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Fantastic game

MrBongoGT | Jan. 28, 2015 | Review of Dying Light (NA)

This game is fantastic with almost no issues to speak of. The controls are fluid, the graphics are beautiful, and the game is extremely fun. The only problems I can speak on personally are some FPS problems. There have been many reported issues of FPS drops that don't seem to have any relation to your setup so I'm hoping they'll address this soon. Another issue I have been seeing is that people are not fans of the controller settup with the jump being bound to R1. You can obviously change the layout but only to certian keys from what I've read. Using keyboard and mouse I have had no issues with controls.

The multiplayer so far is pretty fun but seems kind of long. I haven't played as the Night Hunter yet, but as playing the human, the match took pretty long. I was the only human and I did win the match so maybe thats why it took some time. I'm unsure if it'll go faster with more humans but it seems like it would be extremely easy with 4 humans and 1 night hunter, unless more night hunters are possible, but I'll just have to test it for myself some more.


Wow just wow

MrBongoGT | Dec. 19, 2014 | Review of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

For it only being a demo, it is amazing and I cant wait for the full product. The graphics are beautiful right off the bat. I dont even know if I'm running on max and it looks amazing and runs perfect. The gameplay is extremely fun and I'm a person that dislikes stealthy games. Yes it is short, you can probably beat it under 10min if you wanted to speed run it, but if its your first play through it should take an hour or so. There is more to the game after you beat the story and if you plan to get 100% it could last quite a while.

So if you're on the fence because of the length of the game and probably will only play the game once then you might be better off just watching a play through but if you intend to play it more than once, and more of it, then its well worth the price.


Must have for GoT fans

MrBongoGT | Dec. 3, 2014 | Review of Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series

Game of thrones as a telltale game. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones then the story in the game start off right after Red Wedding, following a house that is(or was) loyal to the starks. Some characters from the show make an appearance, like Ramsay snow, who is just as psychotic as he is in the show. The story is just as unpredictable as the show so far with events you wouldn't expect.

If you've never watched or read game of thrones then you probably will be lost and lose out on information about certain characters considering it starts after a certain event near the end of season 3.

TLDR; If you're a game of thrones fan, get it.



MrBongoGT | Nov. 6, 2014 | Review of Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare

Unfortunately there were no fish in this CoD but the story was fun and enjoyable. I got 100% in about 11 hours but could of done it a lot faster if one wanted to. The cut scenes are still choppy but thats nothing new for CoD games. Its been happening to me since WaW and cant be my rig. Getting upgrades for your "exo suit" is more of an inconvenience as it is an achievement and was the last one to get for me, I'm not sure why they put it in SP. There are also times where I forgot I even had these exo abilities unless I was prompted to use them.

MP: The double jump and dashing is an interesting addition and keeps the game fast paced for me. I still encounter the campers but thats nothing new. Actually the fast paced helps deal with the campers even more. People hard scoping cant keep up with you and are easy to get to. You also have exo abilities and so far I find them pointless. Killstreaks are underwhelming and disappointing as are the guns so far.

Overall its a fun game but some things could of still done a lot better.


Its borderlands, and its always good

MrBongoGT | Oct. 17, 2014 | Review of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (NA)

Well the borderlands story continues and it continues to impress and entertain. Its borderlands on the moon, whats not to like? If you love borderlands then you obviously must get this game but its even more entertaining for people like me who love jumping in games. Low gravity jumping and gravity slams are extremely entertaining for me. Of course there is much more to the game as its dated before borderlands 2 and the story of handsome jack.

PS you get to play as claptrap, I know a lot of people I know have wanted to play as him and now you get your chance.


Feels rushed and sloppy

MrBongoGT | Oct. 14, 2014 | Review of The Evil Within™

Dont get me wrong, I like the game, but it could be so much better. First off is the black bars and 30fps lock. You can fix those but they shouldn't of been there in the first place. Something you cant change is the camera filter/effect...I'm not a fan of it but its something I can deal with. Then theres these little things that just make you think this game is sloppy such as the leaves you see floating around. They literally look like they were taken from Resident Evil 2...floating around at 1 FPS (well not 1 fps but maybe more like 4), it just looks idiotic to me. Theres also an annoyance with binding syringes, when you run out, you have to rebind it. Lastly, at least so far, is the cut scenes. I have no ammo but in the cut scenes I magically have 1 bullet? I believe this is something they should of thought of. To me thats like an iphone in a western movie.

Overall I have to give it a low score. The game is still enjoyable but I am easily entertained.


Depends on your playstyle

MrBongoGT | Oct. 7, 2014 | Review of Alien: Isolation

If you like stealth games then this one is for you, unfortunately, I'm not one of those people. crouch walking and hiding non stop is extremely boring to me. I know I shouldn't of expected anything else as it was pretty obvious it was going to be that type of game. I dont regret pre-ordering it but I do prefer other types of games.

As for issues with the game, well, I have encountered parts where the alien doesnt show at all. Its not intentional because in the same area I died to the alien and had to load a save. Its not just one small part of the map, it was the entire mission. Bringing out the motion tracker makes the rest of the screen blurry. I can understand why but I would prefer that not to happen.

Saves can also be a pain when playing on hard. My issue with it is just not being able to save after you access a pass code or anything else like that. So after (if) you die you have to redo that all because they wont let you save. I cant tell you how many times I had to get the passcode and get the keycard, which was right next to the save point, because it wouldn't let me save.

Overall, better than Aliens:CM, especially for the gamers who like stealthy games.


Ignore the mixed reviews

MrBongoGT | Oct. 3, 2014 | Review of Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™

I pre-ordered this game a while ago but when reviews came out early and saw some low scores I was hesitant but I'm glad I didn't cancel my pre-order. The game is loads of fun and feels like Assassins Creed meets Batman, with a LOTR theme.

The map isn't huge but you wont notice that at all. The collectibles are extremely easy to acquire which is great for anyone wanting to get 100%. It took me 17 hours to complete the game 100% (not 100% achievements). I missed some achievements due to steam bugging and not tracking a few of them but if I include those regardless I'd be around 85%.

The weapons are somewhat disapointing as you dont really get to choose any. You do get runes but honestly they didn't do much. There were some epic runes, which were epic, but they didn't make a huge difference in the point of the game I was at.

Some "bosses" were extremely hard to kill because of my play style as well. I'm not the one to sneak around much so taking on 4-5 "bosses" was quite a challenge. The rest of the game was pretty easy.


Kill zombies?

MrBongoGT | Sept. 10, 2014 | Review of Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition

This is my first Dead Rising game and I must say it was pretty boring. There's zombies everywhere which I doubt is a surprise for a Dead Rising game but the game gets boring when you kill so many zombies, which happens pretty fast. After a while I ended up just avoiding every zombie and doing the story. The weapons don't last very long which is a nuisance if you want to kill them. I do know about certain weapons, perks, books, and whatnot but honestly what's the point in getting them when I can just drive over the zombies I want to kill? You can grind to lvl 50 pretty fast, after that I don't see a point in killing a single zombie.

Performance issues? I had none. I was worried as early reviews said there was FPS issues but I unlocked the 30fps cap and had no fps trouble. I have a single 680 but have heard there are laptop issues and sli issues.

PS: I actually did have an issue with audio dying in game. Wasn't my speakers or computer and the game audio would randomly come back at times. I wasn't in a populated area when the noise went out. Infact it came back while I was running over a heard of zombies. A simple restart of the game fixed it and it never came back.

TLDR: 50/100, replay=0, killing zombies can get boring after a while but it was fun while it lasted, a sort of stress relief.


More content is always good for GOTY

MrBongoGT | July 30, 2014 | Review of DARK SOULS™ II Season Pass (NA)

I love the souls franchise and cant get enough of it. I got 100% on DS2 and was excited for more content to be released. The first release includes 3 bosses(1 optional) and in my opinion are more difficult than the bosses in the base game but I played on NG+4 and as a glass cannon caster.

The only downfall of this first DLC is one part in the game requires a key to get to which took me a while to find because I skipped the room it was in due to an annoying mob. Other than that it was fun, would of loved if it was longer of course.


Awesome game

MrBongoGT | June 10, 2014 | Review of Wolfenstein: The New Order

I was wary of this game because it was SP only but I haven't been let down by any of those types of game in the past (bioshock infinite being the only one actually) so I bought it because I loved the franchise. I usually skip cutscenes but in this game I actually watched them and loved the story.

This was one of the rare games I ended up getting 100%. I was asked about the collectibles and they are easy to track and go back and get. You can figure out which ones you're missing by process of elimination as they are in order and by chapter. So if you're a person who is on the edge because of achievements, they are pretty easy and takes about 15 hours or so to get 100% with the majority of the time being the story. Oh and starting on the hardest difficulity is possible which is a +, as some games make you do hard to unlock nightmare or the hardest for achievements.

I've heard people having problems loading or playing the game but it was flawless for me. I run a gtx 680 and a i5 2500k with 16GB ram. I do overclock my hardware but even without doing so I wouldn't have any problems with quality or performance.


Over hyped

MrBongoGT | May 28, 2014 | Review of Watch_Dogs (NA)

While it isn't a bad game, it is over hyped. Hacking is a cool concept, but for me, it gets extremely boring and repetitive very quick into the game. The driving could be better but it isn't horrible. Trying to elude authorities is a pain on some missions.

Honestly the entire game feels like sleeping dogs but its been a while since I played it so I'm going off memories.

I haven't tried much of the multiplayer but I have been invaded a few times and I actually quite enjoy it. One of the modes reminds me of AC's multiplayer (slight similarities in some modes) just to throw out a comparison.

I encountered a few uplay problems early on but only lasted about an hour for me. You'd think they'd be ready for what I believe they said is their most pre-ordered game but guess again.

PS: I have yet to encounter any bugs but I have read and seen videos of people running into them, such as falling through the ground. I fell threw the ground in AC4 and still loved the game but it only happened once so I cant really compare the two.


Not my cup of tea

MrBongoGT | April 1, 2014 | Review of Goat Simulator

Everyone was claiming that this game is amazing and extremely fun. Well it was fun but for a few minutes and then it got extremely boring. I went onto collecting everything and getting all the achievements but even that didn't last very long. Over all I played for about 90 minutes and flappy goat probably took up a 25-33% of that time.

If you are a gamer who can create their own fun or get amused by a goat destroying things and flying around with insane physics then this game is for you. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg but I doubt I'll play it again.

PS: everyone who said the game was amazing hasn't touched the game either after 2-3 hours of gameplay (at least the people that I've spoken to about it). Its still early but I doubt they will play it again for a while.


Fun for a bit

MrBongoGT | Aug. 18, 2013 | Review of Reus

You control 4 giants whom each have unique abilities tied in with their biome (or race if you want to call it that). There is ocean, swamp, forest, and desert. You are given goals to reach and to do so you use the giants to increase the food, wealth, or technology for that area. Once you get food in the region settlers will come in by themselves but you must give them wealth and/or technology to increase the villages potential, along with food to increase the population.

I loved the artwork and the concept of the game but for me it got a tad boring after a while (almost as every game does but this one didn't last long enough for me). I did mention goals are given but for me I wasn't too enthusiastic about them. I did wish there was a speed up for the giants to move, or even for the world to increase in speed...maybe there was that option but the tutorial didn't mention it and I didn't seem to find any sort of option. I believe this game would be great deals of fun but to a certain crowd so if there is a demo I suggest trying it before buying it.


Bringing back memories

MrBongoGT | Aug. 14, 2013 | Review of DuckTales: Remastered

If you grew up watching DuckTales then this is a must have. The game is like an interactive TV show with numerous cut scenes that could make up an entire episode. Almost everything about this game is great; the art work, voice actors, the music, and the cut scenes.

There were a few things I disliked about the game. First, the skip cut scene option...I did not even know of this until AFTER I beat the game. Yes I could be blamed for that but I'm used to a pop up telling me what to press to skip. Even after watching the cut scenes multiple times I did not get tired of them.

Secondly is the pogo-jump not registering which is exactly what was wrong in the original. At first I thought it could of been my controller but found out others had the same problem. The original had this exact problem which only occurred on non solid platforms. Landing on the edge will stop the pogo jump in some cases and in many cases (for my at least) I would walk off the edge. There was also certain areas where you didn't even have to be on the edge, possibly a crack in the rock, but it would lead to the same situation of me walking off the ledge into lava.

Even with these two problems (with the first problem most likely my fault for not exploring the possibility) I enjoyed this game very much so. They captured the characters as I remembered them extremely well and even provided some laughs involving my favorite, Launchpad.


Bringing back memories

MrBongoGT | Aug. 14, 2013 | Review of DuckTales: Remastered

If you grew up watching DuckTales then this is a must have. The cut scenes turn this platformer into a sort of interactive TV show. This is one of the few games in which I enjoy watching the cut scenes, not only because you can not skip them.

The inability to skip cut scenes does become a nuisance after dying on a level and having to re-watch them and some are quite lengthy.

A second problem I have with the game is that the pogo-jump fails to jump when on a corner or on a solid. This leads to accidental deaths, and tied in with the inability to skip cut scenes, well I've re-watched a few and you can only re-watch something so many times back to back before you get bored.

With the 2 problems I still love the game and would buy it again.