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Another brilliant addition!

MrBubble424 | Sept. 7, 2013 | Review of Dishonored Brigmore Witches Bethesda - PC

The Knife of Dunwall was an already very well done piece of additional content in the Dishonored world. The birgamore witches does nothing more than solidify the already fantastic story of Daud and the world of Dunwall. Definetly worth purchasing (especially if you can get Dishonored cheap) :)


True more ways than one!

MrBubble424 | Sept. 7, 2013 | Review of Condemned Criminal Origins STEAM - PC

Don't get me wrong, this game has some great feature, especially during the murder investigation segments, but its gameplay is lacking somewhat. With a OK story it does lag behind some of its competitors in the horror genre, but in terms of scaring you silly; the atmosphere in this game is almost second to none. Whilst the setting is fairly mundane, the creepy sounds and bewildering effects and the seemingly endless feeling of being watch all add to the intensity of the scares. Worth a cheap buy especially if a horror fan!


Thrilling and Beautiful. A true indie gem!

MrBubble424 | July 6, 2013 | Review of Bastion - PC

After hearing a lot of talk about this game I finally decided to pick it up on the recent sales and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it was definitely worth it. Stunning painting like visuals in a fantastic and original work really set the scene, compounded by what I believe to be one of the best video game soundtracks for a while, especially an lower budget game. That said, whilst this game deserves high praise, I wouldn't say that all the hype and public support for this game it 100% accurate. It is very good yes and I believe the score I gave reflects that yet it isn't game changing. It is simply a very well told story with fitting music, excellent voice acting and fluid yet challenging combat. Major gripes? Fairly expensive at full price considering you can get it on iOS for much less and it also is a tad repetitive. That said, this is a 'have to play' game just to experience the thought and creativity that the devs put into it!


Great Arcade/Sim game!

MrBubble424 | June 24, 2013 | Review of Moto GP 2013 Steam - PC

As a motorsports fan I play a variety of racing games racing from the ultra realistic such as iRacing and rFactor to the more arcade/simulation crossover titles such as Codemasters F1 and DiRT games. MotoGP 2013 falls into the same category. Playable and deep with enough realism to leave even the more hardcore fans interested. Graphically, does the job, nothing mind blowing but a game like this doesn't need super impressive graphics, just high detail, which it does have! A great fun career mode with a really involved feeling. Definite buy if you are a MotoGP fan!


Good, but if you doesn't better the original.

MrBubble424 | June 8, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 POST - PC

Grid 2 is for the most part a competent arcade racing game. With stunning visuals (on the PC version at least) and actually quite an interesting narrative, especially when you consider the subject of racing! However, this review is coming from the perspective who does like a simulator as opposed to a arcade game and if you look at this game from a simulator aspect it wouldn't score as highly as I gave it. It is definitely an arcade game with drift-y handling and no cockpit camera. Enjoyable but don't expect anything game changing. Worth a look!


Superb! Especially on the PC!

MrBubble424 | May 22, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

The original Metro Game, Metro 2033, was a fun yet flawed FPS made by 4A Games. After THQ's collapse there was worry that the game would ever release but, thankfully, the game went on to get published by Deep Silver. Metro LL is a fantastically atmospheric game with a unique setting and tremendous attention to detail. This is partly down to the graphics, which are phenomenal...if you can run it! The story is handled well if not the best (with questionable voice acting) but the sense of being in the world is what makes this story. The world is tragic and desperate and you really feel for all the NPCs, brilliantly portrayed though tiny amounts of chat between characters. Bear in mind, don't expect choice to be a major feature in this game. It is very linear. However this is not necessarily a bad thing. This is an example of how linear games can work and choice doesn't have to be forced upon the player. I highly rate this game and so far has been my second favorite game so far this year (close behind Bioshock Infinite). Definitely worth a purchase! Great game!


GT5...greatness and dissapointment.

MrBubble424 | May 18, 2013 | Review of Gran Turismo 5 - PC

After playing GT4 on the PS2 for quite possibly 2-3 years, then prologue for the next year or so, high expectation was on the shoulders of Polyphony Digital's next title, GT5. GT is considered on of the best console racers out there (along with Forza on the 360). Physics wise GT can never compare to an iRacing or an rFactor 2, but with a racing wheel, the car defiantly feels solid with good force feedback effects and responsive handling. There is a touch too much under-steer which means most cars feel like that they won't make a corner, even though they should. It feels a bit artificial sometimes and the cars feel like they have no weight to them, emphasized when crashing into another opponent or barrier. This articial feeling is compounded even more by the damage model in GT5, which, compared to games even as old as the original GRID and DiRT, is a real disappointment. Car selection is a mixed bag. With stunningly accurate and detailed 'premium' models, with full interior view are really exquisite. This unfortunately heightens the difference between the 'standard' model cars which are essentially 'HD remakes' of the cars from the PS2 GT games. The AI is compotent if a little stupid but race are mostly challenging and fun. Online is fun and is great for groups and leagues who want good, fair and strutured racing. Overall GT5 is a disappointment considering the success of GT4. At the time of writing GT6 has been revealed and looks like it should be everything GT5 wasn't, in a good way. So if you feel like a bargain game which will easily last you until 6 gets released later this year, GT5 will fill that void.


Fantastic Period Game!

MrBubble424 | May 16, 2013 | Review of Mafia II Complete Pack Steam - PC

Whilst some may compare this game to L.A. Noire (unfairly in my opinions, just because of the similar setting) this is an all out action game. With superb gun control and character movement, the combat is really satisfying with good gun physics and quality reactions from your targets. The one thing that this game does best however is immerse you in the world of 40's and 50's New York. It is the little things that make up the larger picture, all of which have a fantastic on the players view of the world the game tries, successfully, to imitate. My only criticisms would be that there is a little too much hand-holding and the game does like to push you towards the next objective some of the time, perhaps meaning that you miss out on collectibles and other content. That said, defiantly worth a buy!


Very Entertaining!

MrBubble424 | May 14, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - PC

I really enjoyed Far Cry 3 and the minute Blood Dragon was announced I was interested and, as it turns out, my interest was not wasted! Blood Dragon has all the mechanics of the original Far Cry 3 game but set in an 80's interpretation of the future. Solid mechanics they are too. Tight gunplay, good platforming and good animations. Graphically it is a relatively nive looking game (if a bit dark) but the engine the game runs on (even on my 3GB 660GTX) may be slightly below average FPS. That and the slightly less interesting plot than FC3 is the reason this game gets a mid-eighty score. Great game with only a few minor complaints. You will not regret buying it!