 21 day trials (through the buddy invites) are longer, but just as restrictive. I would suggest paying for a full month from the first day of your trial, so you gain 44 days of unrestricted access to the world (30 days full account + 14 days trial). It is a brilliant game, with brilliant people, but it is ONLY really for those who have time and patience to see it through. Quick sidenote: The game gets better the longer you play, and excuse the cliché, but its not about the destination (getting the best ships with the best fits etc) but its infact about the journey. Message me in-game: Marrok Olcan peace!